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  1. I'm honoured and delighted. Thank you so much for ignoring my posts, it touches my heart.

  2. And yet she had no problems playing a hooker on CSI Miami! I despised Deanna Wright's Kay. She was nowhere near as good as Taylor Anne Mountz. But Heidi Mueller came on and really grew into the role. By the end of the series, Heidi was the definitive Kay in my book. Loved her! I hated Gnatalie Zea..couldn't stand her one bit! I jumped for joy when Liza returned even though I hated Gwen.
  3. Thanks to the success of Passions' interactive webisodes (like the one leading up to the debut of Rachel, the Omega storyline, and Tabloid Truth, for example), Passions WAS supposed to have an online web series spinoff called The Cove but not starring anyone actually from Passions. This ended up turning into Danica Stewart's unrelated web series Coastal Dreams. A Saturday morning teen series featuring Tabitha teaching home ec at Harmony High was also announced, although not officially. Also, a primetime miniseries adaptation of Hidden Passions was rumoured but obviously never happened.
  4. *sigh* I love Passions. It is my favourite and most beloved soap of all time. Out of all the soaps cancelled in the past ten years, Passions is very lucky to have gotten a second life on DirecTV. I'm not going to lie. I write a "Continuing Adventures of Passions" fan fic. I'd love to write a Passions book series continuing their stories. It's not that far-fetched considering Hidden Passions was a New York Times bestseller!
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