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Mitch and Felicia have just been seated.

Felicia: We haven’t been here in a while.

Mitch: Because you didn’t ask.

Felicia: You know I love this place.

Mitch: Didn’t someone tell you about variety?

Felicia: This from the king of the set in his ways coalition.

Mitch: Are you saying that I’m an old man?

Felicia: Your words not mine.

Mitch: You love this old man don’t you?

Felicia: Hmmm I suppose so, as long as he comes home to me.

The waitress comes up to them.

Waitress: May I take your order?

Mitch: Two glasses of your best sparkling cider.

Felicia (recognizing the waitress): Charlie?

Charlie: Two glasses of cider coming right up.



Bridget sits on the couch and thinking about her last encounter with Michele, and the subsequent accident that lead to her death.

Bridget: I’m so sorry Michele.

Someone puts his hand on her shoulder.

Bridget: Oh my God. Kirk?

Bridget jumps up and the siblings hug tightly.

Bridget: When did you get here?

Kirkland: Not too long ago.

Bridget: Did you see mom?

Kirkland: Yeah.

Bridget: She’s probably cursing me to the heavens isn’t she?

Kirkland: Mom told me about what happened before I got back to town.

Bridget: I’m sure she told you it was my fault right?

Kirkland: That’s what she thinks.

Bridget: She’s trying to turn everyone against me.

Kirkland: Nobody thinks that you wanted Michele to die.

Bridget: Yeah tell that to mom.

Kirkland: Deep down she doesn’t believe it either, but what did you do before she died?

Bridget: What do you mean?

Kirkland: Come on Bridget. Tell you big bro what happened?



Iris approaches Cory and Elizabeth…

Iris: I…knew your father.

Cory (now becoming suspicious): How?

Iris: Well I don’t know where to begin with that story.

Elizabeth: Look lady are you trying to play some kind of game? Who are you? How do you know us?

Iris: I’m practically family.

Rachel walks up from behind Iris.

Rachel: You’re worse than a snake.

Elizabeth: Mom who is this woman?

Rachel: As close to the devil as you’re gonna get.


Felicia: Maybe she’s on break or something.

Mitch: I know you didn’t get along with her mother.

Felicia: Frankie and I have buried the hatchet. She told me that she forgave me the night that Fax Newman was trying to kill her.

Mitch: Have you spoken to Frankie since she’s been back?

Felicia: No. I wonder what I would say to her. Cass was hurt by her staying away.

Mitch: I’m sure she had her reasons.

Felicia: None we’re gonna get into right now.

Mitch (sipping his champagne): Good. Wow I forgot how good this champagne was.

Felicia (sipping hers): Yes sir.

Something notices something in the glass and takes it out.

Felicia: Oh….oh….

Mitch: You like it?

Felicia (smiling): It’s absolutely exquisite.

Mitch gets up, takes the ring gently, places it on Felicia’s ring finger, and gets down on one knee.

Mitch: I love you Felicia Gallant. I have always loved you. Will you marry me?

Felicia: Absolutely!


Kirkland: Wow.

Bridget: Wow what…so now you think I’m responsible like mom does.

Kirkland: No Bridget. What you did doesn’t make you responsible.

Bridget: Then what does it make me? I might as well have killed her. The last thing Michele said to me is that I was a bitch. She’s probably right.

Kirkland: You were jealous of her weren’t you?

Bridget: I wanted to be so much like her. I just…wasn’t. She got accepted to Harvard and Columbia, and I didn’t. She had beauty, brains. Cory Hutchins was her boyfriend. I didn’t have what she had.

Kirkland: So you had to have it?

Bridget: It’s not like that Kirk!

Kirkland: You stole vodka from Grandpa Reginald’s cabinet. You wanted Michele to catch you and Cory kissing. You gave him alcohol. He’s not even old enough to drink. Bridget you could’ve caused a lot more damage.

Bridget: Our sister’s dead because of me. Mom’s right.

Kirkland: No mom’s not right. What you did doesn’t make you a bad person, but it was atrocious.

Bridget: And mom doesn’t even wanna talk to me. She sent me to live here.

Kirkland: Don’t worry about mom. I’ll work on her. She’ll come around.

Bridget: In the meantime, I have to stay in this military camp with Donna.

Kirkland: Come here kid.

Kirkland embraces his sister.

Kirkland: I’m always gonna love you, so does Steven, so does Jake, mom, Donna, Aunt Marley. We all care about you. You’re always gonna be my little sister.


Iris: Rachel you’re so mean.

Rachel: I’m so right. Kids, this is Iris.

Elizabeth: Oh you told us about her.

Iris: Your version of the story right?

Cory: You tried to have my dad killed.

Iris: Is that what you told them?

Rachel: It’s the truth.

Iris: Wow did you tell them what their dear father did?

Rachel: You leave my kids alone!

Iris: Not until they know what Carl did. Did she tell you that he tried to kill Rachel and my father….more than once! He stopped at nothing to destroy my father’s family. Then she married him! How stupid are you?

Rachel: Kids can you go to the coffee shop? I got something to say to Iris.

The children leave and Rachel faces Iris.

Rachel: You vile, devilish woman.

Iris: How did I know you’d leave that out?

Rachel: I’m gonna say this once. If you come near my family again, you will wish you had stayed in jail, because I will come after you, and if I do, you won’t get another chance to hurt anyone else again.

Iris: Another threat Rachel? I’m not afraid of you.

Rachel: Now you’ve messed with my children. You better get afraid.




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OOOOO I love it. I now have to read this eps as soon as they come out. I want more. I love Rachels line to her kidsa botu the devil. SO good and funny. Also loved the showdown between those two. I LOVE IT!!

I aslo loved we finally saw some remorse and someone calledd out Bridget on her actions. What a great scene for those two.

Why was Mitch being so short with my girl Felicia in that firs scene? It was very nice how he propsoed to her. I kow trouble is looking on the horzion.

ANother GREAT episode.

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Luv seeing Mitch & Felicia together again (which is something AW should have done before the show ended IMO) but I sure hope that's not REAL champagne in those glasses or there goes Felicia's sobriety!

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