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AMC #37 - Cara Bares All To David + Krystal Gets A Surprise Visit!

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All My Children - Episode 37

Created By: Agnes Nixon

Executive Producer: Dawn Hayes

Directed By: Susan Simon


Pine Valley is still in the night hours. At David’s Penthouse, Cara and David enter the living room of the penthouse.


CARA: David, Oliver is growing up. He is. And, with that growing up comes so much emotion in life. He needs to know that both of his parents will be there for him.


DAVID: What are you saying Cara?


CARA: Listen, we have been through the ringer. We have both hurt one another, but I am tired of hurting. I am tired of the pain.


DAVID: What does that mean…?


CARA: It means I want to be with you.


DAVID: You want to get back together with me?


CARA: You bet I do.



At Krystal’s Home, Krystal comes down the stairs. She is dressed in her pajamas. She goes over to turn on her television. Before she does so, there is a knock at the door.


KRYSTAL: (walking to the door) Coming!


Krystal opens the door.


KRYSTAL: (gasp) Oh my goodness.


JENNY: Hi mom.




JENNY: Hi, mom.



At Tad and Dixie’s Home, Dixie walks into the living room. She has a glass of water in hand. She goes to the couch to sit down. Tad is next to her on his IPAD.


DIXIE: (sighs) Hello, honey.


TAD: (shutting off his IPAD) Hello.


The two kiss.


TAD: I thought you said that you were going to bed?


DIXIE: I was. But, then I was thinking about something. And, I needed to speak to you about that. Can we talk?


TAD: Of course. What about?


DIXIE: I want another baby.




At the Slater Home, Kendall and Zach are in the living room pacing. They stop pacing once Ian and Spike enter the front door.


KENDALL: There you two are.


ZACH: We have been worried sick.


bYXZAI-yG2RG0nJvMvZ2_zPUfq4lzkCKddkyu9-3SPIKE: We thought you might be, mom.


KENDALL: Well you thought right, young man.


Pq5dunDYk9roH8toYeSR1FuZCz-sy0XRuR3Tp2D6IAN: We actually had a bet going on.


ZACH: Listen, I was worried sick, as well. You two said you would be home by 9:30. It is now 10:30. We expect you to be home by when you say.


KENDALL: Your father is right. Spike, I already called your father. Just because you don’t live with him; does not mean you two will not have a talk.


IAN: Told you she was gonna call Ryan.


SPIKE: Yeah, whatever.


ZACH: You know what, you two? Just go upstairs.


IAN: Okay.


Ian and Spike go upstairs.


KENDALL: (sighs) I cannot believe those boys.



At Pine Valley Hospital, Angie hangs up her phone.


ANGIE: Sorry about that. Jesse and dinner. Usually a thing he can’t find.


RYAN: (laughs) That’s fine. Anyways, I had not thought of that, yet.


ANGIE: This is a situation where there are a lot of things to take in.


RYAN: I had completely put that transplant in the back of my mind.


ANGIE: It just makes me wonder. These test say that the woman in that examination room is Gillian. But, her heart sits inside Laura English. So, what is going on?


RYAN: I have an idea.


ANGIE: What?


RYAN: Let’s just go to the source herself.



At the Chandler Gatehouse, Stuart stands, and begins to pace.


SCOTT: Dad, what is it? You said that you had some bad news for me. I really do hate to break apart the feeling of the good news, but I need to know the other part of what you have to tell me. I can handle it.


Stuart stops pacing, and faces back at Scott.


STUART: (sighs) You do. You do need to know.


SCOTT: (standing) Alright, so what is it?


STUART: Your uncle Adam is dying. Well he will die, if I don’t give him one of my lungs. Your uncle does not want the transplant. Everyone else, including me wants it for him. But, he won’t hear of it.


SCOTT: Oh my god. Dad, I’m so sorry.


Scott walks to Stuart. The two embrace.



Back at the Slater Home, Kendall and Zach sit on the couch.


KENDALL: (sighs) Where did the time go? I mean, how did we become those parents who always wonder where their children are?


ZACH: I do not know where the time went. But, I do know the answer to your second question. We became those parents, because our boys grew up.


KENDALL: They cearintly did grow up. Gosh, it seems like only yesterday that we had to fight to get a babysitter for them.


ZACH: I will never understand how fast time goes. But, I will understand this. I have loved every second of our lives.


KENDALL: Those feelings are completely mutual. Ever since I met you, I knew that we were meant to be together.


ZACH: You bet I share those feelings. You are the life of my life Kendall Hart Slater. And, you always will be, the love of my life.


Kendall and Zach kiss.


ZACH: (sighs) So, how did Madison like your plans to revive Fusion with this perfume plan? Is she on board with you?


KENDALL: She is ready to go. She said that she loved it, and that she cannot wait to get to work. I cannot wait to work with her.


ZACH: Did she bring up everything that has been going on in Greenlee’s life? Did she ask you if Greenlee would become apart of this?


KENDALL: Actually, she did. She brought up Greenlee right away. I just don’t want Greenlee to be involved. I don’t think she is all there, yet. Losing a child is an unimaginable loss. And, the way it happened for her was just…


ZACH: Insane? Because, it was. What Annie did to all of Pine Valley was the worse things I have ever seen happen to this town.


