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BACK TO AW Episode 26 3/26/2012 "Monday"



Characters in this episode...blogentry-14971-0-58227400-1331773833_thblogentry-14971-0-35868400-1331773969_thblogentry-14971-0-07968300-1331773919_thblogentry-14971-0-75844000-1331773944_thblogentry-14971-0-38110200-1331773991_thblogentry-14971-0-51518100-1331774001_thblogentry-14971-0-97513300-1331774222_thblogentry-14971-0-59773500-1331774238_th


Vicky is on the phone in the living room...

Vicky: Okay...Everything's set? Thank you.

Vicky sees someone coming out of the kitchen.

Vicky: Michele? Is that you?

Michele: Hi mom.



Tyrone sits on the couch and Marley comes out with a plate and two cups.

Marley: Do you want something to drink?

Tyrone: Some liquor would be nice.

Marley: I was thinking more along the lines of tea.

Tyrone: Thank you baby. I'm sorry.

Marley (giving him a cup of tea): I figured you would need some.

Tyrone: We're both gonna need something more comforting than tea pretty soon.

Marley: I know. Jake and Vicky are making the final arrangements for Michele's memorial.

Tyrone: Gotta be hard for you losing your niece.

Marley: Harder for them to lose a child. I just hope that I can support them.

Tyrone: We both will.

Marley: Something to take your mind off that hearing.

Tyrone: I feel weird about...representing Iris. Getting her out of prison. Rachel didn't even put up a fight in the courtroom.

Marley: There's a method to her madness I'm sure.

Tyrone: Given what Iris has done to the Corys in the past, she's the one who's going to be causing all the madness.



Dante brings Elizabeth a snack.

Elizabeth: Good thing the center has a roof.

Dante: We'd be all wet if it didn't. What time is your brother getting here?

Elizabeth: He just texted. He said he's on his way. That for me?

Dante: Fries? Yeah that's for you. Definitely not for me.

Elizabeth: Why? You're trying to keep your abs in tact so you can join the police academy?

Dante: You got it. Are you trying to tell me you don't want to date an officer?

Elizabeth: It's different between me and you.

Dante: Is that right?

Elizabeth: Yeah. I remember you when you were sliding down the slide, and you didn't anyone else to use it. It was your slide.

Dante: I was selfish back then, huh?

Elizabeth: Yeah you were.

Dante: You weren't an angel either. I remember when your cook was baking a cake and we got a hold of the bowl.

Elizabeth: Yeah yeah I got chocolate all over my face. I remember.

Dante: Oh the memories.

Elizabeth: Oh...the memories.

They kiss as Iris watches them from a close distance.


Vicky: Michele oh my God. I've missed you.

Michele: How so? I've been here the whole time.

Vicky: Your father and I took you off life support the other day. I just got off the phone with the funeral director. Your memorial is in a couple of days.

Michele: Well I'm glad you guys took me off that machine.

Vicky: I am so proud of what you'd become. A beautiful, intelligent, wise young lady.

Michele: All thanks to you and dad. You raised me.

Vicky: We also raised Bridget. She's responsible for this.

Michele: No she's not mom. You can't blame her for what happened to me. It was an accident.

Vicky: She was so jealous of you.

Michele: I know, but she's sad, too. She never would kill me.

Vicky: I know she didn't kill you, but it's the things that she did before that.

Michele: I forgive her. I loved my twin sister with all my heart, and I know you do, too. You can't keep shutting her out mom.

Vicky: I'm not shutting Bridget out. I can't stand to look at her. If it weren't for her scheming, you'd probably be on your way to Columbia in the fall.

Michele: I was leaning toward Harvard, but I'm in a much better place now. I gotta go now.

Vicky (beginning to cry): No! Don't leave me here! Talk to me!

Michele: I love you mom.

Vicky: No! No!


Marley: I can't say that I agree with what you did.

Tyrone: It's gotten me one step closer to becoming D.A.

Marley: I know that's what you've wanted.

Tyrone: Why does it have to cost so much?

Marley: You did your job.

Tyrone: I did my job for a promise.

Marley: What do you mean?

Tyrone: Grant promised he would appoint me D.A. when he runs for mayor.

Marley: No wonder you feel guilty. You practically made a deal with the devil.

Tyrone: My representation let Iris out of jail. There's no telling the havoc she's gonna wreak, and it will be on my head.

Marley: Now stop it. You cannot blame yourself for Iris's actions. Whatever bad things she does, she will pay for.


Dante: Hey I'm gonna head to the library.

Elizabeth: I wonder where Cory is.

Dante: Looks like he's coming now.

Cory (approaching the table): Hey Dante.

Dante: What's going on Cory? I was just leaving. Lizzie text me.

Elizabeth (watching Dante leave): He's so cool. He's grown up to be a real cool guy.

Cory: Yeah definitely.

Elizabeth: So you said this was important...why here? I could've come home.

Cory: Mom wanted to meet us both. She said she was gonna be down here.

Elizabeth: She never asks to meet us here.

Cory: Must be serious.

Iris walks up to them.

Iris: Hi.

Elizabeth: Hello? Can we help you?

Iris: You must be Elizabeth, and you're Cory.

Cory: How do you know us?

Iris: Well it's finally good to meet you both.

Elizabeth: And you are?



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It seems things are slowing down and its a nice change. These last few episdoes Ive really noticed a difference. I enjoy things a bit slower. You are telling the stories very well. As always so tight knit. Iris and what she does may effect Tyrone. That's a good angle.

Keep up the great work. Im always left wanting more.

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