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Episode 137



Kim takes a leap and invites Henry to the family barbecue. Henry jokingly asks if they plan on having him as the main course, and eventually agrees. Andy sees Susan and Hal at Ice and asks if they've seen Emily. Meanwhile, Emily stands on the roof of Andy's apartment building, unaware tht the note she left Andy to meet her there fell under the couch. Later, a passerby yells "Lady about to jump on the roof!". Hal, Susan, and Andy hear and go off to see if they can help but are terrified when they see Emily on top of the roof. She trips and hangs on to the edge of the roof while Andy and Hal bolt up to the roof to save Emily. Heath takes Maddie aside and isn't thrilled when Luke comes along shortly after. Heath tells Maddie that he's leaving for Penn State in the morning and thanks Maddie for her friendship. Maddie, devastated to see that her best friend since diapers is moving away, hugs Heath and wishes him the best of look as Luke unhappily looks on. Jennifer, at Dusty's request, takes Meg home to Emma's and takes off when Emma comes home. Emma asks for her help milking Sadie, her prize winning cow. Meg stumbles into the barn and then Emma takes off as soon as she makes sure that Meg sees Dusty with a romantic candlelit dinner set up in the barn. Meanhwile, Jennifer goes home to find Nick packing and wonders what's wrong.


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