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  1. HI! Because these are the years when I'm sure they're together. Example the period 2001/2007 is the one that leads to marriage and the period of marriage itself; same thing as 1998/1999. I don't know much about the 80s, because I didn't even exist, lol. But in the end, for me it's ok, any episode that will serve to increase my collection, By the way, sorry for my English not perfect,
  2. Good evening everyone, I'm a girl, huge fan of Niktor. I seek & I collect their clips, so that I can create a sort of chrono story. I am looking above all for episodes relating to the period 1992, 1998/ 1999, end 2000, 2001/2007. but not clips where they fight. can someone help me? Thanks in advance. N&Y
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