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No Last Name!



Gloria walks into the jail to visit her son Michael. She walks into the visitors room when Michael then walks in.

Gloria: Michael what is going on? Why are you here?

Michael: Where the hell have you been Gloria? I was arrested days ago.

Gloria: I’m sorry Michael. I was in Paris.

Michael: PARIS! What is in Paris? Is this how your spending your insurance money?

Gloria: No Michael calm down. My fiancée took me.

Michael: FIANCEE!! Who is it?

Gloria holds her up 24 karat ring.

Gloria: Isn’t it beautiful?

Michael: Beautiful, I had no idea you were even dating. I thought you were still mourning Jeffery.

Gloria Jeffery was scum. He stole from me and lied to me.

Michael: So who’s the unlucky man?

Gloria: I’m not telling just yet. You can find out at my gala I’m having.

Michael: What gala?

Gloria: My fiancée and I are re opening Glo Worm.

Michael: So this is why I haven’t seen you lately. It must be nice while I sit here and fight for my life.

Gloria: Not for much longer.” Ronan walks over to Michael and opens his cell.

Ronan: You’re free to go.

Michael: I am?

Gloria: I posted your bail son.

Michael smiles at her and gives her a hug.

Gloria: It’s time to put your life back together Michael.


Devon’s Studio. Devon is caught off guard as Roxanne is choking the life out of Abby. Devon runs over and tries to pry Roxanne off of Abby.

Roxanne: Get off me Devon!

Devon: Rox let her go your about to kill her. Stop!

Abby takes her two free hands and punches Roxanne in the face. Roxanne then begins to bash Abby’s had against the wall.

Devon: Roxanne!!” Devon is unable to get Roxanne off of Abby.

Abby then kicks Roxanne in her woman hood. Roxanne lets go of Abby and she moans in pain. Then Abby kicks Roxanne with her heel. Roxanne fall to the ground.

Devon: Abby!

Roxanne: I hate you Bitch!

Abby: The feeling is mutual. You better never put your hands on me again! You thought I wasn’t going to fight back huh Bitch!? I will never record you Bitch. Your low class... Ghetto... No respect... Stupid Bitch! Devon I’m out of here!” Abby storms out.

Devon kneels down next to Roxanne

Devon: I can’t believe you just did that. Where did that madness come from? I couldn’t pry you off Abby? Roxanne now she is never going to record you.

Roxanne: Damn that Devon. I’m in pain right now or does that not matter to you? “ She gets up and grabs her purse limping away in defeat.

Roxanne: Abby I’m going to get you.” She says to herself. Devon calls out to her but Roxanne ignores him.

“What the hell just happened?” he says.

The Young and the Restless

Episode 106: No Last Name

Written by ML Cooks

Story Editor: Martin Saenz

Flashback scene courtesy of C Nate Richardson from “ BACK TO ANOTHER WORLD”

Spencer knocks on Leslie’s Door.

Spencer: We need to talk.

Leslie: Come in.

Spencer walks in

Spencer: I saw Roxanne the other day.

Leslie: What happened? Did you tell her we are her parents?

Spencer: I couldn’t. Because you freaked her out.

Leslie What are you talking about?

Spencer: Our daughter thinks you are stalking her.

Leslie: I mean I’ve seen her a few times. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her. I just don’t know what to do.

Spencer: That’s why I’m here. We need to figure this out and move forward. I cant keep this from her much longer. I want us to get to know her. Be a family.

Leslie: A family? Roxanne is a grown woman.

Spender: She is still our child. A child you never told me about. I’m extremely hurt and angry about that Les. How could you not tell me something like that? You didn’t give me any options or choices.

Leslie: What were the options Spence. We were young. Both in law school I couldn’t afford a child. I didn’t want a child. I was trying to get my degree so I could make money.

Spencer: Ok you did that. You got the degree to make the money. Why didn’t you ever seek Roxanne out? Or go back after her? It makes me wonder what kind of person are you.

Leslie slaps him as Malcolm walks in being the door was never totally shut in the first place.

Malcolm: Wow really? We slapping folks now? I know it’s something really going on now. Its time the truth comes out now. And this time I’m not drunk.

Tucker walks into his penthouse. He has a smile on his face as he has a flash back in his mind about the meeting with is old flame Iris Cory of Bay City.


Iris: Daddy always admired Katherine Chancellor’s business savvy. I don’t know Tucker. This might hurt Cory.

Tucker: I gave you cash to cushion any fall that might happen. I’m totally looking out for you here.

Iris: We’ve never gotten into the television business.

Tucker: That’s how your company is going to grow. You have to try new and innovative ventures. Nobody’s reading paper bound books these days, not to mention that it’s not cost effective.

Iris: We do e-books, and people are reading Brava on their tablets and laptops.

