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DAYS #160: The Kiriakises have a surprise guest for breakfast, Sheryl's in big trouble





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


Justin sits in the Kiriakis living room, wearing his robe. He sits on the sofa, sipping a coffee while he flips through the morning edition of the Salem Spectator on his tablet.


Alex walks into the room, fully dressed for the day, surprising Justin.


ALEX: Morning.
JUSTIN: Well, you're off to an early start.


Alex pours himself a cup of coffee from the caraffe on the bar by the entrance to the living room.


ALEX: Yeah, have to go into the office for a bit to sort out some things. Gotta figure out my action plan with WXIR breathing down our necks about the EnerNext project.
JUSTIN: Yeah. I don't regret selling the station, but...we could have used the PR right about now.
ALEX: Believe me, I know. The only thing we can hope for now is for Nick to self-sabotage, and hopefully, we get the company back.


Anjelica steps into the room at this moment, perky as the morning sun.


ANJELICA: Good morning, all!


Anjelica kisses Alex on the cheek, to which Alex winces in slight embarrassment.


ALEX: Morning.
JUSTIN: Ahhh Anjelica! Bright like the sun, and just as irritating to look directly at.


Anjelica turns to Justin, smiling broadly.


ANJELICA: I'll chalk that remark up to that being your first cup of coffee for the day.
JUSTIN: It's definitely my second. Your resemblance is just uncanny.


Justin sips his second coffee, as Anjelica chooses to ignore his barbs and carries on.


ANJELICA: Well, I am just thrilled to wake up to such handsome men first thing. However, I do have a lot of campaigning to do. I hope you all have time to see me on TV tonight. I'll be making an appearance on WXIR.


Justin nearly spits out his coffee at Anjelica's response.


JUSTIN: I'm sorry?
ANJELICA: Yes! Nicole Walker wants to have me on for an interview regarding my plans for the energy sector, and I'm planning to lend my full support to the EnerNext project. I mean, unless that's a problem for you?


Anjelica looks back and forth at her son, then at Justin, gauging their reaction.




Jordan sits at her desk at University Hospital, struggling to concentrate after her intense conversation with Maxine about Jordan's relationship with Rafe. She leans back in her chair, sighing as she takes a break from her attempts to work, as a knock on the door is heard.


JORDAN: Come in!


Rafe opens the door to Jordan's office, a serious look on his face that Jordan spots immediately.




Rafe closes the door behind him, remaining standing close to the door.


RAFE: We need to talk.


Jordan's face holds a look of dread, as she waits to hear what Rafe wants to discuss.




4UQ4Jwn.png 19kvVLL.png
Maxine guides Sheryl, disguised as Nurse Crystal Clarke, over to the hospital locker room, motioning to the door of the room, as patients and staff hurry by.


MAXINE: And here you go, here's the locker room. Your locker is 39D, and I hope you brought a lock.
SHERYL: I did indeeed! 
MAXINE: Gooood. Now, get yourself changed, Dr. Grant will be meeting with you in...


Maxine checks her watch.


MAXINE: About half an hour. Her office is on the 8th floor.
SHERYL: Thank you, Maxine!
MAXINE: You're welcome, Honey! And I hope to be seeing more of you around here!


Maxine walks off, as Sheryl keeps her keen (fake) smile on. As Maxine disappears from view, Sheryl darts into the locker room. She drops the fake southern accent almost immediately.


SHERYL: That was a challenge.


Sheryl sighs as she studies the lockers. She stumbles upon her locker, which is right next to another staff member. Sheryl draws herself up and gets back into character, as she plays friendly newbie, cutting through to her locker.




The woman turns around, her freshly-dyed blonde hair cut in a bob. She smiles warmly at Sheryl.


WOMAN: Well hi there!


The woman's thick southern accent sounds strikingly similar to Sheryl's, though the woman doesn't look up, as she tries to quickly change.


SHERYL: Sorry, I know you're probably pretty busy.
WOMAN: I am, it's mah first day here.


As Sheryl opens her locker and puts her bag in, she smiles as she connects with her fellow new hire.


SHERYL: Well, what a coincidence! Me too! What's your name, sweetheart??


The woman turns suddenly, her bright smile meets Sheryl's as she extends a hand in a greeting shake.


WOMAN: I'm Crystal Clarke! What's your name??


Sheryl's face drops in horror as she realizes who is standing before her.






Justin gets up from the sofa, unsure he heard Anjelica correctly.


JUSTIN: Anjelica...did you miss the part where we no longer control Titan?
ANJELICA: Well, that's neither here nor there, you still have an interest in maintaining the company's bottom line, no? Last time I checked, you were still the company's attorney. I would think you'd be thrilled by my support.
JUSTIN: I'm not gonna lie, I am. Begrudgingly, but...as I told Alex...we need all the support we can get.


Anjelica gives a wry smile, as she turns to pour herself a cup of coffee from the caraffe.


ANJELICA: I just figured one good turn deserves another, and since you've all been so gracious about letting me stay here, I figured, well, at the very least I can...lend some support to your ends.
ALEX: Trust me, Anjelica. That does a lot more than you know. Nicole Walker's planning to do a real butcher job on us with this report.
ANJELICA: Well, not to worry, my son. 


Anjelica steps over to Alex, putting her hand lovingly (and patronizingly) on his cheek.


ANJELICA: I eat women like Nicole Walker for breakfast. 


Turning back toward Justin, she sits herself down in the armchair next to the sofa.


ANJELICA: Speaking of Titan...have you heard from your new CEO yet?
ALEX: Thankfully, no.


As Alex finishes his thought, Henderson steps into the room, looking somewhat weary. Justin spots this immediately as Henderson enters.


HENDERSON: Ah...pardon me, Mr. Kiriakis, but...have things become so dire that we've begun letting rooms in the house?


