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ANOTHER WORLD 70 Rachel learns the truth




Rachel learns the truth


Grant is with Paulina at a table.

Paulina: So tell me about your trip to St. Croix. How did it go?

Grant flashes back to shooting Evan.

Grant: It went very well. I took care of everything. I’d like to focus on you now.

Paulina: I’d like that.

Kirkland and Charlie walk in. Kirkland notices Grant and Paulina together and quickly orders a table for the two of them. Charlie does not notice what Kirkland has noticed, and the two are seated.

Charlie: I’m gonna go to the ladies’ room.

Kirkland: Um sure.

Kirkland watches Charlie walk to the ladies’ room, and Kirkland makes a beeline for Grant and Paulina’s table.

Kirkland (sarcastically): Good evening dad, Paulina. He’s drawing you further into his web isn’t he?

Grant: Kirkland…

Kirkland: He’s going to hurt badly Paulina. I don’t know how else to warn you.

Paulina: That’s enough.

Kirkland: Get away from him.

Paulina: Kirkland! I said that’s enough!

Charlie comes out of the ladies’ room and sees Kirkland.



Amanda arrives.

Allen: Amanda!

Amanda walks in, shuts the door, and they passionately kiss.



Cameron comes downstairs and approaches Rachel, who is sculpting.

Rachel: Cameron.

Cameron: Have you seen Amanda?

Rachel: She went out.

Cameron: Do you know where she…..

Rachel: She didn’t tell me.

Cameron: Look, Rachel, I didn’t mean to hurt Amanda. If I had told her what was going on, she would’ve been in danger.

Rachel: Right Cameron.

Cameron: If you’ll just give me a chance to explain everything.

Frankie walks in and Rachel notices, and quickly greets her so she doesn’t have to talk to Cameron.

Rachel: Frankie. It’s good to see you.

Frankie: Hi Cameron. May I talk to Rachel alone please?

Cameron: Yeah I’m…I’m gonna go out.

Cameron leaves and Frankie shuts the double doors at the mansion.

Rachel: What brings you by Frankie?

Frankie: I think you need to sit down. There’s something I have to tell you.




Grant: Kirkland stop making a fool of yourself.

Kirkland: You’re making a fool of Paulina, just like you did mom, and I’m not gonna stand by and watch.

Paulina: Grant has been good to me and Dante, and you need to stop this now.

Charlie approaches.

Charlie: Paulina’s right.

Charlie goes to the terrace and Kirkland follows her.



Kirkland: Charlie I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.

Charlie: I know what came over you, your unnecessary hatred for Grant.

Kirkland: You don’t understand, I just hate seeing a good person like Paulina be used by my father.

Charlie: Or maybe your father really likes her, and wants to treat her the right way.

Kirkland: I doubt that.

Charlie: You need to give this up. This vendetta you have against Grant is going to hurt you. I forgave my mom, and you should try to do the same for your father.

Kirkland: I’m sorry. Why don’t we sit down and have our dinner?

Charlie: Why don’t you take me home? This date’s over.



Allen holds Amanda in his arms as they have finished making love.

Allen: I don’t want to ever let you go. I was so worried about you.

Amanda: A lot happened.

Allen: You must have been afraid.

Amanda: I knew Evan wasn’t going to hurt me.

Allen: Well I didn’t. I feel horrible. I wasn’t able to protect you.

Amanda: This is not your fault. You cannot start blaming yourself.

Allen: When you were missing, I realized that I can’t be without you. I’ve fallen in love with you Amanda.

Amanda gets up and puts on a terrycloth robe.

Amanda: Allen there’s…something I need to tell you.

Allen: What is it baby?

Amanda: I saw someone in St. Croix.

Allen: Saw whom?

Amanda: Cameron.

Allen: Your ex husband? What was he doing there?

Amanda: Evan was holding him prisoner.

Allen: Why would Evan do that?

Amanda: Cameron was investigating Evan.

Allen: How did…you feel when you saw him?

Amanda: That’s probably a fair question.

Allen: Did all your old feelings come back? Did you remember how much you…loved him? You slept with him didn’t you?

Amanda looks at him, and nods her head nervously, knowing that Allen would be hurt.

Allen: Where is he?

Amanda: He’s here…in Bay City.



Rachel: Sit down? Why?

Frankie: I went to St. Croix. I know that has a place in your memory.

Rachel: Yes it’s where Janice Frame died.

Frankie: Well…you know Emma passed away.

Rachel: Oh wow I had no idea. I’m so sorry. You should’ve told me earlier. She was Steve’s sister.

Frankie: She told me that…she wasn’t my biological mother….Janice was.

Rachel: Janice…was your mother? So you and Evan are siblings?

Frankie: We’re twins.

Rachel: Twins?

Frankie: Janice conceived twins, and Emma carried one of the eggs…which was me.

Frankie takes out the paper that has the DNA test results on it. She braces herself, and gives it to Rachel.

Frankie: I also saw my father.

Rachel reads it and is shocked.

Rachel: Oh my God. Carl? What is this?

Frankie: It was the results of a DNA test.

Rachel: Carl is your father? How did you get a samp….? No…no this can’t be right. This can't be possible.

Frankie (smiling with tears of joy): He’s alive Rachel. Carl’s alive!


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Great ending. I'm glad Rachel got to find out in a happy way. I also like how Charlie's guilt over Frankie is making her try to influence Kirkland.

I think Amanda fell back into bed with Allen kind of fast.

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