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The Women of Verdon Lou! #128



Genoa City Memorial.

imagesCACOGM06_zps86515432.jpgJack appeals to Olivia

“Are you sure there isn’t anything we can do for Katherine? I’ll fly in the best doctors in the world. Cost is not an issue here.

Olivia2_zpscfa26be8.pngOlivia: I’m sorry Jack. The best doctors in the world can’t save Kay from this. Only a miracle.

Jill: My God this can’t be happening. How long do we have with her?

Olivia: Not long I’m afraid. If you will excuse I have to see other patients.” Olivia walks away and sees Devon sitting by himself away from the crowd. She approaches him.

Olivia: I’m very sorry Devon.

imagesCA0LEUUJ_zps0a469630.jpgDevon: Tucker and now Kay. I don’t know what to think. I don’t know how to feel about of all this. Katherine was the sweetest person I know. How did all of this happen?

Jill to Jack

“I got phone calls to make. I should call Philip.”

Jack: So do I. I’ll stay here, Jill you go get yourself cleaned up and get Kay’s friends here. It’s time to say our good byes to Katherine.” Jill just sobs when she hears that last statement from Jack.

Jill: This is not goodbye Jack. Kay will survive this” She says trying desperately to believe in some hope.

Jack holds her as he fights back tears.

imagesCA3MTMVG_zpseec6324d.jpgEpisode 128: The Women of Verdon Lou

Produced by ML Cooks

Written by ML Cooks with C Nate Richardson

Creative Consults: C Nate Richardson, Martin Saenz with Fuasto Montes

Outside Genoa City, Verdon Lou.hauntedpic1.jpg Sheila walks into her cabin and checks on her mystery patient. She checks the patients vitals, charts them then puts the chart down and walks into the front area of the cabin where she is holding Dru and Sharon hostage.

inl.jpgSheila: Hi bitches!

0soapoprahsharon.jpgSharon: Sheila please. You can’t keep doing this. My daughter needs me. I’m sure Nick and the rest of the Newman’s are looking for me.

Sheila looks at Dru.

Sheila: Who’s looking for you Dru?

thumbnailCAJVCBE3-1.jpgDru: Yo momma.

Sheila: You are so comical Drucilla. I’m glad I took you captive. Things aren’t boring around here.

Dru: Whatever.

Sheila: You ready for your physical therapy?

Dru: Oh now you want to help me walk again after you shot me? That’s a great idea. Help me walk again hoe so I can whoop yo ass. How does that sound?

Sheila pulls out her gun and aims it at Dru.

“Some times that mouth really gets on my nerves. It’s too much. And it’s making me mad and you are not going to like it when I’m mad.

Dru: I don’t like you no kind of way. Not worried bout you Bitch. You got us tied up. You not gone like me when I get free. I’m telling you, you got the right one. I’m not no Lauren Fenmore, girl you made a mistake kidnapping a sista’.

Sheila: I’m in control here and I got all the power. Why can’t you be a good obedient hostage like sweet pretty Sharon here” She says as she caresses Sharon’s face.

Dru: Just let us go. You can’t keep us in here forever. How you gone support two people and a mystery patient. Who’s back there any way? Who you got as a patient slash hostage back there.

Sheila smiles at them both

“If you only knew.”

Jill walks into the Athletic Club. She sees Nikki at a table with an orange juice about to sip until Jill interrupts her.

imagesCA946KAL_zps27ce0620.jpgJill: Is that really just orange juice? Or did you add a little something extra to get through your day?

imagesCADOJX4K_zpsf59708be.jpgNikki: Go to hell Jill! I don’t drink anymore.

Jill: Sounds like you need a drink…You haven’t heard about Kay?

Nikki: I did. I assume she’s alright.

Jill: Actually no. It’s very serious and Tucker McCall is dead. Kay may not survive this.

Nikki: Yea right Jill. You are so over the top.

Jill: At least you can quit being selfish for a moment in time to go see Kay. I’m trying to gather everyone up. Philip and Chance are flying in.

Nikki: Enjoy your family reunion.

Jill: What is the matter with you? When did you become so cold and unfeeling?

Nikki: I’m busy Jill. Thanks for stopping by now have a good day.

Jill is amazed. “I really can’t believe you. You and Kay were so close for years. Almost like mother and daughter. And this is how you feel now?

