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If I wanted to know how a certain show was doing in my city or my country...

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So compared to American ratings, Canadian soap ratings are a b-tch to find.

I'm especially curious to know how GL does in Canada compared to the States. In Edmonton, GL is carried by two affiliates: KREM Spokane and CH Red Deer (in fact, GL is the only soap CH carries). I've emailed CH Red Deer, Hamilton, and Vancouver to ask how GL is doing in general there and what the show's total viewers are in those areas.

As for KREM, it carries 4 soaps so I'd like to know how each soap does in relation to each other. There doesn't appear to be an email I can use to contact them but there's a phone number. Should I just try calling? The thing is..I don't want to be waiting for a while for information they might not have on the spot..thus, the reason I prefer contact by email.

And when that's all said and done, is contacting the TV affiliates what I should be doing? Is there a site out there that cites how soaps in Canada are doing? Should I contact Nielsen Canada?

So many questions...

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