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Episode #144 - Thursday, June 29, 2006:



Episode #144 - Thursday, June 29, 2006:

- Will awaits Austin's reaction.

- Victor vents to Caroline about how someone is trying to put Titan out of business.

- Celeste begs the Reaper to leave the kids of Salem ALONE!

- Marlena and John bond with their unborn baby.

- Caroline asks Victor if it could be John, now that Titan put Basic Black out of business, he could be wanting to get back at Titan. Victor says that Basic Black was just a cover for John's I.S.A. operations and that he wouldn't really care enough to want to go to the hassle of starting another business while Marlena is having a delicate pregnancy. Caroline asks if it could be Kate. Victor says he thought it was her too, but it just doesn't make sense that Kate would be able to get away with starting and running her own magazine right under Victor's nose.

- Austin hugs Will. Will is relieved at Austin's reaction. Austin tells Will that he wants this to be a lesson for him that in the future, he (Will) can come to him (Austin) with anything, and Austin will be there for him.

- John and Marlena get great news from Lexie - they are most likely going to have a healthy pregnancy from here on out!

- Caroline asks Victor if he thinks it could be Vivian Alamain. Victor said he just heard from Vivian's lawyers a few months ago about selling Victor back her 49% of the Titan shares so it can't be her since she obviously wants out of the publishing and fashion businesses. Caroline asks if it could be Austin trying his hand at a company again. But Victor says that Austin is content working at Titan since Titan overtook Austin Reed & Company in March. He, like John, is also busy being a daddy to his unborn child.

- Austin tells Will that he won't ever truly be happy with himself and won't find true happiness in life unless he is being himself 100%. But Will says that it isn't that easy in his case. Will tells Austin how difficult it is to grow up gay, even in this day and age - especially in a small town like Salem.

- John and Marlena thank Nurse Paris for everything she has done the last month to help get Marlena's health under control.

- Victor and Caroline are at a loss as to who could have started this new up and coming magazine.

- Austin tells Will that regardless, Will must be himself and be true to himself if he ever wants to lead a happy, fulfilling life. Austin tells Will that it won't be easy to do, but nothing ever worth achieving is easy. Will says that he fears what Sami and Lucas will do. Austin asks if this is the reason Will ranaway. Will confesses that it is. Austin tells him that Sami and Lucas would rather go through anything as tough as it is if it means that Will is happy and healthy and home where he belongs. Austin tells Will that he will stand by his side when he tells Sami and Lucas and that he will help them understand.

- Caroline comforts Victor, and they hug. Kate walks in on the hug. She exits and sees Marie's desk. Filled with anger and rage, Kate trashes Marie's desk. Victor and Caroline walk into the hallway. Victor asks Kate what the hell she thinks she's doing! Kate replies..."You bastard! You and I haven't been broken up for, what, five minutes, and you're already running into your 'true love's' arms?! And you, you whore!"...she gestures to Caroline. "Shawn's corpse isn't even cold!" Victor interupts with a fierce command, telling Kate to shut up. Caroline tells Kate that she has the wrong idea. Victor says...."Get out. You're fired!" Kate fires back...."No, you arrogant bastard! I QUIT!" Kate storms out leaving Caroline and Victor with the shambles of Marie's desk.


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