Nikki: And that just eats away at you doesn’t it Jill. That Kay and I were so close and you two never were. Even when you thought you were her daughter. Still didn’t come close to Kay and I huh?

Jill takes Nikki’s glass of orange juice and throws it in Nicki’s face and then walks away. Nikki is shocked and embarrassed as everyone looks at her. She begins to pat herself dry.

Nina arrives at the hospital. She sees her son Ronan talking with Olivia. She walks over to him.

Nina2_zpse9517a22.pngNina: Ronan what happened? I heard something about Katherine.

1525soapoprah.jpgRonan: It’s not good at all. Tucker McCall is dead and Katherine had a massive stroke.

Nina: Oh my gosh. This is terrible.” Nina gives Ronan a hug.

Nina: I need to call Chance he needs to be here.

“Don’t bother I already called him. He’s on his way back to Genoa City from Germany.” Jill says approaching on the scene

Nina: Why didn’t you call me? Chance is my son you know.

Jill: Really Nina? At a time like this?

Nina: Really Jill. You always like to undermine me. What about Philip? Does he know?

Jill: Yes Nina. Of course I told my son about Katherine.

Nina: Is he flying into GC?

Jill: Yes Nina why?

Nina: Because I want to know if the father of my son is flying into town. Jesus Christ Jill.” Nina says to Jill before walking away.

Murphy sits outside of Kay’s room. Paul walks over to him

DougDavidson-PaulWilliams-1.jpgPaul: Ok Murphy. I think it’s time you and I had a talk. Now I hate to do this but we can talk here or at the station I’m leaving it up to you. Clearly something fowl happened. Tucker is dead and Kay had a stroke that she might not survive from. Now I want answers.

imagesCAKVWJL0_zpsb2de2051.jpgMurphy: Slow down Paul. I’ll tell you everything you want to know.

Paul: Good let’s start from the beginning.

Murphy: It was all Tucker’s fault. He was out to get Kay and I found out about it. I told Kay and we came up with a plan to give him a taste of his own medicine and it went horribly wrong.

Paul: Murphy this doesn’t look good for you my friend.

imagesCAYYKHKJ_zpsbcadb64e.jpgDevon walks into the hospital morgue. He takes a deep breath and wishes he hadn’t after getting a good whiff of death. He sees a body bag on a table and wonders if it’s Tucker. He walks over to it and slowly unzips it. Devon is horrified at the site as it is Tucker but his head is busted open and guts, rather full on brains are hanging out from the crack of his head. brains_zpsf030aed6.png

Devon turns around and vomits. He then leaves the morgue only to run into Abby.

A code blue is called for Kay’s room. Olivia and nurses rush into Kay’s room. Murphy, Jack, and Esther all gather round her room to see what is going on. Paul stands back from the scene giving Murphy his space. Ronan walks over to him

Ronan: Did you get any answers from Murphy yet?

Paul: Somewhat, This is not good Ronan. Not good for Murphy at all. He told me a few things but he is holding a lot back.

Ronan: Only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

In Bay City. Cory Publishing. Iris is in her executive office watching the film of Tucker in Victor’s office over and over again as it is on replay.

Iris_zps1b74eb5f.pngIris: This was not supposed to happen. Now Tucker is dead. What the hell happened? And I got all the footage on tape. I have to get those cameras out of that office before the investigation begins or I’ll be implicated in what happened and for sure I will lose Cory Publications. I cannot let that happen.” She makes a call.

“I need you to get back to Genoa City and remove all the cameras you guys installed… I don’t care about the police just make it happen before the police begin their ponder her role in Tucker’s death.

Back in Wisconsin from Illinois,

Nikki walks into the waiting area of GC Memorial. She sees Jill, Murphy, and Esther all huddled together. She walks over to them.

Nikki: Ok where is the old bat? I’m here to see Kay.” They all turn around, teary eyed.

Jill: You’re too late. Kay is gone………

You can follow Iris's story in Bay City right here at SON on Back to Another World, Written and produced by C. Nate Richardson.


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Well that was a...lovely image. Not surprised Devon threw up!

Loving this new story with Sharon, Dru, and Sheila. This is gonna be GREAT.

Interesting to see Iris involved. Loving the crossover already. Great show! I'm excited to see what's coming up!

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That was a very graphic image...I'm about to throw up myself...lol

Is Dru comic relief? That was funny. Sheila seems to like Sharon.

So Iris already knows about Tucker's death...okay..I now have to work with that...

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