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Cape Heights Volume 4 has just been released! Cape Heights Volume 1 is going on sale for .99!!!

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Michele Soap Writer


Hi everyone!


Cape Heights Volume 4 has just been released for kindle! Paperback should be available by tomorrow! This is episodes 64-87! Here is the link




Find out what happens at Chris's congratulations party! Will there be a future for Trisha and Adrian? Will Jeffery be released on parole? Who is Mike more into: his girlfriend Marissa or his partner, Lila? Will Miranda ever get her love life straightened out? How will Aubrey returning to town affect Gabby and Tyson's relationship? Will Sam ever forgive Camille? Will Naomi find out who Spencer really is? Read Volume 4 to find out!


Cape Heights Volume 1 goes on sale again for .99 starting 2/13 through 2/20. Get is for this great low price while you can!



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