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Y&R: New Promo...


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TOM: (to Ashley) I just want to... make you happy.

"...can save a man."

JOHN: (to Ashley) I don't want you cozying up to that predator anymore.

ASHLEY: I wanted him to think that I was interested in him so that I could keep track of what he's up to.

We see John standing around the corner, listening to Ashley's confession to John.


ASHLEY: He makes me ill!

"could drive him over the edge..."

We see John taking a drink of alcohol.

TOM: Don't you be feeling sorry for me...

We see a Tom take out a knife and hold it up near his face. I don't know if Ashley is with him or not. Weird editing.

TOM: Ashley Abbott is the one you oughtta feel sorry for.

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That should say "we see Tom".

I saw the promo too. It looks good; I can't believe Tom hears Ashley saying that stuff about him. Poor guy! I wonder if he really plans on hurting her? I can't see him doing that. Although I could see him being really angry and wanting to hurt her (old ways resurfacing), and then getting right down to it and not able to.

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