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AMC: SOD Spoilers

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Courtesy of Angela @ NB

Not much in the issue...

The News article is basically the Cady blog where she confronts all the rumors.


Babe knows things aren't what they seem to be.

Zach faces his worst nightmare.

Zach battles for Kendall's life.


On Monday, March 5, Zach springs into action to save Kendall's life. Josh discovers what JR was blackmailing Babe with on Tuesday, March 6. Whether Josh turns out to be the person who'll blow Krystal's secret sky-high, Head Writer Megan McTavish isn't saying, offering, "It is coming and it will be a very big moment, but I'm not going to give hints as to when [it will happen]."

Justin Bruening (Jamie, AMC) is named Performer of the Week for the Dixie's death scenes.

Melissa Claire Egan (Annie) is interviewed.

Have you ever confused a co-star's name with his/her character?

Rambin: "I've called Cameron 'Ryan' because he likes it [laughs]. Ryan's way hotter and more manly than him. Ryan is always way more heroice and sexier than Cameron is in real life. So, when you say 'Ryan' to him, he gets this, like, rush of tetosterone."

What is digging up his dads grave like for Zach?

Kaye: "A grave, it's six feet deep, you know. There are layers of dirt and the dirt in Las Vegas is very hard. And then there are worms! So, it was tough for him to go through."

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