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Tucker vs Murphy! (The Plan) #126



Nikki’s Suite at the GCAC, Nikki gets a knock on her door and then opens it up and sees Katherine. Nikki pauses looking at her one time good friend.

thCAJJMEER.jpgKatherine: This has gone on long enough young lady.

imagesCADOJX4K_zpsf59708be.jpgNikki: You have aligned with Victor. You have taken away my children’s birth right. I’m not supposed to be upset by that?

Kay: It was a business deal between me and Victor. It was not intended to take away Nick and Victoria’s birth right. This would have never happened if Victor hadn’t gone to jail. If he ever gets out he gets Newman back therefore your children’s birth right.

Nikki: It shouldn’t have happened. I’m a new woman Kay. That new woman is anti-Victor Newman. I’m no longer a push over or a punching bag for Victor. You saved his ass yet again by helping him in this sordid deal that you take control of his company in case he was disposed of. You should have suggested he leave it in the family. Now I really don’t have time for this. You wasted your time coming here.” Nikki then slams the door in Kay’s face. Kay is stunned. She looks around and then back and forth. She shakes her head and then leaves.

The_Young_and_the_Restless_logo_on_CBS_1973_zps969ce30d.pngEpisode 126: Tucker vs. Murphy! (The Plan)

Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Written and Produced by ML Cooks

Creative Consult: C Nate Richardson

Story Consult: Martin Saenz

Medical Consult: Fuasto Montes

Genoa City Nights, Bar

Cane and Malcolm walk in.

thCAZ0S40L.jpgCane: I’ve never been here before.

thCAHSGZDS.jpgMalcolm: A slick lil’ spot here in midtown I came across one night. Pool, drinks, jazz music. Just a chillaxed place to be.

Cane: Anything beats being back in the outback.

Malcolm: What’s that bro?” He says as they sit at the bar and order a pitcher of beer.

Cane: Man, your place. It’s nasty as hell. I called a cleaning lady to come clean it up for you.

Malcolm chuckles. “Thanks man. How are the twins doing?”

Cane: Getting bigger every day. They are with the sitter.

Malcolm: Have you heard from Lily?

Cane: No. Not since she left for Japan.

Malcolm: Same here man. I bet Neil is behind that. Neil wants to control everything.

Cane: So what happened? How’d you end up getting arrested?

Malcolm: Neil. He’s out to get me. Now he making moves on Leslie. First he kept my daughter from me for all these years. Then he stole Sophia from me, took Moses from me. Now Leslie. I can’t stand him. I can never be happy with him around.

Cane: I’m not a fan of Neil myself. But he had no idea bout Lily.

Malcolm: I don’t care about none of that man. As far as I’m concerned Neil is the blame for everything. I hate that man Cane. I swear to God I do. I could have killed him last night.” He says drinking his third beer. Cane is taken aback at Malcolm’s hatred towards Neil. Then Cane gets a text. He looks at his phone. It’s from Avery.

“I’m hungry”

Cane smiles. He text back. “I got what you need. Meet me at my place in an hour. Kids at the sitters for the night. I’ve missed you.”

Malcolm starts on his fourth beer. He looks at Cane

“I’m going to kill Neil.”

Chancellor Estate. Kay arrives

thumbnailCATYS74J.jpgShe walks over to the window and looks at her garden. A smile blooms on her face as hints of spring are apparent after a severely harsh winter. Murphy then walks in.

Kay turns around to look at him.

imagesCAKVWJL0_zpsb2de2051.jpgMurphy: It’s done my love. I put the new lock on Victors’ door last night after I left Tucker’s place to make sure he was there. Now it’s your turn my darling to do the next step in the plan.

Kay: Are you and Victor sure about this?

Murphy: Never been surer of anything in my life. I’ll meet you at our agreed upon hiding spot at Newman and wait for you there.”

Kay: Ok” Then Kay pulls out her cell phone as Murphy leaves.

Kay: Hello Tucker. I need to see you at Victor Newman‘s office.

Tucker: Woah Woah wait…Is everything ok? You don’t sound yourself.

Kay: No I’m not. I’ve come to a major decision, it involves my retirement and it will affect you.

Tucker is absolutely floored over the news at Katherine’s retirement.

Kay: So meet me at Newman Tower. Victor’s office.

Tucker: Uh, why there? I’m not sure it’s such a good idea. Let’s meet at the Club.

