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Last Chance to get Volume 1 at the low price of .99! New promos for Volume 2 and 3 starting on Feb 22nd!

Michele Soap Writer


There's only a couple of days left to get your copy of Cape Heights Volume 1 at the low price of .99! https://www.amazon.com/Cape-Heights-Time-Drama-Opera-ebook/dp/B07QHD462Z/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2B42YWR553S12&keywords=cape+heights+volume+1&qid=1563849399&s=gateway&sprefix=Cape+Heights+%2Caps%2C187&sr=8-1#customerReviews


Cape Heights Volume 2 will be on promotion for FREE starting 2/22 and ending 2/26. While picking up your free copy of Volume 2, also pick up Volume 3 for just .99! Volume 3 also goes on sale on 2/22 but that sale ends 2/29!





And here is a sneak peek at a scene from Volume 4 which was just released last week!


Episode 87: Scene 3


Scene 3



He and Gabby move away from the bar and to another corner away from the crowd. “I wanted to talk to you for a moment about Ty. Have you noticed a change in his behavior or personality?”



She looks away from her brother for a moment and sighs, then looks back at him. “Are you referring to his anger? I’m noticing he gets agitated easily now.”



“Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. He was nearly uncontrollable at Sam’s rally. I really had to put my foot down with him to keep him from going after the people from Fight The Right. And even then, I could just feel his anger during the entire rally. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of them the entire time. He wouldn’t let up. I think me threatening to suspend him was the only thing that kept him from acting out on his emotions.”



“You got here a minute late, he was getting into a heated debate with Charlie about police brutality.” At first she looks at her brother with worry, then she straightens up her face and starts to brush it off. “You know what, he’s fine. It’s understandable after what happened to him and Adrian. It’s temporary, Esteban. The town hall wasn’t even a month ago. It’ll pass.”



“I don’t know, Gab. I think it’s getting worse, not better. I’m concerned for him as well as for your safety being his girlfriend. What if he takes his anger out on you……”



Her head snaps up at her brother giving him a look of both disbelief and disgust. “I can’t believe you just said that! Tyson would NEVER lay a finger on me! I trust him completely! And as his best friend you know him better than anyone! You KNOW he would never abuse a woman!”



“I know he wouldn’t……normally……but Gabby---“Before he can finish what he was going to say, she cuts him off.



“But NOTHING, Esteban!!!!!” She screams at him. “I can’t believe you right now! Tyson is FINE! He is just going through a temporary snag! He is still the same Tyson! He hasn’t changed! He will mellow out again! I can’t look at you right now for suggesting such a thing! Please leave!” He tries to rebuttal but she doesn’t let him. “BYE ESTEBAN! GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!”



He’s stunned by Gabby’s attack on him. He tries to talk with her more but she won’t have it. He puts his hands up in a surrender. “Okay, I’m going. But I’m watching over you and him from afar, whether you like it or not.” As he turns to leave, Tyson is on his way back. He gives a slight smile with a wave then keeps on walking towards the door.



Looking confused when he sees Esteban leaving already. He smiles at him and is about to ask why he’s leaving but Esteban is too fast and already lost in the crowd heading towards the door. He turns back to Gabby. “What’s up? It looks like I missed something. Are you and Esteban alright?”



With her arms tightly folded across her chest, she tries to melt away her anger towards her brother and smiles at her boyfriend. “Yea, we’re fine. Just a minor family disagreement having to do with our mother. We’ll be okay.” She gives a real smile this time and wraps her arms around his neck. “I love you, so much.” She gives him a kiss.



“I love you too!” He replies before pulling her in for a more involved kiss.


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