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Back to AW Episode 22 3/20/2012 Tues.




JOHN AND SHARLENE are at GREG'S bedside.

Sharlene: How are you feeling?

Greg: You guys keep asking me that. I still can't walk.

John: We're gonna keep asking you that because we're your parents.

Sharlene: Your father's right.

Greg: So dad has the swelling gone down yet?

John: Actually your body is healing quickly.

Greg: So when can I start physical therapy?

John: Patience son...patience. Sharlene can I talk to you outside for a minute?

OUTSIDE OF Greg's room....

John: Thanks for standing by me in there.

Sharlene: We're presenting a united front for Gregory, but make no mistake, I am furious with you.


blogentry-14971-0-69908700-1331129063_thblogentry-14971-0-08846800-1331129051_thFELICIA'S HOUSE

FELICIA is in the living room on her laptop, and MITCH walks out to greet her.

Mitch: Good morning.

Felicia (not looking at Mitch): Morning.

Mitch: Felicia what's gotten into you the last couple of days?

Felicia: Umm I don't know...

Mitch: Ever since the prom night you've been acting strangely.

Felicia: No Mitch, you didn't come home, and I don't appreciate that.


blogentry-14971-0-91260100-1331133445_thblogentry-14971-0-42815800-1331133461_thLOVE MANSION

BRIDGET comes downstairs and DONNA is in the living room.

Bridget: I forgot how big this house is.

Donna: A lot of things happened in here.

Bridget: Like what?

Donna: Like the talk I'm going to have with you. Sit.


John: Can you at least try to understand why I didn't say anything about it?

Sharlene: I have tried, and I can't. I'm his mother. I gave birth to him. Do you know how much it hurts me to see my son in there unable to walk. This could've been prevented if you had said something to me.

John: It hurts me,too. Would you have been able to stop him from getting in that car and racing off in one of his steroid rages?

Sharlene: We could have gotten him help. Michele McKinnon might still be alive.

John: I didn't want anything else to upset. The night we came home and found Greg in a rage should lead you to understand why I didn't say anything about him using steroids.

Sharlene: Why? I'm his mother. I should know what's going on with my son.

John: And you should've seen what happened that night. You had another memory, and you look you're in pain when you have them. I'm afraid of what's gonna happen when you remember everything about the day Grant was shot.

A YOUNG LADY WALKS UP TO JOHN AND SHARLENE...blogentry-14971-0-18185500-1331139926_th

Young Lady: Is this Gregory Hudson's room?

John: Yes.

Young Lady: I'm Lindsay Winthrop. I'm gonna be his physical therapist.

Sharlene: Winthrop? You related to Cass?

Lindsay: Yep that's my uncle.

John: Is Morgan your father?

Lindsay: Nope that's my uncle, too. Stacey's my mother.


Mitch: It was late, and I was tired, and I wanted to help with the kids.

Felicia: It seems you forgot you had a lady at home waiting for you.

Mitch: I didn't.

Felicia: Well apparently, you did. I appreciate you helping Rachel. She's a dear friend of mine, but not at the expense of us.

Mitch: Oh come Felicia. I love you, not Rachel.

Felicia: I know that Mitch, but I thought it was a bit inappropriate.

Mitch: Yes it may have been. I was just trying to help Rachel.

Felicia: And that's why I love you, but I am here, and I need you.

Mitch: And you've got me.



Bridget: What about?

Donna: I'm gonna start by saying that I don't blame you for Michele's death, okay?

Bridget: Mom does.

Donna: Your mother's upset.

Bridget: I mean I'm sick about it, too. She acts like she's the only one hurting.

Donna: When you have a child, you will understand.

Bridget: She was my sister, I would never hurt her. I certainly didn't want her to die.

Donna: I understand that, but what you did before her accident, was absolutely irresponsible and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Bridget: I am Donna.

Donna: Well I don't see it. You stole vodka from Reginald's suite. You tried to keep Michele's acceptance letter from her. You didn't want kill Michele, but you not wanting to hurt her, is a lie.

Bridget: How can you say this to me?

Donna: Honey you have to own up to what you've done. You did try to hurt your sister, and now you don't even have the chance to make it up to her. You have to live with that guilt for the rest of your life.

Bridget: So you are blaming me.

Donna: I am blaming you for the things you did to hurt your sister.

Bridget: Is that what you brought me here for? To berate me?

Donna: No baby. I love you, and I want you to be a stronger woman than I or your mother were when we were younger. You are so beautiful and so much more going for you. You don't have to stoop to those levels to get attention.

Bridget: Well Grandpa Reginald said I have to demand attention.

Donna: And look what happened...your sister is dead. Take a good look at yourself, and what you've done. The way you'll get attention, is by being a beautiful, strong young lady that I know you can be.

---------------------------------------END OF EPISODE 22---------------------------------


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Wow this is the best episode from you yet. the dialog was sharp. you got into the meat of these stories and it was awesome. just what i was waiting for. i am so glad sharlene checke john bu keeping that secret about his son. i really hope that is played upon.

i also liked how felicia checked mitch but in a subtle way. Thas my bitch. and i love how donna reminded that devil what she did before her sister died.

VeRY gOOd ePisoDE and thank you for touching these story points. I hope this continues and things get deeper

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  • Members

Nice to see Stacey had another child after her first died.

That Bridget/Donna convo is just great!

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