KENDALL: She really did a number on all of us. But, Pine Valley is in healing. And, when this town heals, things only are bound to get better.



Back at Krystal’s Home, Jenny enters, as Krystal shuts the door.


KRYSTAL: (hugging Jenny) I have missed you, so darn much.


JENNY: I’ve missed you too mama.


The two come off the hug.


KRYSTAL: (sighs) So, what brings you here?


JENNY: Well, tomorrow is my sister’s funeral. I didn’t want to miss it. I would like to say my goodbyes to Marissa.


KRYSTAL: Thank you, for being here. It means so much to me, honey. You have no idea how much it means to me to see you.


JENNY: I’m happy to be here. I have missed you and this town so much. I am just ready to get back to everything Pine Valley is.


KRYSTAL: What does that mean, exactly?


JENNY: It means that I am staying here.


KRYSTAL: (laughs) Seriously?


JENNY: Yes! I am staying here. I bought a little apartment, and I even have a job interview, that is coming up very soon.


KRYSTAL: Thank you so much, for making my day a lot better. So, have you seen your father, yet? I know he would be happy to see you.


JENNY: Actually, you were my first stop.


KRYSTAL: Thank you for that. I needed you so much. Come on. Let’s break out all the unhealthy snacks, and catch up on life.


JENNY: Sounds good to me!


The two laugh, and walk off to the kitchen.



Back at David’s Penthouse, David is a little caught off guard. There is a slight silence that falls between him and Cara. David musters up a slight laugh.


CARA: What’s so funny?




CARA: How so?


DAVID: You come here. You spill feelings, and then you expect me to give you a return in reaction. Cara, I am so lost. That is what is funny about this whole thing. You said that you did not want to be with me, anymore. You said that I had hurt you so much, and that I was a bad guy. Cara, it has taken me so long to get over us. I am over us. You cannot just walk back into my life, and expect me to be fine with it.


CARA: David, I did say those things. You have me on that. But, this…, what I am doing here. This is all for the love I still feel for you, and our son. Yes, I will admit that like you, I shoved feelings down. I pretended to get over what we were. But, I can’t. I cannot do it.


DAVID: (sighs) Cara, I’m not sure that we can start something.


CARA: Why not?

DAVID: If we do, then you will be walking into a mess that I do not want you to walk into. I am doing so many things at the moment. So much, that you should not get involved in.


CARA: What are you doing? What are you doing that is so bad, that we cannot be an “us”? Go ahead, tell me.


David walks over to the door, and opens it. Cara walks with him.


DAVID: I think you should leave now.


CARA: David, don’t do this.


DAVID: Cara, I do not know what is going on with you, right now. But, this is not you. Listen, I have things to attend to. Please leave.


CARA: Okay. (sighs) I will bring Oliver over, tomorrow morning.


DAVID: Sounds good.


Cara walks out the door. David shuts the door, and lets out a sigh. He then takes out his phone, dials, and puts it up to his ear.


DAVID: Hey, Hector. This is me. Give me an update on JR.



Back at Tad and

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Back at Tad and Dixie’s Home, Tad puts his arm around Dixie.


TAD: You want another baby?


DIXIE: Okay, I know that it seems crazy, but I just feel like we have an empty nest. Kathy is doing fashion in New York. Adam and I’s son JR is JR. Your children Damon and Jamie are out there in the world living their lives. And, you said Krystal spoiled Jenny being back.


TAD: I understand where you are coming from.


DIXIE: (laughs) I was hoping you would.


TAD: I have an answer for you.


DIXIE: What would that be?


TAD: I would love to have a child with you.


Dixie laughs joyfully, as she hugs and kisses Tad.


DIXIE: When do you want to start?


TAD: How about right now?


Tad kisses Dixie passionately.



Back at the Chandler Gatehouse, Stuart and Scott come off of their hug.


STUART: I am so sorry to drop this on you like I did.


SCOTT: Dad, it is alright. All I want to know is if you are alright.


STUART: I am doing fine. It just frustrating. I am trying to get Adam to understand that this is a good idea. He won’t listen to me, or anyone else.


SCOTT: So, you are willing to donate your lung?


STUART: Of course I am. I love my brother, and I want him to survive. I do not want him to die of this disease. All it takes is a simple surgery.


SCOTT: Who else knows?


STUART: Brooke, Marian, and I are the only ones who know. And, now you. I appreciate it if you would keep it quiet, for now.


SCOTT: Of course I will. But, I hope you know that I do have to tell Madison. I do not keep secrets from my wife.


STUART: Of course I understand about that.


SCOTT: I love you dad.


STUART: I love you too, son. I love you too.



At Pine Valley Hospital, Angie and Ryan are walking to Gillian’s examination room.


RYAN: I’m interested to see what she has to say about this.


ANGIE: (sighs) Me too.

Upon Angie opening the door, her and Ryan are in shock.


ANGIE: Oh my gosh.


RYAN: Oh my gosh.


ANGIE: She’s gone.



In a rental car, Gillian is driving on a country road.


GILLIAN: I knew this was a bad idea. I just knew it.


As Gillian continues to drive, a sign shows up on the right side of the road. It reads:






***FADE OUT***

***END OF EP. 37***

Edited by Y&Rbiggestfan

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