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DAYS: All of the accents of our Lives

Which Dimera has the best accent?  

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  1. 1. Which Dimera has the best accent?

    • Stefano (Italian)
    • Tony (Australian)
    • E.J. (British)
    • Lexie (American)

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So today, there was a scene where Tony and E.J. were talking about Stefano and it got me thinking:

Isn't it interesting that Stefano speaks with an Italian accent, yet E.J. has a British one and Tony has an Australian one? I know its probably because of the portrayers but I found it interesting how they all speak. And to complicate it further, Lexie has an American accent! (And yes I know his children have different moms but still.) I hate to post another DAYS thread because those are everywhere but this was just too funny to pass up!

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