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  1. Sweety Im just telling u the truth! No need to get snippy. The breakdown poster on DD posted photo copies of all the breakdowns and Laura and Luke had this story. Thats a fact. The she came back weeks later with the rewritten breakdowns and Tracy was there. Just like when TR stepped in and Robert got tweaked Luke lines last year. Even the mags had Laura being in the exact same CI scenes Tracy got so we know the breakdown girl was right. No conspiracy theory dear!
  2. That's cuz those scenes were written for Laura. All the breakdowns that got released had Luke with Laura during all those scenes and Tracy back in PC in her own story. Scenes didn't feel like Tracy cuz they were written for Laura before Genie was gone and Tracy was slipped into the CI story.
  3. OMG! I can't believe she tried to call you out like that J! I dont post often at LLU but J u would know my name if I said it here. I KNOW what shes saying is a lie. We dont call you the voice of reason for nothing! Shame on you Remos!
  4. Glad I read the whole thing! Thats a very good interview for L&L and honest too! Thanx for sharing!
  5. SOD is previewing a big soapy super triangle with Tracy an Scott an L&L!
  6. I like Tracy an hate lacy! Don't like it honey sorry but you need to DEAL. I dont need your permission to post in this thread. I dont care what you think about me being here. I dont care how you feel about LnL! I came here cuz I like Tracy an support her an if you cant handle that dear than scroll baby SCROLL!
  7. Whatever I am not gonna get into a debate with you ladies about tired lacy. Whatever will happen will happen. Im here to give the great JE some praise not get caught up in some stupid fanbase war with you. Is this the lacy thread and somebody forgot to put the right title on? LOL, please!
  8. Oh honey, no. I am NOT worried about no lacy. Please. I know who will be together in the end. Everybody does! But Tracy is FABU and I hope she gets the kinda soulmate shes wanted for her whole life. Even if she ends up back with Luke for a spell I will STILL be rooting for her to get the real thing once he's back where he belongs.
  9. So so glad Lacy r finally over! Tracy said everything I always dreamed she would with Luke. She took a stand! Now somebody hand JE a emmyoscargrammy whatever cuz she KILLED IT! I was balling my eyes out. She's just as good as she was bck in the day when I use to watch in high school. Maybe even better!!!
  10. Old school Tracy is back today! She's just like I remember and love her from back in the day!
  11. There is something really different about old Nik! Him and Tracy...wowza. They totally should hook up! That would make Luke go craaaazy.
  12. I joined back in FEB after lurking here for YEARS! First thing I posted was a nice article with Tony talking up the fab Jane Elliot. Honey I can lurk where I like and I don't need special permission from you to post in this thread. Get over yourself thinking I registered just so I could talk to you!
  13. The point dear is that this poster is getting all upset over a WRONG view. TG ain't a atheist. He never said he was. He mentioned God a few times over the 35+ years I been watching GH and reading interviews from GH actors.
  14. Oh honey you need to get a grip and some new info! Tony Geary isn't atheist, Luke is. "My spirituality--like most of my life--is between me and God." That's all the man has said about God. He talks about LUKE being an atheist but he ain't never said he was one himself.
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