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Epi. 7: Gala Disaster part 1

JM Fanfiction


Created By: Agnes Nixon

Written By: Josh Manning


Shows Karen sitting on the couch drinking coffee when she sees her son Noah walking in from the hallway

Karen- well good morning. I take it as your flight got in late last night

Noah- oh yeah it did

Karen- well did you get enough sleep last night?

Noah- yeah I got plenty of sleep.

Karen- well I'm surprised considering I heard you talking on the phone until like two this morning. So tell me who is this person that you have so much time to talk too.

Noah- just a friend

Karen- A friend. Is this friend a guy or a girl

Noah- mom!

Karen- Well I'd like to know. I'd like to think that you are finally looking to move on after what happened in Toronto.

Noah- I have moved on sense then. I was in a happy relationship with a guy while living in London.

Karen- remind me again why that ended?

Noah- he wasn't ready to come out to his parents.

Karen- and what about the person that you were on the phone with last night.

Noah- he's thought about it but he's part of a really big named family and his parents are some what well known people here in Llanview

The doorbell goes off and Karen gets up to answer the door and when she opens the door she has a shocked look on her face as it is her husband Steve Peirmont



Viki is walking through the room looking over the menu for the gala later this evening when her phone goes off

Viki- Joey! Hey sweetheart! I'm good, yeah just getting some last minute things done for the Gala tonight. So your catching your flight in a few correct.

Joey- Turn around

Viki turns around and she sees Joey standing there, She rushes over and hugs him

Joey- Don't squeeze to tight mother or you'll be saying goodbye to me next.

Viki- Oh I'm just so happy that you are here. So where's Kelly?



Shows Dani in her pajama's walking into the living room when he stops dead in her tracks and sees that their are roses sitting on the coffee table and Nate is down on one knee

Dani- Nate! What are you doing?

Nate- Dani I have loved you ever since the first moment that I laid eyes on you. I have always loved you. Yes I may have done some stupid things along the way but we have worked through them and I believe that we are ready to take the next step so... Danielle Manning will you marry me?

Dani- Nate please get up.

Nate- Is something wrong?

Dani- yeah Nate there is something wrong? All of this is wrong.

Nate- what me buying you nice roses and proposing to you is wrong? I thought that's what all girl's wanted.

Dani- yes we do but I'm too young to get married.

Nate- your not too young.

Dani- and besides I'm not even sure that I ever want to get married or if I'll be any good at it.

Nate- so what you're saying is that you won't marry me?

Dani- yes!

Nate- okay.

Nate grabs his keys and walks out of the apartment

Dani- Nate! Nate wait!

The door closes



Joey- Uh... Kelly is going to be here later she took a later flight than what I did.

Viki- Oh okay but she will be here for the Gala?

Joey- yes mother and we have a surprise for you, well actually more than one.

Viki- Oh really well what are the surprises

Joey- you'll just have to wait and see. But I've got to run. I need to go and pick up a few things before the Gala tonight

Joey kisses Viki on the cheek and walks out of the room. Viki's phone goes off and she answers it.

Viki- Jessica! Hey where are you I thought you'd be here by now? Oh you can't make it. Well you staying in Hawaii and taking care of Ryder while he is sick is more important than being here for the Gala. Okay I'll talk to you soon.



PJ- I still can't wrap my head around the fact that you live in this big of place

Starr- well it's more of a family home.

PJ- yeah like i know so much about family.

Starr- listen um... about yesterday when my sister Dani asked about that scar I didn't know she was going to do that.

PJ- nah don't worry about it. It's okay I should of known people are going to ask where it came from.

Starr- Well if you don't mind me asking how did you get that bad of a scar?

PJ- me, my parents, my little brother Ollie and my older sister Ella well... we all lived in this small two bedroom apartment and my dad was a drunk. So one day my mom got tired of his drinking and she left. She didn't try and take us kids or anything, all she cared about was herself.

Starr- I'm sure she had her reasons. But how did your dad take it?

PJ- He got drunk like always and he decided to cook something on the stove. He is so damn drunk to realize that their is a pot of grease sitting on the stove and... it just blows.

PJ has a tear go down his face

Starr- Oh my god... I am so sorry. Did your siblings make it out?

PJ- yeah but now without have that memory of what our poor excuse of a father did to us.



Karen- Steve! Oh I am so happy to see you.

Steve- I have missed you so much. Hey Noah!

Noah nods at Steve

Steve- This is the first time you've seen your father in three years and all I get is a nod

Noah- yeah pretty much, Well I've got some where's I've got to be.

Karen- Oh and where's that?

Noah- any place but here.

Noah grabs his jacket and opens the front door

Karen- But you are still going to the Gala tonight?

Noah- yeah I'll be there

Noah walks out of the apartment and closes the door behind him

Steve- what was all that about?

Karen- Think real hard Steve and I bet you'll figure it out!



Shows Clint sitting on the couch when he hears the front door open and he sees Kevin standing there

Clint- well isn't this a surprise, I wasn't exspecting you back into town until later tonight

Clint and Kevin hug

Kevin- Well Joey and I caught an earlier flight

Clint- Joey's in town as well?

Kevin- yeah he went over to visit mom

Clint- good that will give us some time to talk

Kevin- about what?

Clint- you and Karen running BM!



Bo is talking on the phone when Nora walks into the office

Bo- Yeah i need all the security that I can have on hand for tonight's event. Good get them all there.

Bo hangs up the phone and sits down in his chair

Nora- Is something going on?

Bo- this letter was under my door and it's a letter threatning to attack someone at the Gala tonight

Nora- well do you think someone actually will?

Bo- I don't know that's why I'm having all this extra security for tonight's event



Shows Noah walking down the hallway as he walks up to the door. Noah knocks on the door and Matthew opens the door and kisses Noah as some snaps a picture. Noah walks into the apartment as they continue to kiss.



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