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Resident Evil: Extinction


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This is the third installment of the "Resident Evil" franchise and is easily the best entry so far. We are told at the beginning that the T-Virus has wiped out humanity almost completely, devastated the ecosystem, and reduced the Earth to a desolate wasteland. Milla Jovavich returns as Alice, whose blood contains the antivirus that can save what is left of mankind. She convinces a group of fellow refugees, who are aimlessly wandering in the Nevada desert, that they should all travel to a rumored disease-free refuge in Alaska. However, the evil Umbrella Corporation has been searching for her and has plans of it's own..

This is a genuinely scary, gut-wrenching horror film from beginning to end. The central characters are placed in one terrifying situation after another and at times the tension is almost unbearable. Likewise, the action sequences are incredibly intense, particularly an early encounter between Alice and a pack of undead attack dogs (a series trademark).The film generates an atmosphere of fearful anticipation of the sort that is only found in the best horror movies. There is a decent amount of gore and Alice's skill with knives anchors some fantastic set-piece battle scenes between the survivors and the undead. A special mention ought to also be given to the strikingly imaginative set designs, a case in point being the depiction of a ruined Las Vegas.

It is always amazing to me that all the undead or zombies have one mind and are controlled by the thought of infecting other humans and not attacking each other. I guess that the virus puts the message onto their DNA and all they can do is act. This is the third movie in the Resident Evil sequel. Milla Jovovich was captivating and skillful in playing her part. We experience most of the fighting through her super-human strengths. The fight scene in Las Vegas was outstanding. Alice is the only one who can get justice and revenge for the world against the Umbrella Corporation. To me, all the survivors need to do is to find a place to hide from the undead zombies and wait for the flesh rotting virus to burn itself out. Everyone knows that with the virus consuming its own host, the virus is doomed to die. If you like zombie movies, you will like this one, because I jumped out of my seat a few times, sorry for the person next to me. There will be another Resident Evil, because Alice is going after the head of the Umbrella Corporation and that is Albert Wesker.

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    • Okay, I'll play. Y&R: I'd replace Jason Thompson's Billy with Randy Wayne (Matthew, the Bay). He's only a couple years younger than Miller and in my opinion fits the "type" of Billy Abbott. With a new Billy, I'd keep Billy and Lily separated.    B&B: Robin Christopher as Felicia Forrester? I'd like to see her go up against Deacon and Bill. She could come into Forrester and want to take the company back as a "true" Forrester instead of Ridge and his kids (who are Marones.)  Tamara Braun I'd take as B&B's Kristen Forrester. If Zende is going to be on, Kristen should be around. (I also like the idea of Krista Tesreau, tho she's a couple years older than RC. Krista and Sean Kanan  as Deacon could be interesting.) This has been mentioned before, but I'd be okay with Robert Kelker Kelly taking over as Ridge. TK has always bored me. I don't think he "fits" as Ridge either. He's always so "greasy" looking to me. Sorry. Ridge is supposed to be in the fashion industry and Forrester an icon and yet he always looks so...unkept.       
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