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    • I just finished watching and was LITERALLY about to use the phrase "dropping anvils"   Great minds......  🙂 
    • I hadn’t watched Liza in her legendary early ‘80s reign of terror either, but I really enjoyed her that first year back as the bitch-on-wheels producer at the Cutting Edge. She immediately mixed it up with Opal, which set the stage for her integration with the rest of the canvas. But man, she was destroyed with a quickness.
    • I loved Liza's first year or so back. I thought Marcy Walker was electric. Everything from the time that they paired her with wooden Jake on was downhill. Liza lost her spark and became one of the interchangeable morass of "good" people that weren't really worth watching.
    • @Gray Bunny Drew I think so far has interacted only once. That will be changing soon.    @Cat yes, that is indeed interesting. I had forgotten about the change with BH. In fact, I think I saw the editor that hated Denise in the Lisa Nicole vs Quad fight from Season 3 (was watching old episodes last night). Things to make you go hmmm.    Oh, yes, Carlos was all of those. But could still put on a show. And because he was so close went deeper into the ladies' lives than what they are doing now. Even with what we have so far, I am sure he would go much deeper and it would not be blah.    Well didn't the production team for RHOA this year change again? Or who is in charge of it?    I hate those shows. re: DBT/CKB lol. 
    • I think Liza's first year back was flawless, and I had no clue who she was at the time beyond being an old character with a long history with Tad. She was gangbusters. It was everything after that - including some of the relationship with Adam, though I haven't seen their initial courtship in aeons - that sucked IMO. She was tired before the end of the millennium, and she didn't have to be.
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