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  1. Right? Recasts are pretty much unique to daytime. However, I remember a few recasts on primetime shows. Seinfeld's father was a different actor in season 1 in the very beginning. Also with children, I guess, it's easier. On Mad Men they recast Don Draper's son.
  2. Does anybody know if either Marcy Walker or A Martinez were approached by other soaps or prime time to jump ship at the peak of their popularity and were there real threats to them jumping ship or were they pretty much untouchable as far as SB goes? I mean, yes, by 1991 the writing was on the wall that this couple is no longer secure but what about 3-4 years prior to that? I have to tell you that my transition from Gina 1 to Gina 2 has gone pretty smoothly. By the end of Linda's tenure I started imagining her as Robin, even trying to picture what Robin's gesticulation and general acting would be and many of Linda's scenes. This is sort of a unique experience for me because usually I get caught off guard with an actor or actress changes, but in this case, after so many years of knowing, and rewatching this time around I was prepared much better!
  3. Everyone in the SB fandom is always so focused on Mary that sometimes Julia plays second fiddle even though she interacted with Mason a lot more timewise than Mary. I mean, yes, the Mary character is a very important one to the SB canvas even though she spent just barely over a year on the show. Julia seems like she's independent from the get-go, even though she does interact with men a lot more than with women from the beginning with the exception of Augusta for obvious reasons. I remember just recently having watched when Dylan first appeared on the show, Julia corrected him on her title "It's Miss - with a "z," she points out to him. Having followed NLG for all these years, I know she's a very independent career-focused woman - and she plays one on TV. She most likely wanted the writers of the shows she's been on to have that in mind whenever anything was written for her. Does anyone remember any specific interviews where she points that out, perhaps?
  4. That's kind of you! I figured, with your new job, you would have slowed down anyway! I'm about where Robin Mattson takes over, so still quite a ways away Also, GH fans over here - how many times did Robin Mattson return as Heather Webber?
  5. Is this article fairly fair? https://dnyuz.com/2021/09/06/for-american-men-u-s-open-hints-at-better-days-ahead/
  6. I was quite impressed with how they wrote Sophia's being in front of the judge when he suspended her sentence. She seemed genuinely sincere and ready to accept whatever punishment the judge was going to deliver. I don't know how much current law would allow something like this, but I believe she would have probably gone in front of a jury.
  7. I love that we saw none of that 10 hours a week that Sophia was supposed to be doing community service! I suppose that would not have been great soap material
  8. So I was bored the last few days, and I did some soap hopping, meaning, I watched quite a few episodes on YouTube from Edge of Night, General Hospital, As the World Turns, Another World, Y&R - the works - from various periods In the 80s and 90s. I finished off with the last five episodes of the current Sheila arc on B&B. I'm telling you - nothing comes close to the quality of dialogue on SB from its golden age (late 1985 - late 1988). The amount of gems from this period could fill 10 prime time shows.
  9. I know Robert Newman took over from Joseph Bottoms at the very end of Kirk Cranston's intitial stay, but Joseph Bottoms must have really enjoyed the role if he agreed to return in subsequent years three more times! I did find him intriguing at the beginning, and I think it was a good way to appease those who would have missed the character of Jack Lee rather than finding a recast for Jack Lee.
  10. So, is Kirk Cranston to SB what Sheila is/was to Y&R/B&B? I did know the character came back after his initial (longest) stay but I didn't realize he came back once more (after I stopped watching in 1989). So, he came back a total of 3 times. This must be a SB record for a character return. I don't actually know what happened to him after his final stay in town, so please don't tell me as I am planning on watching. But then, again, they keep finding a way for Sheila to be back from the dead so many times, that it wouldn't surprise me that the TPTB would have found a way for him to come back again if the show continued past 1993. We know no one really dies in soaps!
  11. Ahh, you had me excited there for a few minutes and I thought Marcello is resurrected later to confirm, yet again, that he was indeed the shooter. I mean, even with the switch at birth, for what it's worth, Sophia was killing her son cuz that's what he was brought up to be. To be honest, I always had a hard time swallowing the fact Brick was the real Channing.
  12. So in what episode do they bring up Marcello again? I thought we never heard from him again, and he was rotting in some jail
  13. Right, and it's ... Sophia. You mean, they left clues in espisode 217 pointing to the fact it wasn't she to be revealed much later?!? I am getting more excited and confused at the same time...
  14. TIME OUT! What!?! You mean Sophia didn't shoot Channing?!? Remember, I only watched up to 1989 the first go around, so I wasn't aware if they continued with this storyline past that. I knew about the Eden/Lisa thing vaguely. Wow, this just gave me another reason to continue watching
  15. There was a scene around the same time when Christie has her Walkman on and dancing to Madonna's Material Girl at the Capwell mansion. And then another scene where Kelly borrowed some of Ted's records and one of them was Bruce Springsteen's big albums at the time.
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