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DAYS #161: Rafe gets the truth out of Jordan, Nick moves into the mansion





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco



2C8TX0C.png 8TXGAKf.png d95ur8g.png th6jCsG.png
In the Horton living room, Laura paces the room, while Liam, Jenn and JJ look on. Laura has an intense look on her face, trying to sort out the details of Liam's story.


After a moment, she stops and turns to face Liam.


LAURA: You know, Liam, I realize you've had a lot of struggles the last few years. And I do appreciate you being so honest with us about your past.
LIAM: Thank you, Laura.


Laura takes a moment before continuing, looking over at a concerned JJ.


LAURA: Liam, I don't mean to be ungrateful. I just....I'm very protective of my daughter, and my grandchildren. I wasn't there for them for a lot of years, through no fault of my own, and...I want to protect them at all costs.
LIAM: Believe me, I understand.


Laura looks down, trying to word her thoughts carefully.


LAURA: I'm glad. Because I hope that this means you won't hold any feelings of animosity toward me for this. 


Laura looks up at Liam, then at Jennifer. She smiles.


LAURA: I know that things can become very volatile in families, and you need to separate yourself from them for a time. But just know that, no matter what, we are always here when you need our help.


Laura reaches out and takes Liam's hand in hers. She smiles broadly. Liam looks back with the same broad smile.


LIAM: I really appreciate that, Laura. You don't understand just how much.
LAURA: I'm sure I do. Welcome to the family, Liam.


Laura and Liam hug, as a thrilled Jennifer looks on. JJ hangs back, confused and somewhat horrified at his grandmother's sudden change of heart.




NO1SJYT.png YtWN1ZI.png uhKFgct.png dFq74G3.png
Nick steps into the Kiriakis living room. He carries a pair of crossbody bags on his shoulders, and a pair of large suitcases are wheeled in behind him. To the shock of the Kiriakis family, Nick sets his luggage down and smiles broadly.


NICK: Morning, everyone. Feels great to be home.


Justin, sitting on the sofa in his dressing gown, sets down his coffee on the coffee table, giving Nick a confused glare.


JUSTIN: Nick...this isn't funny. Especially this early in the morning. What's going on?
NICK: Just coming to meet and greet with my housemates.


At this moment,  Maggie steps into the room, a tray of croissants in her hand.


MAGGIE: Morning, everyone! Chef made some croissants, so I figured I'd help out and bring them in.


Maggie goes to offer everyone some, but notices Nick before her, and looks at him, puzzled.


MAGGIE: Nick! What are you doing here?


Nick looks up at Maggie and smiles broadly, almost enjoying seeing the pained look of the Kiriakis clan as he tells Maggie his news.


NICK: Isn't it obvious, Aunt Maggie? I'm moving in!


Maggie, and the others, look back at Nick, with a sickened confusion.




Sheryl stands in the stairwell at University Hospital, on her phone with Jerome. She speaks in whispers, but is clearly panicking.


SHERYL: (into phone) We have a major problem on our hands.





Jerome walks into the living room at the Grant house, cell phone in ear. He checks behind and around him to make sure Valerie is not in earshot.


JEROME: (into phone) You couldn't have picked a worse time, you know?




SHERYL: (into phone) I don't think that's what matters right now. You need to listen. Crystal got the memo. She's here. NOW.




Jerome's jaw drops, floored by the news. He stammers as he tries to answer.







Justin tosses his tablet to his side on the couch, as he gets up from the sofa, exapserated.


JUSTIN: Are you serious right now? It's not bad enough you've taken over our company, now you want our house?
NICK: Ahh Justin, don't worry. It's not like I'm kicking any of you out. In fact, I think this place is big enough for all of us.


Nick turns to a waiting Henderson, who reluctantly takes Nick's suitcases from him, as Nick turns to give him instruction.


NICK: Oh, ah, there may be one more person staying in my room with me, Henderson. But if she isn't, can you make the adjacent room up for her for me?


Henderson looks over at Maggie, who nods in agreement, before responding gracefully.


HENDERSON: Absolutely, Mr. Fallon.
NICK: Thanks, Henderson.


As Henderson leaves with Nick's bags, Maggie asks the pertinent question.


MAGGIE: Ahh...one other person?


Nick smiles proudly as he responds.


NICK: Yeah, Gabi may move in with me. She's gonna let me for sure today.


Justin snaps at the news of yet another person in the house.


JUSTIN: Oh, come on! What are we running, a boarding house here?


Alex interjects, trying to keep his father's temper in check.


ALEX: Dad! Nick...much as I hate to say it...he has a right to be here.

ANJELICA: Alex is right.
JUSTIN: Oh, how do you know, Anjelica?


Anjelica stands by her son, giving Justin an emotionless, dry response.


ANJELICA: I do my research. Apparently, this is a concept that escapes you.


Justin sighs, as Nick corroborates Anjelica and Alex.


NICK: They're right. Since I own a majority stake in Titan now, and this property is not Victor's personal property but Titan corporate property...well...


Nick shrugs, feigning helplessness, as Justin shakes his head.


JUSTIN: How the Hell did we manage this.


Nick smirks, as he turns to leave the room, heading for his bedroom. On his way out, he makes a snarky retort.


NICK: Guess you shouldn't have tried to shirk your taxes by making the house corporate property, Justin! See ya!


