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ANOTHER WORLD 116 Janice plots against Rachel




Janice plots against Rachel


Sharlene” (as Janice)blogentry-14971-0-90679400-1360263199_th watches Carlblogentry-14971-0-07203600-1360263242_th walk out of the house, and confronts Rachel.blogentry-14971-0-88126700-1360263257_th

Janice: What the hell did you just do to him?

Rachel: I beg your pardon?

Janice: Carl just stormed out of here like a bat out of hell.

Rachel: We just had a disagreement that’s all.

Janice: That looked more than just a difference of opinion. He looked really pissed off.

Rachel: Carl and I will work it out.

Janice: I’m sorry, I overstepped.

Rachel: It’s okay. Carl and I had a terrible fight and I took it out on you. I’m sorry.

Janice: It’s okay. What are friends for?


The role of Christy Carsonblogentry-14971-0-18817600-1360263273_th will now be played by Robin Mattson...


A few patients in their blue scrubs roam around in the rec room while Christy sits at a table, and an older man walks up to her…

Christy: Oh…Scooter.

Scooter: Hey pretty lady what’s going on?

Christy: We’re in a maximum security mental institution. What could possibly be happening?

Scooter: I know that, but I’m gonna ask you anyway.

Christy (rolling her eyes): I know.

Scooter: So are you gonna watch the news with me?

Christy: You ask me that every day.

Scooter: Come on pretty lady. Pleeease.

Scooter gets the remote and turns on the TV. It’s a news conference at Bay City Center.



Jackblogentry-14971-0-44858900-1360263298_th and Toniblogentry-14971-0-52535500-1360263311_th, both in their police uniform, are at a podium with a KBAY microphone on it.

Toni: Are you ready for the presser?

Jack (sarcastically): Yeah whoa I love them. I wonder why the Commissioner is asking us to go public with this.

Toni: Reginald Love’s death is high profile.

Jack: When I worked in Oakdale I didn’t have to do these things. Hal Munson did them.

Toni: Well you’re the Chief of Detectives now. You’ve got to handle them.

Jack: Here we go.

Jack approaches the podium, and Toni stands off to Jack’s left…



Christy and Scooter are looking at the television.

Scooter: Wait a minute…I know him.

Christy: Where do you know him from?

Scooter: He was there.





Jack looks around, and notices Paulinablogentry-14971-0-17675100-1360263338_th, who waves at him and smiles. Jack begins…

Jack: As many of you may already know, Reginald Love, a prominent Bay City Citizen, was found dead in his hotel room a couple of nights ago. His death is currently under investigation.

Press member #1: Are there any leads on the cause of death?

Jack: That is under investigation. There are no definitive results as yet.

Press member #2: How long is the suspect list?

Jack: The preliminaries of the investigation are ongoing, as soon as there are more details we will let you know. Thank you.

Jack and Toni leave the podium area…

Toni: I’m gonna head back to the station.

Jack: Okay.

Paulina approaches Jack…

Paulina: Nice job. You didn’t look too comfortable up there.

Then a young girlblogentry-14971-0-13149900-1360263358_th approaches him…

Young girl: I agree.

Jack: Sage! What are you doing here?

From a close distance, Grantblogentry-14971-0-89397700-1360263374_th watches them, and then he gets a phone call…

Grant: What do you have on Jack Snyder? (beat) Scooter Carruthers? What does he know?


Christy (curious): Where was he?

Scooter: It was a long time ago.

Christy: What are you talking about?

Scooter: It was cold that night. I asked if he was a cop and he said no. He promised me.

Christy: If he wasn’t a cop then what was he?

Scooter: He was there to help the girl. I gave her money.

Christy: Were you paying them off or something?

Scooter: Um..uh..I can’t tell you. He said he would never tell anyone.

Christy: Whatever you’re holding, it really seems to be bothering you.

Scooter: That guy on TV, I’m here because of him…and the blonde girl he was with that night.

Christy: What did he say? Scooter…what happened?

Scooter: She was so cute, but I got a lot for it.

Christy: Scooter, spit it out!

Scooter: I bought it from them...a baby.


Rachel: So how have you been Sharlene?

Sharlene: I feel like…a new person.

Rachel: Really? How so?

Janice: My family is intact, and it has seemed reinvigorate me.

Rachel: Are you feeling better from the other night?

Janice: What night?

Rachel: The night I saw you in the Ladies room at the Harbor Club. It seemed like something was bothering you.

Janice: Oh…It was the makeup. I didn’t like the way it looked on me. I got baited and switched at the department store.

Rachel: Are you sure about that?

Janice: Yep, that’s it.

Rachel: Would you like some coffee?

Janice (noticing Rachel’s brown sweater hanging on the back of the desk chair near the living room doors): I’d love some.

Rachel: I’ll be right back.

Rachel leaves the living room.

Janice: You won’t be so smug when I’m through with you Rachel. Ooooh I'm gonna make you pay.




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AW is really picking up. I love how everyne is gettign their own stories I had LOL at jacks pres confrene. Like what was the point he everything he said the public knows LOL. But the most intersting part of this is Scooter and his back story and Jack and Grants phone call.

And wht is Jancie up to LOL. A GREAT EPISODE!!

Very interesting

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Nice to see Christy being integrated into Jack's story, Jack being integrated into the larger canvas. Paulina smiling and waving cracked me up.

Janice is a mess. I guess Rachel is used to mentally unstable behavior so it doesn't show up on her radar.

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