Justin looks on, baffled by Henderson's remark.


JUSTIN: Well, last I checked, only the Martin House had rooms on BedAndBreakfast.com, why?
HENDERSON: Ah...well...


Before Henderson can finish his thought, Nick steps into the room, his luggage in tow. A broad smile on his face as he whips his sunglasses off, jubilantly.


NICK: Ahhh! Home, sweet home.


Nick surveys the room, as the others look at him, totally confused.




2C8TX0C.png th6jCsG.png d95ur8g.png 8TXGAKf.png
Laura, JJ and Jennifer stand around the Horton living room, as Liam begins to explain himself to them. He uncomfortably stutters and paces the room, as the others listen.


LIAM: So, like I told Jenn, I...basically had been in Chicago for awhile after my divorce from my wife. We um...we had some major issues. Things ended pretty badly between us. I still struggle with my anger at times.
JJ: What did she do that was so awful?


Liam sighs, as he sits down in an armchair in the room. He sighs for a moment before answering, solemnly.


LIAM: It's....it's very complicated but...she wasn't interested in love. She wanted...power. And lots of it. Things I couldn't give her. In the end, she left me for my...father.


JJ's eyes widen at the revelation. Laura looks on, still skeptical. Jenn reads the room, uneasy with the story coming out to her family.


JJ: Wow! That's...that's heavy.
LAURA: Jennifer, did you know about this?
JENNIFER: Not really. And I'm not exactly comfortable with this having to come out to my entire family.


Liam looks up at Jenn, a saddened look in his eye.


LIAM: And I'm sorry about that. I just...I didn't want to waste the time we had together...dwelling on the past.


Jenn nods, disappointed but understanding.


JENNIFER: I understand. I do wish you'd tell me first, but...I understand.


Laura, nonplussed by the revelation, interjects.


LAURA: So how does the $50,000 come into it. And why are you so willing to give it away?

LIAM: That...that was a combination of some good investments, and my divorce settlement, in a way. My father's a successful businessman, he offered me a lot of money if I went away quietly. Told me I'd never make her as happy as he could. (sigh) I knew he was right.


Liam sits in the chair, solemn. He looks straight ahead, barely blinking as he stares with laser focus.


LIAM: So I decided I was going to put the money to good use. Help someone I cared about that truly needed it. I want to build a life with Jennifer, Laura. I want to be a part of this family. And part of that is helping to make her children's dreams come true. I want that for them.


Laura looks on, unsure whether she believes Liam or not. JJ's eyes dart back and forth between Liam, and Laura.


LIAM: Will you let me do that for them?


Laura stares unflinchingly at Liam, silently deciding what to make of what he's just told her.




Jordan adjusts herself in her office chair, a look of dread on her face as Rafe walks toward her.


JORDAN: Ah...sure. Sit down.


Rafe takes a seat on the opposite side of Jordan's desk. He wears a grave look as well. Jordan hesitates before asking Rafe a question, almost as though she doesn't really want to know the answer.


JORDAN: So...what did you want to talk about?
RAFE: Well...I need you to explain some things to me.
JORDAN: Like what?
RAFE: See...I ran into Kate at the Town Square just now.


Jordan sighs, frustrated by Kate's constant meddling.


JORDAN: Kate. I knew it. What did she want this time? 
RAFE: Well, she told me something, and she said you'd have an answer for me.


Jordan blurts out a sarcastic laugh.


JORDAN: Oh, I'm sure. What did I do this time?


Rafe looks cooly at Jordan, himself almost afraid of the answer he'll receive.


RAFE: It's not what you did, Jordan. It's about who you are.


Jordan looks back at Rafe, suddenly stone silent.


RAFE: She told me Jordan Ridgeway isn't your real name. So who exactly did I just get engaged to?


The colour drains for Jordan's face, as she thinks fast, reaching for an answer.




Sheryl stand across from Crystal in the locker room at University Hospital. She smiles at Crystal, as she shakes her hand.


SHERYL: Pleasure to meet you.


Crystal beams, having met her first co-worker at the hospital.


CRYSTAL: And your name is...?


Sheryl jumps momentarily, sharing her name in a moment of desperation.


SHERYL: Ah Sheryl. Sheryl...Matthews.
CRYSTAL: Well, it's great to meet you, darlin'!
SHERYL: Same here.


Sheryl turns, looking into her locker with a sudden look of dread on her face. She glares into the void of her locker, hoping to maybe disappear into it as she stands next to the woman she intends to impersonate. Crystal, meanwhile, carries on jovially, without a care in the world, as she dons her scrubs.


CRYSTAL: Gosh, you know, it's funny. Mah hair was exactly that colour not a week ago.
SHERYL: Oh is that right?
CRYSTAL: Yep! I dyed it blonde since I was movin'. Got a new job, moved to a new town. New life. Just what the doctor ordered.
SHERYL: I understand that. 
CRYSTAL: You sound like a fella Southerner, where you from, Honey?


Sheryl suddenly closes the door to her locker, her expression unchanging, as she turns to Crystal suddenly.


SHERYL: Birmingham! I'm sorry, Crystal. I gotta meet with Dr. Grant in a moment. I'm sure I'll be seein' ya!
CRYSTAL: Oh, it's fine, I'm sure you will! I gotta shower before my shift anyway. I haven't had a chance to yet, I just got into town this morning. So I best be goin' myself. Nice to meet ya!
SHERYL: Likewise.


Sheryl walks off, coldly, trying to avoid giving away her discomfort, as she quickly darts off around the corner. 


Quickly taking her cell phone in hand, Sheryl calls Jerome, her face shifting immediately into one of rage and panic, as she shouts into the phone, but in a hushed tone.


SHERYL: (into phone) We have a MAJOR problem on our hands.




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