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ANOTHER WORLD 71 Rachel can't believe what she's hearing






Frankie has just told Rachel about Carl.

Rachel: No…that’s impossible!

Frankie: Evan took me to see him. He was hooked up to tubes as if he was recovering.

Rachel: I don’t believe this. For all we know we know it could all be part of Evan’s plan. He could be an impostor.

Frankie flashes back to getting a sample from Carl.

Frankie: That’s why I got a sample of his DNA after we all escaped the fire. I had to know if he was really my father like Evan said.

Cory walks to the double doors of the living room from the foyer and decides to listen to Rachel and Frankie.

Rachel: And you believe him?

Frankie: I believed what I saw, and I believe the DNA test. That was Carl Hutchins I saw lying in that bed, and he’s my biological father.

Rachel: He had a brain tumor that resurfaced, and I watched him die in my arms. He can’t still be alive.

Frankie: There’s only one way to find out.



Allen and Amanda try to talk things out.

Amanda: I’m sorry Allen.

Allen: You can’t apologize for how you feel.

Amanda: I do care about you.

Allen: But you love Cameron though.

Amanda: I didn’t expect to see him in St. Croix. I had no idea that Evan kidnapped him. I thought he had left. I never expected to see him again. I was hurt and confused.

Allen: I wasn’t trying to take advantage of you. You needed a friend, but I didn’t expect to fall in love with you.

Allen gets a phone call.

Allen: I’ll be right there.

Amanda: What is it?

Allen: My mother’s in the hospital.

Amanda: Is everything okay?

Allen: Guess I’m gonna find out soon.



Donna, Bridget, Vicky, Marley, and Tyrone all approach Cass.

Donna: Cass what’s going on with Nicole?

Cass: I guess we’re about to find out.

Marley: What happened?

Cass: She was leaving and she just collapsed at the door. I brought her here.

Vicky: Oh my God.

Reginald comes up but does not approach everyone. He stays within earshot but out of sight as John comes out to give the news.

Cass: John how is she?

John: I had some tests done. It’s not good at all.

Everyone is concerned and so is Reginald.





Donna: What does that mean?

John: She has a high level of sedatives and drugs in her system, and it’s causing her illness.

Vicky: John just tell us what’s happening to my aunt.

Allen runs up to all of them.

Allen: I’m the next of kin. What’s going on with my mother?

John: She has cancer.

Marley: Did the drugs have something to do with Nicole getting sick?

John: Yes.

Allen: No…no I just got my mother back. I can’t lose her!

John: I’m gonna call the oncologist and set up chemo for her.

Allen: My God…this can’t be happening.


Marley walks over to Allen and Tyrone watches closely.

Marley: I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do?

Allen: Thanks Marley...I just need to take this in.

Reginald tries to walk away, but it’s too late…Allen notices him.

Allen: Wait a minute Grandpa!

Reginald turns around and Allen grabs him by his collar, and hems him up against the wall.

Allen: You’re responsible for this! My mother’s sick because of you!

The rest of the Love/Hudsons approach Allen and Reginald, and Tyrone pulls Allen off of him, and then Donna approaches Reginald.

Donna: You kept my sister locked up at Pinehaven, drugged constantly, and now look at her, she’s got cancer. I hope you feel good about yourself Reginald.

Donna walks off and Tyrone watches Donna.

Reginald: I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.

Vicky: Donna told us how you took Allen away from Nicole. You paid Bridget to take me away, and you paid Clayton Montgomery to take Allen away. Nicole hasn’t been right since then.

Tyrone (to Marley): I’m gonna go get some coffee.

Marley: I’d love some.

Tyrone walks away, and now it’s Bridget’s turn.

Bridget: You’re all wrong! Grandpa would never do this to anyone!

Vicky: Bridget maybe we should go.

Bridget: No mom. He would never cause Aunt Nicole to be sick!

Reginald: She’s right. I would never try to hurt my own daughter!

Vicky: Why don’t you tell her the truth! Tell her that you had Nicole locked up and drugged while she was at Pinehaven.

Bridget: Stop it mom! Grandpa Reginald is not like that. Come on mom’s wrong isn’t she?

Vicky: Maybe you two should go and talk. Bridget you obviously don’t know your great-grandfather that well.



Allen is off by himself and Marley shows up.

Allen: I just got her back Marley. Why is this happening to my mother?

Marley: It’s not fair.

Allen: Reginald kept her locked up all those years.

Marley: Nicole was sick.

Allen: She was sick because of what he did to her when she was sixteen. He took me away from her.

Marley: I can’t imagine that. Reginald has done some terrible things, and it seems like Nicole is the one who is paying for it.



Donna is off by herself and Tyrone approaches her.

Donna: I should have been there. I let my sister down.

Tyrone: Reginald did this.

Donna: I’m not talking about my father. She was sixteen and he took Allen away from her like he took Victoria away from me. No wonder she turned to drugs. She was hurting inside. She had a child that she couldn’t be with. She was locked up in a mental institution and all I could do was write her a few letters.

Tyrone: You can’t blame yourself Donna. It’s not your fault.

Donna: It IS my fault. I’m just as selfish as my father is. I should have been there for my sister.

Tyrone embraces Donna as she cries, and Marley walks up and observes them.


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Great chapter. I didn't even think of what the drugs would do to Nicole. All this Love family drama is just fascinating to read.

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