Tucker: This reality show can make CP bigger than it ever was, and isn’t that what your father would’ve wanted? He would want you to take this company to new heights. Besides you wouldn’t even be CEO if Judge Grayson wasn’t on my payroll.

Iris: I know that I owe you one Tucker. You don’t have to remind me.

Tucker: Don’t forget that fake will that my people drew up.

Iris: If the real will surfaces somehow, then CP would go back to Rachel and I would lose everything.

Tucker: I don’t want to blackmail you. That’s not my intention here. I want us both to do well. You helped me with my music career, and I want to help you now, all I need is your Jane Hancock darlin’!

Iris signs on the dotted line.

Tucker: Thank you. You won’t regret it.

Iris: I better not.

Tucker: How about it? For old times’ sake.

Iris shuts the door and they kiss.

Tucker sits on his couch. He makes a phone call.

“I’m looking to paint my sail boat. I’m looking for a specific color. “

Phone Operator: Sail boat paint is very toxic and one must not be exposed to it for very long. The fumes can cause brain damage and severe illness. I hope you have the right safety precautions in place to paint your boat.

Tucker: I do sir. My boat is very old and really needs a new coat of paint. How soon can that be shipped to me?

Operator: About 24 hours sir. Thank you for being a customer of Chancellor Chemicals.

Tucker: Thank you.” He hangs up. He thinks to himself “ Now I got the paint to make dear old mother go crazy. And I can get it all on film for the world to see” He smiles at his devious plans. His self appreciation comes to a halt when Ashley storms into his penthouse.

Tucker: Ashley, what’s wrong you look upset. What is the matter?

Ashley: Don’t play me for a fool Tucker. I know what your up to. Jack told me all bout it.

Avery walks into the jail having been summoned by Victor Newman.

Avery: Victor I came here as soon as I could. How are you?

Victor: I’m fine. Is their any word on my sentencing. Its been weeks now.

Avery: No I have not heard anything. It is a bit odd. I’ll talk to Spencer at Glo Worm.

Victor: Yes. The reopening of Glo Worm. I understand Gloria is giving some sort of big party or something?

Avery: Wow your good. Because I just found out about it myself. It’s tomorrow. Your contacts are good.

Victor: I may be in jail but I’m very much in control. I told you I won’t be in here for long. Trust me. But there is something I want you to do.

Avery; Anything victor you name it.

Victor : Good. I’m going to make you a very rich woman Avery. You know, Spencer must pay for going on with the trial against me.

Avery: I’m sure you feel that way. What do you want me to do?

Victor: I have a slide show of sorts regarding Leslie, Spencer and their daughter Roxanne. I want you to play this tape or dvd or what ever it is at the party. I’m not up to date all these new technologies these days. It is to be played and viewed by all at this gala.

Avery is stunned

Avery: I mean come on Victor isn’t that a bit harsh?

Victor: Spencer made a mistake. Now he must pay for it. No one bests me. No one. Now you go to Restless Style and my contact will give you this USA stick or something. It might be a blue ray.

Avery chuckles.

Victor: Don’t worry about a thing. I will protect you. Just get this done. You will be a very wealthy woman.

Avery takes a deep breath. She thinks of her mission and is not to please with it. She’s already betrayed Leslie once now shes going to really twist the knife in the wound. Avery then thinks of her bank account. She smiles.

Avery: I’ll get it done. Let me get going to Restless Style to meet up with your contact.

Victor: Her name is Jazmine Hoover.

Avery : Got it.

At Tuckers.

Tucker: You know what I’m doing?

Ashley: Yes Jack told me. Your going to make a play for Newman yourself. You two had a deal now your backing out?

Tucker: Ashley it’s just business. I told you we cannot let business effect our relationship.

Ashley: But this is my brother Tucker. Do you think I’m really going to stand by and watch you betray him?

Tucker: I’m not betraying him. I see a gold mine in Newman. I’m not willing to let it go down the drain.

Ashley: What investment do you have in Newman?

Tucker: I want Newman for my self. Kay is too old to be running Newman and Chancellor.

Ashley: Its all for business and money huh Tucker? You’ve really changed this last few weeks. The stuff with Harmony. Now this betrayal against my bother.

Tucker: Harmony? Come on I told you what that was. Harmony and Neil need to respect Sophia. It’s too soon for them to be getting together.

Ashley: Its none of your business Tucker what they do. We are engaged to be married. How about putting the same effort in this relationship as you do into keeping Harmony and Neil apart or winning Newman for yourself. You don’t care about me Tucker. You went on an over night trip and I didn’t even know about it. Your keeping things from me. Its very obvious I don’t matter… You know what I cant do this. I’m not going to be a fool for you Tucker! Ashley storms out of Tuckers penthouse.

