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Episode 22



Episode 22:

  • Jack, Keemo and Kyle have lunch at the Abbott estate. It’s still very obvious that Kyle does not care for Keemo being there. Jack and Keemo both notice this. Jack offers Keemo a position at Jabot. “A recent death has left an open position.” He says as he thinks of Genevieve. Keemo tells Jack he is sorry for his loss.
  • Nikki brings Victoria to see her dad Victor. Victoria tells her dad she is done with him and that she will never forgive him for keeping Billy away from her and his daughter Delia. She also tells him she is going to see to it that he pays for everything he’s ever done to anyone. Victor is stunned now that his son and now his daughter has turned against him.
  • Cane convinces Malcolm that his twins should be with him and not Neil while Lily is away for treatment. Malcolm agrees.
  • Kay confronts Chloe on what she overheard about the affair. Kay tells Chloe she is not happy to hear about this and that she better put a stop to this!
  • Nina and Paul bring Chance home to the Chancellor House.
  • Gloria gets drunk wanting to forget the death of her son at Michaels‘. She feels useless and hopeless. She’s lost everything, her restaurant, her son, her sorry husband. Gloria drinks until she passes out on Michael’s couch. Michael doesn’t know what to do.

Next: Malcolm sides with Cane, Michael delivers a devastating blow to Victor!


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