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  1. I had a dream last night about possible spin-off fan fiction centered around the character of Ellen Lowell Stewart (mostly played by Patricia Bruder) on ATWT, doing some creative "re-imagining" of the Lowell family backstory and building off with a different branch of the Lowell family, but with Ellen as the heroine/matriarch. The story would center around her and her further adventures, maybe in Centerville or some fictional place somewhat near Oakdale, maybe even post-pandemic? So when Ellen left the show, did the writers have any dialogue which gave any clue as to where she was going or what her next steps were? I may try writing to Patricia Bruder and see if she remembers anything. Does anyone remember anything about what happened to Ellen? According to one online source, the last time she was written off the show would have been in or around November 1998.
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