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AMC #16: Marian Reveals ALL About Annie



All My Children - Episode #16

Created By: Agnes Nixon

Written By: Casey Hutchison



Adam: What?

Stuart: (Laughs) Adam, I know you are working with him.

Adam: What is that supposed to mean?

Stuart: I know that you are working with David Hayward.

Adam: Listen here!

Stuart: Don't you talk to me like that. You haven't heard what I am going to say, yet.

Adam: What is that supposed to mean?



Greenlee and Ryan enter. Marian is looking out the window.

Ryan: Marian.

Greenlee: Hello?

She turns around.

Marian: I know why you are here.

Greenlee: You do?

Marian: Yes. Please sit.

They all sit.

Ryan: So, you know what happened with Annie?

Marian: I do. But, I need something first.

Greenlee: Anything.

Marian: You have to promise to believe me.

Ryan: Why wouldn't we?

Marian: Because, what I am about to tell you, might seem odd.

Greenlee and Ryan are wondering what could seem so odd about Annie.




Emma is sleeping on the bed. Annie goes into the bathroom.

Woman: Please let us go. My daughter and I won't speak a word.

Annie: You don't get it. Do you?

Woman: What do you mean?

Annie: You are the mom of my daughter's best friend. Greenlee and Ryan think that Emma is spending a whole week with you guys. That buys me some time. Just think of yourself as an insurance policy.

Woman: Lady...

Annie: Who knows? I might let you go.

Annie shuts the door.



Zack and Kendall are on the couch.

Kendall: I am shocked that the boys fell asleep that fast. After taking them to see Jurassic World, let's just say that ice cream took their sugar high to a whole new level. It's amazing how fast it can happen.

Zack: Yes it is.

Kendall's phone rings.

Zack: Do you really have to answer that?

Kendall: I do. It might be Jackson or Binx, with an update on my mom.

Zack: (Sighs) True.

Kendall answers her phone.

Kendall: Hello? Hello? Hello? (Static on the phone) Listen here, the police are after you. So, whoever this is, I've already taken care of you as an issue. Do you understand me?

Kendall hangs up. They both stand.

Zack: Dammit!

Kendall: I can't take this. I don't have time for this.

Zack: I know.

Kendall: So, what are we going to do?

Zack: We will go to Jesse.

Kendall: Okay. I have to call Rosie. See if she can babysit.

Zack: Okay.

Kendall: Be sure to grab my purse.



Adam eats a bowl of bar nuts.

Adam: You still haven't said what you need to.

Stuart: I thought you would have figured something out by now.

Adam: No, I haven't.

Stuart: Adam, I'll keep your secret. On one condition.

Adam: I'm listening.

Stuart: Marian is getting released soon.

Adam: Really?

Stuart: Yes.

Adam: What does my secret have to do with her?

Stuart: You are going to keep her here. Let her live at the Chandler Mansion, and your secret is not blown sky high. So, what is it going to be? Will you let me keep your secret, as you keep Marian here?

Adam: I'll take you up on that brother.

Stuart: Let's shake on it. After all, that's how you do real deals.

The two shake hands.



Kendall, Zack, and Jesse enter. They sit down.

Jesse: So, the stalker didn't say anything?

Kendall: Exactly.

Zack: He or she just keeps sending these static, weird calls.

Jesse: So, no text? Threatening voice mails or emails?

Kendall: Nope. Jesse, it is really starting to worry me.

Jesse: Kendall, that's normal.

Zack: (Sighs)

Jesse: Kendall, hand me your phone.

Kendall: Okay.

Kendall hands over the phone.

Zack: What are you doing?

Jesse is taking out chips and wires.

Jesse: The things I am taking out can be used to track. I am going to see if the same thing can happen with tracking the stalker. It is unlikely, but it just might work. Do you mind if I keep this stuff?

Kendall: No problem. I can pick up a burner. Not a problem.

Zack: Thanks Jesse.

Jesse: Of course.



Angie is at the front desk. She is looking Opal's chart. She can't help but worry for Opal. Is one of Pine Valley's best really dying? She is worried, but knows she can't stop doing her work. THEN...

Angie: What is this?

She sees something odd in the chart.

Angie: Oh my goodness.

Angie gets a phone.

Angie: Tad, this is Angie. Get Opal to the hospital, now!



Greenlee and Ryan are intrigued.

Marian: Annie, was released about six months ago. She wanted to revamp her life. I said that I know of this motel on Cryer street. It isn't much. But, it is cheap. So, she thought about it. She would call me. She checked up on the comings and goings of Oak Haven. One day, she told me about her plan to redeem herself, and take what is rightfully hers. But, I..., I..., I, think she has gotten out of control.

Greenlee: What do you mean?

Marian: She talked about taking Emma.

Ryan: What!?

Ryan stands with Greenlee.

Marian: I hope that I didn't upset you.

Greenlee: It is fine Marian. Thank you.

Marian: Of course dear. Bye.

Greenlee and Ryan go out to the hall.

Ryan: We have to go to that hotel room.

Greenlee: We can't.

Ryan: What do you mean?

Greenlee: We have to get the police with us.

Ryan: You're right. You're right.

Greenlee: We'll get Emma back. And, I'll kill this bitch. I promise you that.

Greenlee and Ryan hold hands, and walk down the hall.


Announcer: On The Next "All My Children"

Angie: It is bad news.


Stuart: I'm going to pick her up.


Jesse: What's the news, Brot?


J.R.: I'm here to see my son.


Amanda: I have some news to share with you.



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I'm surprised that Stuart has made this deal with Adam. Should be a fun turn of events when Marian gets out though.

Annie cracks me up. It would be her to do the insane thing of kidnapping Emmas friends family whoa re suppose to be away to make it look like Emma really is away. I quite like this story. My favorite atm.

Hmmm the mystery with Kendalls stalker continues. I do wonder who it could be and why..

Marian telling all to Ryan and Greenlee. Greenlee sure getting feisty at the end. I cant help but want to root for Annie in this though.

The stories are starting to get quite interesting

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