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ANOTHER WORLD 101 Reginald gets some crucial information




Reginald gets some crucial information


John is downstairs tying his bowtie on his tuxedo…and Sharlene, in her silver evening gown, walks up to him.

John: Hey is this right?

Sharlene: It looks great.

John: Where’s Gregory?

Gregory walks downstairs….

Gregory: I’m not going.

Sharlene: Why not? Your family would want you to support Donna tonight.

Someone rings the doorbell, and John opens the door…

John: Lindsay.

Lindsay: Hi Mr. Hudson. Is Greg here?

John suspects that Lindsay is the reason that Gregory doesn’t want to go to the Harbor Club.

John: Yeah…come in.

Lindsay (walking in): Greg you’re not going to Harbor Club?

Sharlene: I wonder the same thing. Vicky, Donna, and Bridget would appreciate it.

John: Sharlene…maybe we should give them some privacy.

John and Sharlene leave….

Lindsay: Am I the cause of you not going to support your family?

Gregory: You got five minutes.


Charlie and Frankie are in the mirror putting their make up on…

Charlie (pointing to Frankie’s right cheek): You probably wanna put some over here.

Frankie (blotting her cheek): My daughter is giving me makeup instructions. I’ve been at this longer than you kid.

Charlie: I just want to make sure that you look your absolute best for dad for your date tonight. Aren’t you excited?

Frankie: It seems like you are VERY excited about it.

Charlie: Well why aren’t YOU?

Frankie: Deep down I am, but I’m just…cautiously optimistic.

Charlie: Do you want things to work out with dad again?

Frankie: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves honey. I’m supposed to be giving YOU advice about relationships, but I guess I lost that privilege. I’m glad Lila provided a mother figure for you while I was gone.

Charlie: Mom I got past the you-not-being-here thing, and it’s time for you to do the same thing.

Frankie: I have honey. I’m so happy that you and I have gotten to this point. I thought we’d never get here.

Charlie: Well we are, and I plan to stay, because I love you mom.

Frankie: I love you, too honey.

Charlie: Now all we gotta do is…

Frankie: Charlie, you’re jumping way ahead right. Your dad and I are going out on a date…that’s it.


Jake and Vicky stop by and visit Kirkland

Vicky: Hi honey.

Jake: Hey kid.

Kirkland: Mom, Jake, what are you doing here?

Vicky: Can’t your parents come visit you?

Kirkland: I don’t mean it like that.

Vicky: So how do you like your stuffy, lonely hotel room?

Kirkland (smiling): I’m not moving back home mom.

Jake: Oh your mom’s just looking out for you.

Kirkland (looking at the dossier he has on Grant): What brings you by?

Vicky: I’m just checking on you. We haven’t talked much since you came back home.

Kirkland: I’m great mom. In fact, I’m getting ready to go with Charlie to the Harbor Club tonight for grandma Donna.

Vicky: The family will be thrilled to see you.

Kirkland: I wonder if dad’s gonna be there.

Vicky: Don’t worry about Grant right now. You’ll be supporting your family tonight.

Kirkland: I’m gonna go pick up Charlie.

Jake: So we’ll see ya at the club?

Kirkland: Yep.

Jake and Vicky leave and Kirkland calls Charlie to let her know he’s on his way. Kirkland opens the door and two men block him.

Kirkland: Who the hell are you? Let me guess. My dad sent you.

Man #1: Give us the dossier.



Lindsay: I didn’t mean to hurt you. I couldn’t be sure that Jake was my biological father until I got the results of the DNA test.

Gregory: That was clever of you.

Lindsay: I’m not trying to deceive or lie to anyone.

Gregory: But that’s exactly what you’re doing Lindsay!

Lindsay: What was I supposed to do? Oh hi Jake McKinnon can I get a sample of your DNA?

Gregory: But after the DNA tests confirmed it, you still didn’t tell me. I had to accidentally knock down your purse to find out.

Lindsay: Greg---

Gregory: And every time I asked you about your mother, you were evasive, and you would change the subject. You’ve been lying to me ever since you came to Bay City.

Lindsay: I wasn’t ready to share that with you.

Gregory: Did I make a mistake in getting involved with you?

Lindsay: How can you ask a question like that? I didn’t expect to fall for you either, but I did. I saw how hard you worked to be able to walk again. So resolute; so brave. I fell in love with you.

Gregory: You can’t love me because you don’t trust me.

Lindsay: I DO trust you.

Gregory: You DON’T. You couldn’t tell me about your mother, and you couldn’t tell me about Jake.

Lindsay: Don’t you love me?

Gregory: Of course I do.

Lindsay: Then why are you so apprehensive?

Gregory: Because I don’t know if you’re gonna hurt me again.

Lindsay: No. Not at all.

They slowly approach each other and hug and kiss…passionately…


Charlie: Dad could have asked Nicole to go to the Harbor Club with him, but he asked you.

Frankie: Nicole’s sick, she can’t be out too much.

Charlie: Dad has been very good to Nicole.

Frankie: Cass has a good heart.

Charlie: I must say I’m still surprised that he is letting her live there after what he told me Nicole did.

Frankie: It’s like he gave her a second chance.

Frankie walks toward her table and looks at a letter from the Illinois Correctional Facility for the Criminally Insane.

Frankie: I’m counting on it. So what time is Kirkland picking you up?

Charlie: He called and told me that he’s on his way.

Meanwhile, Kirkland lies in his hotel room in his tuxedo bruised and unconscious, and the dossier he had on Grant is gone.


One of the men who beat up Kirkland gives REGINALD LOVE the dossier on Grant.

Man: This is what you wanted boss.

Reginald: You didn’t hurt my great-grandson did you?

Man: I did what I had to do to get this to you.

Reginald: If you hurt my great-grandson…

Man: He’ll be fine.

Reginald: Get outta here.

After the man leaves…

Reginald: Guess I got the next mayor in my pocket.



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Fukk u Reggie. I sure thought it was grant. FUKK U REGGIE. So he wants to control Grant then? Great writign i this episode as well. Very nice scenes. Ur stories are so tight knit and it really works for u I cant wait till this gala kicks off u did a great build up to it.

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Reginald had his own great grandson attacked just to get the goods on Grant...what a bastard!! Reginald wants to hold all the cards...The Harbor Club re-opening is on the horizon and there will be a lot happening....Thanks for reading...

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Great twist with Reginald. I wasn't expecting that. You know how to twist stories. The makeup scene with Charlie/Frankie and the talk with Greg and Lindsay also had good dialogue and moments.

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