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  1. That's because there are too many dead-end characters that haven't had much to do more than prop up the scenery for years now. The producer may be too big-hearted to just terminate them, but bump them to recurring and bring on some fresh blood or better yet bring back some more dynamic characters and revisit their dropped threads. Why keep Zoe Buckingham and then bring her sister, Paris to fight over Zende, when there was the more compelling Sasha Thompson and Zende's estranged wife, Nichole? What happened to her?! Why not kill off Katie (or even bring back Deacon Sharpe to romance her)? Why don't they bring back Nick Marone with his wife Macy Alexander, and her daughter by Thorne to give Brooke someone who will bust her chops over her homewrecking past? Loved the actor who played Vinny Walker, why not bring him back as his separated from birth twin? Why don't they bring Ivy Forrester and Oliver Jones back?
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