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Episode 21: Someone learns about Billy and Chloe's Affair!



Episode 21:

  • Lily embraces Malcolm as does Devon. Malcolm is obviously still holds resentment towards Sophia and Neil.
  • Jack welcomes his eldest son Keemo to town. Abby, Ashley and Tucker all do the same. Kyle is some what with held in his excitement. He is not liking the fact that he has a new older brother in town.
  • Victoria questions Billy on his whereabouts of late. All he can do as he dodges his questions is think about his tryst with Chloe the night before.
  • Victor summons Paul down to his jail cell. Victor asks Paul to find his son Adam. He is sure he is behind the bombing at Sharon’s party.
  • Nick tells Victor he is taking control of Newman. Victor is very unhappy about this since Nick won’t stand by him. Victor tells him it won’t last long. Nick replies with” There’s not much you can do from a jail cell.” Victor:” Watch my steps my dear boy.”
  • Chloe confides to her mother Esther about her affair with Billy last night. Esther is shocked. Even more shocking is the fact Kay has overheard Chloe’s confession to her mother.

Nest: Kay confronts Chloe, and will Victoria stand by her dad?


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