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  1. Do it, daysfan. Trust me, it works wonders. Knowing the poster you're referring to, I'm surprised you haven't already, LoL.

    Oh, and this is not meant to brag, but I have patience. Much patience. But with him that might be cut short, just because I am reading through pages and threads of spam....

  2. Wow, I have to disagree.

    I really don't think ANYTHING in the '80s was sexy.

    I mean, the big hair? The high-tops tennis shoes? The day glow and bandanas freaky jeans and flourescent [[email protected]#$%^&*]? EWWWWW... yeah, nothing sexy about that.

    Frankly, I feel for the people of the '80s. they had it BAD. :(

    Uh, no! Things weren't as bad as you young people think.... :lol:

    Anyway, in May...we will all have a hay day...

  3. There's the sugartwist that numbs your leg...

    The buckyball nekkid game that will....I can't get into it on here

    The coconut springs that'll really quench your thirst

    And the reacharound that always makes people happy


    Well, lets quit talking about it and do it then!

  4. *Breaks into Tyler's house...ransacks his entire house looking for the tape.....thinks it is nothing but a flop, but notices the drawer has a secret compartment...he pulls out the tape....and puts it into the VCR...appalled by what he sees, takes the tape out and burns it...unaware that Tyler has made a copy*

    Oh, Lord no!

    Just...don't let Tish see it...it would ruin the mother daughter thing we had going there....

  5. Mom, I let you have one of my men once, but not Navell. Besides, you are hot enough to get a man without taking your daughter's. Do you like High School Boys?

    Who cares about men right now?! Tyler has something on me and he's likely sharing it with Jay by now! :lol:

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