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  1. Jesse and Angie have given us Love in the Afternoon again.....I just adore their love scenes as they ooze chemistry! Opal and Richie are an odd couple....but they are good together. I wanted to smack Babe for still not believing JR......she gives Richie the benefit of every doubt, but JR doesn't rate. Also enjoyed the Erica, Carmen, Jack and Zach scenes; as well as Jesse and Stuart.
  2. San Francisco Giants-10 points Oakland Athletics-10 points Los Angeles Angels-10 points San Diego Padres-10 points Arizona Diamondbacks-10 points Colorado Rockies-10 points Tampa Bay Devil Rays-10 points Florida Marlins-10 points Atlanta Braves-14 points Chicago Cubs-10 points (-2) Chicago White Sox- 10 points (+2) Boston Red Sox-10 points Detroit Tigers-6 points Minnesota Twins-10 points St. Louis Cardinals-16 points New York Yankees-10 points New York Mets-10 points Cleveland Indians-10 points Cincinatti Reds-10 points Philadelphia Phillies-10 points Pittsburgh Pirates-10 points Houston Astros-10 points Texas Rangers-10 points Milwaukee Brewers-6 points
  3. Debbie and Darnell were amazing yesterday. I felt like I was running after the train with Debbie and the tears were streaming down my face. Thanks to Angie and Jesse we have something to get excited about! And I'm all for the elimination of Ryan......good eye candy but I've come to hate his character.
  4. I have no culinary skills. Tonight I'm having left over eggplant parmesan.....I ate out last night!
  5. Stuart
  6. Orlando
  7. Rachel
  8. AMC Would you rather fish or hunt?
  9. Fitted
  10. Wildwind -36 points (-2) Josh's apartment - 0 points (-1) bye The Yacht Club - 18 points
  11. Gimmie 4 provinces in Canada 1. Ontario 2. Quebec 3. Alberta 4. Saskatchewan Gimmie 4 South American countries
  12. Wildwind-34 points Josh's apartment - 4 points (-3) The Yacht Club - 22 points
  13. Holly
  14. Eddie