As Nick disappears around the corner, Justin, Maggie, Alex and Anjelica stand around, with only Anjelica looking remotely pleased. Even Maggie looks uncomfortable with the situation they find themselves in.




As Laura and Liam separate from their embrace, Jenn smiles broadly, excited by the apparent thawing of Liam and Laura's relationship. 


JENNIFER:Ohh this is great. Isn't it, JJ?


JJ responds cooly, shaken by Laura's sudden change of heart toward the man he fears.


JJ: Yeah. Awesome.


Laura turns back toward JJ and smiles, winking just out of the line of sight of either Jenn or Liam.


LAURA: Look, you should all be going. I need to take care of some things before JJ leaves. 


Laura turns to face Jenn and Liam.


LAURA: You don't mind if JJ and I have a word alone before he leaves, do you?
LIAM: Not at all.
LAURA: Great.


Jennifer and Liam step out of the room, leaving JJ behind, almost exploding to find out what Laura just did.


JJ: Grandma, what the Hell was that?


Laura turns to JJ, speaking softly so as not to be heard, but emphatically. She takes JJ's hands in hers and smiles wryly.


LAURA: That was a factfinding mission, JJ. And I struck gold.


JJ looks on, puzzled. Laura looks over as Liam and Jennifer close the front door to the house.


LAURA: At least, I think so. And in any event, it's enough information for us to work with while you're at Berkley.
JJ: Grandma, I don't get this.
LAURA: It's simple, JJ. Things are going to be a lot easier around here if I make my fears about Liam appear to be addressed, and resolved. Now, Liam thinks I'm out of his hair. I get all kinds of information that you, myself, and Daniel can research, and we get to figure out exactly what's going on and who Liam is involved with before it's too late.


JJ sighs, looking over at the doorway, his fear of Liam palpable.


JJ: Grandma, I hope to God you're right about this.




2PMukh6.png B661QpN.png
Jordan sits at her desk at University Hospital. She looks at her fiancé, Rafe, in horror, as he sits across from her at her desk.


JORDAN: I don't...I don't understand...wh...
RAFE: You heard me, didn't you?
JORDAN: Yyyes, but I don't know how to respond to that kind of question, Rafe. What do you mean, who are you really marrying? I...you're marrying Jordan Ridgeway. 


Rafe looks steely-eyed at Jordan, entering into interrogation mode.


RAFE: Kate seems to think otherwise.
JORDAN: Kate thinks a lot of things, Rafe. And a whole lot of them are lies.


Jordan gets up from her desk, leaning against it as she stares into Rafe's eyes.


JORDAN: I have only known this woman for a matter of months, and I know this. Why can't you figure this out?
RAFE: Because I know Kate. And I know that she would lie in a heartbeat if it would suit her, but I also know when she's telling the truth.


Jordan sighs, looking away from Rafe. She shakes her head as she responds to Rafe.


JORDAN: And you think this is one of those times.
RAFE: Well? Is it?
JORDAN: I'm not even going to dignify that with--


Rafe interrupts Jordan, exploding with anger as he shouts her down.


RAFE: Is it?!


After a moment of silence, Rafe gets up from his seat, and leans in toward Jordan, almost hissing his words.


RAFE: J...Jordan, if you don't tell me the truth right now, I swear to God, I will walk out that door, and I will NEVER look back.


Jordan sighs again. She slowly sits herself back down behind her desk. She throws her arms out, as though admitting defeat.


JORDAN: Fine! Yes. I am not Jordan Ridgeway. Are you happy now?


Rafe looks on, disappointment clearly in his eyes, as Jordan looks away, sensing his feeling.




Jerome paces the living room of his family home, on his cell phone with Sheryl, as they both panic about the news of Crystal's arrival in Salem.


JEROME: (into phone) W...ah...we...I intercepted that e-mail within minutes, how the hell...




Sheryl stands in the stairwell at the hospital, shaking her head as she answers Jerome's question before he finishes.


SHERYL: (into phone) I couldn't tell you. All I know is, she's here now, in the locker room, and is just SO happy to meet me. And now I gotta figure out what to do about it.




JEROME: (into phone) Okay (sigh) look, just...sit tight, don't raise alarms. Just get to Jordan's office as fast as you can, and try to get her out of town.




Sheryl shakes her head, annoyed by this turn of events. She responds to Jerome sarcastically.


SHERYL: (into phone) Sure. Simple as that. (sigh) I'll figure something out. You keep your nose clean. I'll report back in a bit.


Sheryl hangs up the phone, before turning back toward the door to the 7th floor. She opens the door back to the hallway outside the locker room, when she spies the cleaner leaving the supply room, pushing her cart out the door.  As she does, she's on her walkie talkie, responding to a call from another floor.


VOICE: (via walkie talkie) Sandra, there's a spill in the lounge on the 4th floor.
SANDRA: (into walkie talkie) Yeah, I'm on it, thanks. Just on the 7th floor...


As Sandra walks away with the cart, she's distracted by the conversation into the walkie talkie and doesn't notice Sheryl behind her. She pushes the cart away, forcing the door open, as the quiet hallway remains nearly empty.


Mere milliseconds before the door shuts behind her, Sheryl sticks her foot out, stopping the door from fully closing. The cleaner doesn't notice, and Sheryl looks around at the empty hallway, and gives a knowing smirk, before stepping inside.




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