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AMC #36 - Kendall Offers Madison A Business Proposition + Colby & Asher Voice Their Concerns



All My Children - Episode 36

Created By: Agnes Nixon

Executive Producer: Dawn Hayes

Directed By: Jill Ackles


A new night has fallen upon Pine Valley. At ConFusion, Caleb, Liza, Colby, and Asher all have coffee in front of them.


LIZA: That was a lovely meal.


CALEB: Yes, it was. So, son you have been awfully quiet.


LIZA: I have to say the same about you, daughter.


ASHER: I think that Colby and I are still in shock.


COLBY: Gosh, I guess I will be agreeing with you more and more, tonight.


LIZA: Why you guys so shocked over this?


ASHER: (sighs) I guess because we never saw this coming.



At Fusion Offices, Madison enters. Kendall walks over to her.


KENDALL: Thank you for coming so quickly.


MADISON: Well, your text sounded pretty urgent. What’s up?


KENDALL: I have a business proposition for you.



At Pine Valley Hospital, Ryan, Gillian, and Angie enter an examination room.


RYAN: Angie, I cannot thank you enough for doing this so quickly.


ANGIE: Of course. Anything for a close friend. So, what can I do for you?


RYAN: Well, this woman claims that we were married.


GILLIAN: We were.


ANGIE: Wow. Ryan I knew you got around back in the day…


RYAN: Very funny. Listen I need a DNA test.


ANGIE: Okay. Why would you need a DNA test?


RYAN: Because, not only does this woman claim that she was my wife, she claims that she is Gillian. She claims David Hayward brought her back.


Angie is in complete shock.




At David’s Penthouse, Cara knocks on the door. David opens it.




CARA: Hey.


DAVID: What brings you by?


CARA: Well, we need to talk.


DAVID: About what?





At the Gatehouse on Chandler property, Stuart enters, as Scott shuts the door behind them. The two men walk into the living area.


SCOTT: Dad! This is a welcomed surprise!


STUART: Well, I had to visit you. You seem so busy, lately.


SCOTT: Yeah, sorry about that.


STUART: Don’t be sorry about that, son. It is fine.


SCOTT: So, what brings you by?


STUART: Well, there is good news and bad news.


SCOTT: Good and bad. Bad and good. Interesting.

STUART: Well, you get to pick what you want first.


SCOTT: I’ll take good any day.



Back at Fusion Offices, Madison is flipping through a file.


KENDALL: As you can see, I have laid out a full business plan. If we stick with it, then we can project very big sales in one quarter. Lord only knows the money we would make in two whole quarters of business.


MADISON: Wow, this is a very good business plan.


Madison sets the file on the conference table.


KENDALL: Thank you.


MADISON: So, instead of going to Greenlee, why did you come to me?


KENDALL: Well, you are very smart Madison. And, Greenlee still has a lot going on. I have heard from Ryan that she won’t even get out of bed some days.


MADISON: Gosh, that is just awful.


KENDALL: It really is.


MADISON: You know what? I will join you! I would love to sink my teeth into a brand new project. Plus, this perfume you are going to sell with me looks wonderful.


KENDALL: It will be.


MADISON: So, when do we start?


KENDALL: Right now!


The two laugh, and begin working.



Back at ConFusion, Caleb is paying the check for dinner.


LIZA: So, (sighs) why do you two seem to say that you didn’t see this coming?


COLBY: I think what Asher was hinting at was the Erica Kane issue.

CALEB: We have moved passed that.


ASHER: (sighs) I don’t think so.


CALEB: What do you mean?


ASHER: Dad, I came back because of you. You said that you were completely at your lowest, and that you needed help from me.


CALEB: And, you gave me all the help that I needed, and then some. Liza and I have fixed our problems. Now, we are looking towards the future as man and wife.


COLBY: Are you and my mom only together, because she got shot?


LIZA: Colby!


COLBY: It is a fair question.


LIZA: No! None of these questions have been fair. Caleb and I organized this dinner, so you two could be happy for us. That is what I hoped would happen. Now, if you cannot be happy for us, then tough. We are sticking this out. We both love one another.


CALEB: Liza is right. Liza is the best thing that ever happened to me. We do truly love one another. Sure, we hit a bump in the road, but all of that is taken care of now. And, I am with her. If you two cannot be happy for us, then tough.


COLBY: (sighs) I know I can be stubborn. I just wanted to have all of the t’s crossed, and all the I’s dotted. Mom, you have never had it easy when it come to love. I just wanted to be sure that you were making the right decision.


ASHER: Same goes here, dad. I love you very much. Colby and I just wanted to make sure that you guys were not only doing this, because of Liza almost losing her life.


LIZA: We got married out of love and forgiveness.


CALEB: Could not have said it better myself.


COLBY: (raising a glass of water) Then here is to Pine Valley’s couple of the century.


ASHER: Here, here!


LIZA: Century. I like the sound of that.


CALEB: I do too, my love.


Caleb and Liza kiss.



Back at David’s Penthouse, Cara enters, as David shuts the door. The two walk into the living room area.


DAVID: So, what do you want to talk about concerning us?


CARA: Well, I was hoping that we could talk about there being an us.


DAVID: Excuse me?


CARA: David, Oliver is growing up. He is. And, with that growing up comes so much emotion in life. He needs to know that both of his parents will be there for him.


DAVID: What are you saying Cara?


CARA: Listen, we have been through the ringer. We have both hurt one another, but I am tired of hurting. I am tired of the pain.


DAVID: What does that mean…?


CARA: It means I want to be with you.



Back at the Chandler Gatehouse, Stuart and Scott sit down on the sofa.


SCOTT: So, you wanted to give me some good news?


STUART: You bet I did.


SCOTT: What is it?


STUART: Back when Marian and I married in 1999, I felt that I never gave her the wedding that I should have. So, I proposed marriage again. We will be getting married again.


SCOTT: Dad, that is fantastic!


STUART: It truly is.


The two share a hug.

SCOTT: You and Marian have always been meant to be.


STUART: I like to think so.


SCOTT: So, I hate to bring it up in this time of happiness. But, you did say that you have some bad news going on in your life. What’s happening?



Back at Pine Valley Hospital, Ryan is in the lobby.


RYAN: (on the phone) Greenlee, I am almost done here. Don’t worry about dinner, babe. I will get that all taken care of.


Ryan sees Angie walking up to him.


RYAN: Hey, here comes Angie now. Gotta go. Love you too. Bye.


Ryan hangs up the phone.




ANGIE: Hello.


Ryan sees that Angie has a manilla envelope in hand.


RYAN: Is that the test results?


ANGIE: These are it.


RYAN: And…?


ANGIE: It is her. The test confirm.


RYAN: Oh my god.


ANGIE: But, there is one question that hasn’t been raised yet.



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RYAN: More questions?




RYAN: What is this question?


ANGIE: Well, I was thinking when I saw the outcome of these test results.


RYAN: What were you thinking about?


ANGIE: Gillian’s heart.


RYAN: Her heart?


ANGIE: Ryan, when Gillian supposedly died, her heart was given to Laura Kirk English. So, here is my question. If Laura has Gillian’s heart, then what does Gillian have?


Ryan is wondering the same thing, as the camera zooms in on his face.


***FADE OUT***

***END OF EP. 36***

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