Kay: What’s wrong with Victor’s office Tucker?

Tucker: Uh- Uh Nothing. I’ll meet you there soon.” Tucker smiles from ear to ear.

He quickly calls Iris.

“Hey darlin’ you’re not going to be able to grasp this one. My old mother is finally throwing in the towel. I may not need that toxic office or reality show about Katherine’s going mad after all. This was all too easy. Well maybe except for the fact I have to meet her at Victor’s office. “

Iris: Won’t that be dangerous for you?

Tucker: I guess a few minutes won’t be too bad in Victor’s toxic office. I can hurry Katherine up or move her to the hall way so I won’t breathe in those lethal fumes. I’m about to get my mother’s empire handed to me on a silver platter.”

Iris: And I’ll have a front seat to this iconic meeting with the camera’s I had my team install. “

Tucker: Got to go get my empire. Talk to you soon. “He hangs up his phone and grabs his coat and leaves.

The Airport. Billy grabs the airplane tickets. As he walks over to Chloe with Delia. He sees a wailing Esther.

a894db85_zpsc0dd912f.jpgEsther: I’m going to miss you guys so much. Make sure you call and write.

Delia: Miss you too grandma.” Delia hugs her. Chloe also hugs her mother.

Chloe: I love you mom. I’ll be back one day.

Esther: You take care of my girls Billy.

Billy: I will.

“Flight 1107 Genoa City to Sochi boarding now. “

Billy: That’s us.

Esther: Russia? Are you crazy?

Billy: In love with Chloe and my family.penthouse5.png

Billy hand in hand with Delia walk towards their gate leaving Genoa City. Esther waves good bye as she sobs.

“I am losing my Kate and my granddaughter. This is the fault of the Newman’s. I won’t let them get away with this.”

Newman Tower, 24 floor. Tucker enters Victor’s office but doesn’t see anyone.

LlsHDNXzQr2OtKzyC9GISg3777soapoprah.jpgTucker: Funny.” Then he hears the door slam behind him.

Outside Murphy looks the door on Tucker with the new lock he had placed on it.

Kay: Murphy I don’t like this one bit.

Murphy: Watch how he comes out this office after I let him out. He did something in there to make you sick.

Inside. Tucker begins to cough and choke. He walks over to the door and tries to open it. He realizes it’s locked. He begins to pound on it. Tucker eyes begin to water up. He begins to get confused and dazed. His eye sight is blurred. His choking and coughing intensifies. He has an intense headache come on. In a state of panic trying to find a way out he accidentally pulls the fire alarm. The water from the sprinkler system mixes with the toxic paint and creates a foggy mist in the office. The mist creeps out the office door and Kay sees it.

“Alright I get the point I think we can let him out now. He’s had enough of his own medicine.” Murphy tries to unlock the door but it’s jammed.

Inside Tucker is going crazy hollering

“LET ME OUT OH HERE! KAY WHAT ARE YOU DOING? MOTHER WHY?”…. Tucker is trying to get air…. He is desperate and tries to ram his body weight into the door to try and open it. He cannot see and runs into the walls and office furniture. He injures his knees and stumbles. In another desperate attempt to obtain freedom he makes another charge blindly in any direction only this time he runs into the ceiling high windows and crashes out of it hollering all the way down to the ground until he stops as he crashes onto the hardened earth below.

Kay: Oh My God in heaven! Did you hear that! Get this door open Murphy! This went terribly wrong! My son! Dear God in heaven my son!

Murphy: I’m trying to! The damn thing is stuck!

Kay hollers for help but as she does she has a very sharp pain hit her in her head. She then grabs her chest.

Kay: What is happening? Murphy help me.” She says with slurred speech and loses control of her body as she begins to stumbles around.

Murphy: Katherine!!!” Before he can grab her she collapses to the ground. She is gasping for air and drool runs out her mouth.

Murphy: Katherine what is happening to you!?…. You’re having a stroke! NO…NO KATHERINE NO!!!”……….

Executive Producer: ML Cooks



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Aaaaand that's EXACTLY what I expected. HUGE backfire. Good work, Murphy.

AWESOME episode though. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Ty guys for reading. This "plan" will have far reaching ramifactions for a lot of people and ignites a lot of new storylines. So many angles to play and I plan to play on each of them. Get ready for a ride.

Stay Tuned..

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