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Exodus #2



The exits continue to roll on The Young and the Restless.

Over the last few weeks we saw the exits of Debbie Morgan’s Harmony whom left town after learning her daughter Anna only 16 is pregnant. Harmony left town to care for Anna and her new grandchild.

Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson, “Billy” and “Chloe” respectively have effectively been written out of the series. Billy and Chloe left town with Delia so they can be a family in Sochi, Russia after Victoria came home from Japan and caught Billy and Chloe in bed together resulting.

In a shocking twist, Tucker McCall also met his demise in episode 126. After months and months of planning to take his mother Katherine out via making her go insane and then gaining control of Chancellor Industries and Newman Enterprises as Kay had control of Newman, has back fired on him in the worst possible way, meeting his maker crashing into the ground from 24th story window at Newman Tower.

Kay has also been written out which reflects her death in real life.

“We continue to trim the cast down to tell broader stories” Headwriter ML Cooks statement to the press read.

Over the last few months we saw the exits of Ashely, Harmony, Tucker, Billy and Chloe. Many are now wondering who will be next.

ML Cooks gave a teaser stating that even more exits are on the horizon!!

Stay Tuned…..

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