Tucker: Ashley please don’t leave! ASHLEY! … Damn you Jack! You want to play dirty. We can do that.

Leslie’s Apt.

Malcolm: So who’s going to start?

Leslie: Malcolm please. This not what it looks like I promise you.

Malcolm: Leslie you slapped Spencer. You don’t do that if their was no feeling behind it. Now don’t tell me nothing is going on. You two are sleeping together aren’t you?

Spencer: You couldn’t be further from the truth. Any way Leslie we need to decide soon what we are going to do about the problem we were discussing before your temperamental boyfriend showed up. I’m not going to wait much longer. The truth needs to come out.” Spencer then leaves.

Malcolm: The truth? What the fukk is he talking about Les? Tell me.” He says getting angry and grabbing her.

Malcolm: What is going on? Talk to me.”

Leslie: Get your hands off me. I can’t tell you yet Malcolm. I can’t even deal with it myself. Let alone tell you about it.

Malcolm: But Spencer knows. I’m yo man. You tell me its nothing going with you two but he know more about you then I do. That don’t look like nothing is going on to me. I love you Les cant you see that. You can tell me anything I’m going to be here for you no matter what. I love you. Let me in. Tell me.”

Leslie looks into his eyes. “I love you too.” She has tears rolling down her eyes. She lays her head on his shoulder as he holds her.

Leslie: Malcolm if you love me then I need you to trust me. Nothing is going with me and Spencer. And once I get it together I’ll let you know what is going on. I’ll be honest. There is something going on. But its not an affair with Spencer.

Malcolm: Is Spencer involved?

Leslie hesitates before answering . She wants to be truthful with Malcolm but she knows that he will be mad if she is honest. She does it any way.

“Yes it has something to do with Spencer.”

Malcolm takes a deep breathe.

“This hurts Leslie. I need you. I’m going through Sophia’s death. Now I feel like you shutting me out. I’m lost with out you girl. I miss you.”

They look into each other’s eyes.

“I miss you too.” She kisses him. Then stops.

Leslie: I’m tired Malcolm. I need time to myself to sort out the issues I’m having. But soon I promise you I’ll tell you what is going on. Just give me a little more time.

He smiles at her “ Any thing for you” He gives her a peck on the lips and leaves her apartment.

She stops him by calling his name. He turns back around to look at her.

Leslie: I love you Malcolm. Thank you for being here and putting up with me. I appreciate that.” He smiles at her then leaves. She then plops on the couch and looks at picture of Roxanne. “ Soon I have to tell you. But when is the right time? How do I tell you?”

Devon catches up with Abby at her place.

Devon: Abby what just happened?

Abby: Your low class ignorant Bitch attacked me. Didn’t you see that? I’m going to press charges.

Devon: Abby please don’t do this. You did this. You wouldn’t record her. You investing in my label was a way to get with me isn’t it. Tell me the truth Abby? Roxanne already told me you would say no. She’s right isn’t she?

Abby: Yes Devon. I wanted to spend time with you. I couldn’t think of no other way to do it. You don’t belong with Roxanne. She has no class. You saw that today. Devon I can love you better then she can.

Devon: Abby stop this. I told you many times I love Roxanne . I want to marry her.

Abby: Devon why are you here? I’m not going to lie about how I feel about you. I want you. I want a chance with you.

Devon: Why Abby?

Abby: I adore you. Your strong willed, compassionate, a perfect gentleman. You’re the stuff dreams are made of. You come from a good family. You make me laugh. Your gentle. I love everything about you.

Devon: Abby it sounds like its an obsession. Maybe you should get some therapy. I don’t want your money and I don’t need you to invest in my label if it has strings attached. I don’t work like that.

Abby: Please no Devon. Don’t do this. Do you expect me to record Roxanne after she just attacked me? She’s crazy. She the one that needs help not me.

Devon: I love Roxanne. That is not going to change. I’ll send you a check in the mail of your investment Abby.” He leaves.

Abby: Devon please don’t go! I love you!


Gloria meets Keemo at Glo Worm.

Keemo: Just in time. The decorators just got done with the place. Its ready for our big gala tomorrow.” He kisses her.

Gloria: I can’t wait. We can finally tell Genoa City we love each other.

Keemo: And open your place back up.

Gloria: I love you so much Keemo No Last name

They both laugh.

Keemo: I love you more.

Gloria: I got a feeling this will be a party no one in Genoa City will ever forget.

Keemo: I think so to


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Gloria marrying a man and doesn't know his last name. A mess.

Devon is jumping to conclusions. Abby doesn't sound obsessed at all. She just likes him and wants him. He needs to relax.

Victor is so mean. Just a heartless bastard. Going to embarass all these folks.

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