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The 6 Love Degrees of Jordan Costa

Michele Soap Writer


Oh what a tangled love web we weave in soap world! I thought I would sit down today and figure out how many of my almost 60 characters I could link back to one character through sexual relationships only. The person to pick as the starting point was easy: Jordan Costa. Why? Cause no one gets laid nearly as much as he does! Here is what I came up with:


6 love degrees of Jordan Costa

There is certainly more than 1 resident of Cape Heights who is shall we say…….promiscuous? But none  quite like the one and only Jordan Costa! Can we end up linking almost every resident in Cape Heights to Jordan via his sexual escapades? Let’s find out!

Jordan arrives to town in Volume 1 and he falls in love at first sight when he meets Pilar Alvarez. Pilar also feels an immediate attraction to him but she is already engaged and in love with Brad Rutledge. Pilar does succumb to her continuous attraction to Jordan when she kisses him on the beach in Volume 3.


Brad was previously married to Sarah Rutledge (maiden name Hayes) whom he cheated on with Pilar. Sarah then cheated on Brad with his own father, Daniel, whom Sarah had a baby with and is now married to.


Daniel was married to Beverly who died in a plane crash about 25 years ago. About 5 years ago he dated Helena Scott for a period of time before getting involved with his son’s wife.


Helena was recently having a long and secret affair with Shawn Wesley. Shawn is the son of the woman, Anna Wesley, who had an affair with Helena’s ex-husband Neil Scott many years ago. Shawn is the same age as Helena’s daughter, Kristen. Shawn and Kristen dated in high school and recently have started dating again.


Shawn also used to date Chelsea Rutledge several years ago. After Shawn, Chelsea was then in a relationship with Miguel Alvarez. But Miguel cheated on Chelsea with Kristen, who faked a pregnancy to try to break up Chelsea and Miguel. Chelsea and Kristen have always hated each other since high school. And recently Chelsea and Jordan were lovers, so she is also directly connected sexually to Jordan. Miguel is also currently dating Sarah’s sister, Julie Hayes


Kristen recently was in a serious relationship with her boss, hotel owner Miranda Covington-Taggart. Miranda used to be engaged to Theo Jackson who moved to town and is now in a relationship with Claudia Emerson


Theo is still pining over Miranda and he hooked up with Miranda again at the fundraiser for Elliot Mitchell which his girlfriend Claudia organized. Claudia became friends with Elliot and is starting to develop feelings for him while dating Theo. She also hooked up with Elliot at the fundraiser



Elliot hasn’t been in a relationship with any other current resident of Cape Heights so this string ends here. So far we have 14 people connected via sexual relationships through Jordan. Let’s start again using Jordan as the lead!

Jordan used to have sex with Eva Morales. They resumed their sexual relationship when Eva came to Cape Heights. Eva is the daughter of drug lord Gustavo Morales from Columbia and the sister of Chris Romero, whose real name is Enrique Morales.


Jordan introduced Eva to Jeffery Chow so that he would no longer have to entertain her in the bedroom. Eva and Jeffery quickly jumped in to a serious relationship.


Jeffery used to be married to Marissa Chow. Marissa was having a secret affair with Jeffery’s brother, Eddie, while Jeffery was incarcerated.


Eddie used to date Keisha Emerson and resumed his relationship with her once he realized it wasn’t possible for him to be with Marissa anymore when his brother found out about them and was about to be sprung from prison


This string ends here because Keisha has not been with any other characters in Cape Heights. However, we can remove Eddie and take this string further along

Marissa is currently in a relationship with Mike Covington.


But Mike also has feelings for his DEA partner, Lila Barrett. Lila and Mike hate each other yet have a strong sexual attraction for each other. They had sex once on top of Mike’s desk shortly before Mike started sleeping with Marissa.


This chain ends here, but yet we can break this off in yet another direction.

Because Eva has recently had sex with Anita Torres. Anita is the ex-girlfriend of Chris Romero and the ex-best friend of his wife, Lori.


And yet another chain we can make starting with Jordan. Jordan is currently sleeping with Devon Emerson


Devon is the ex-wife of Terrence


Terrence has recently been sleeping with his best friend, Debra Scott


Debra used to be in a serious relationship with Terrence’s brother, Tyson


Tyson is currently dating Gabriella Alvarez


Gabby was once in a serious relationship with Aubrey Davis


But Debra also slept with Gavin


So through Jordan’s sexual escapades we can link 30 residents of Cape Heights together! That is about half of the cast of Cape Heights! Yikes! If we were also to link people not just sexually but also through who is blood related to who, we would have the entire town going back to Jordan!


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