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Devon Catches Roxanne and Nate



Genoa City Hospital. Nate walks into his mothers office.

Nate: Ma you wanted to see me?

Olivia: Close the door behind you Nate and have a seat. We need to talk.

Nate; Oh no. What have I done?

Olivia: Well that’s what I want to ask you Nate.

Nate: Ask me what?

Olivia: Is there anything bothering you or is there something you want to tell me?

Nate: Uhm no. Where is this coming from?

Olivia: I’m just being a mother. I realized I haven’t been paying you enough attention and I wanted you to know that I love you and you can tell me anything, you’re my son and I’ll support you no matter what.

Nate doesn’t respond. He’s kind of inclined to tell Olivia what he did with Moses paternity results. Olivia notices the silence in the conversation.

Olivia: Nate are you ok?

Nate: Yea ma. I really want to know where this is all coming from.

Olivia: Ronan.

Nate: I knew it.

Olivia: Is everything ok Nate? He thinks your hiding something regarding this mystery woman person. The same mystery woman who broke into my office and yours.

Nate: Mother no worries. I have nothing to hide. Ronan is just thirsty with nothing else to do. Look I have something to do. I hate to be here on my days off.” He gets up and gives her a kiss. He then walks out her office. Olivia watches him walk away. She cannot determine if Nate is hiding something which makes her worry.

Nate pulls out his cell phone to make a call.

I really hate to bother you but something happened and I really need to see you.”

The Young and the Restless

Episode 102: Devon Catches Roxanne and Nate

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consult: C. Nate Richardson, Martin Saenz

At Malcolm’s. Malcolm is looking at the piece of clothing with Dru’s name engraved in it as Nick does the same.

Malcolm: So you think Dru is alive and is the mystery person who’s is stalking Phyllis?

Nick: Yes. Think about it. Wouldn’t it answer so many questions?

Malcolm: I don’t know. If Dru were alive then the first thing she would want to do is see her family. Maybe some one set is making it seem Dru could be alive. Besides Sophia is dead because of this mystery woman. Dru could never do anything like that.

Nick: Malcolm Sophia died only to avoid hitting Phyllis. The Mystery Woman wanted to kill Phyllis. Dru has an ax to grind I assume with Phyllis. Maybe She thinks Phyllis pushed her off that cliff at that photo shoot.

Malcolm: This is so far fetched. What are we going to do about this?

Nick: I’m thinking I want to keep this low key. I have to find Sharon.

Malcolm: Maybe we go to Paul?

Nick: Sounds good to me.

At Newman. Harmony walks out of Kay’s office to read the following statement to the press.

I’m Harmony Hamilton and as press secretary for Newman Enterprises. I have an official statement from the CEO of Newman, Katherine Chancellor. While all of us here at Newman understand the nature of the verdict today, we want to give the Newman family privacy to deal with this ordeal. But Newman Enterprises is in the very capable hands of Mrs. Chancellor. With her long record of success at Chancellor Industries the business world should not need worry. That’s all.”

Reporter(reporter yelling out) Is Mrs. C to old to run two conglomerates?

Harmony: I’m not taking any questions. This press conference is over. Harmony walks back into the office.

Kay: How did it go?

Harmony: Ok I guess. Your health has come into question.

Kay: My health? For heavens sake.

Jill: Kay maybe they are right. Running Newman at this time is a daunting task. Newman is in a free fall. Do you really have the ability to turn Newman around while keeping Chancellor afloat.

Kay: You don’t think I can do it Jill?

Jill: I don’t know I’m just asking.

Kay: And what do you suggest? Make you CEO?

Jill: The best thing you’ve said in months.

Avery goes to visit Daisy at the Jail.

Avery: How are you?

Daisy: Ready to be with my daughter.

Avery: Good. I have some news. I have a trial date for you. We have just a few weeks to prepare.

Daisy: Wow. Finally. The ball is in motion.

Avery: I was able to find that video you told about me about before. Where your brother video taped your aunt Mary abusing you and forcing you to do the things you did. That will speak volumes for you.

Daisy: You really think so?

Avery: I sure do. In fact I’m preparing for your transition back into the community.

Daisy: What does that mean?

Avery: You know transitional housing. Get you a job, a place for you and Lucy.

Daisy: Will I be able to have my daughter as soon as I get out?

Avery: No Daniel has custody of Lucy. I’m sure Phyllis and Daniel will fight you for it.

So that’s why I have a plan to set you up to be able to be in a position to fight for Lucy. You just have to do what I tell you to do Daisy. I’m counting on you. Help me help you. Don’t do anything crazy. Keep it cool.

Daisy: Oh I plan to. I do that very well.” She smiles at Avery.

Nate meets up with Roxanne at the park. They hug.

What they don’t know is Devon is also at the park writing music on his laptop and is now watching them from a park table in a distance.

Nate: Thank you for meeting me again.

Roxanne: It seems to be a routine for us.

Nate: Look I need to talk. That damn cop went to my mother about me. Now he’s got my mother worried that I’m hiding something. Damn him. He is relentless

Roxanne: Nate I’m telling you, you would be so much better if you just came clean. Just tell your mother what you did. She can help you get through this and put the pieces back together. Do this for Moses. And Malcolm. They both need it. You have to tell Malcolm that Moses is really his son and not Neil’s. I know your not found of Malcolm but aren’t you found of your uncle Neil?

Nate: Of course I admire him.

Roxanne: Then think of what this is doing to him. Not knowing. He’s not fair to him. Your doing him a disservice. Clear your coconscious Nate.

Nate: It’s easier said then done. What is my family going to think of me after I come clean? My career may be over. Damn you Malcolm.

Roxanne holds Nate again. He holds her back.

Devon is very interested at the two.

Nate: Roxanne I don’t know what I would do with out you. You’ve been a great friend to me. There for me in my darkest hour.” They pull back.

Nate: Your so beautiful.

She smiles. “ I have to get to Devon Nate. I told you I can’t do this.”

Nate: I’m sorry. I can’t help myself. You make me feel so much better just at the very sight of you. Devon is lucky.

Roxanne smiles at him. “ Bye sexy” She walks away and sees Devon walking towards her. She is stunned and her heart begins to race. Nate is also caught off guard.


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Nate is hurting. I hope Roxanne doesn't make a mistake.

Is Avery still trying to stick it to Phyllis?

Like the business aspect in this episode...I want to see that unfold.

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Harmony, Kay, And Jill at Newman...Golden. You hit pay dirt with that. Keep those three in the office.

Let the fist fight between Nate and Devon begin. Roxy really was playing with fire all along anyway. After Nate kissed her, she should have kept her distance. Oh well. Like I said, let the rumble in the park begin. LOL.

What is Avery's motivation here?

And I have forgotten what Nate's mativation was with switching Moses paternity. It would be very helpful if Nate repeated once or twice in dialogue. :-)

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Thankk you ajsp for the feed back. I will be getting more inot nates motivation to why he did what he did. I've hinted at it in earleir episodes. Im not sure when you began but its about to all come out and be clear very soon.

Avery's motivation, lol stay tuned for now.

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I have read the entire soap...but it might have been a while so I don't remember what it is or maybe it wasn't clear to me.

Keep up the great work...enjoying it.

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