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Welcome home Keemo and Malcolm!!!



Press Release

Cast Update.

On Friday’s episode we saw the return of Malcolm Winters. Malcolm has returned and is now being played by Aaron Spears. This is the third actor to tackle the role, with Shemare being the one that created the role which launched him into stardom. Under the previous regime, Malcolm was miscast by Darrius McCray. We last saw Malcolm when he left town in a huff over his brother’s affair with Sophia and had a baby. Malcolm served Sophia with divorce papers promptly when it was revealed Moses was in fact’s Neil. Malcolm is now back to deal with the crises surrounding Lily. There is still a lot of tension with Neil and Malcolm and we will see that deepen. “I truly feel that the whole Neil/Sophia/Malcolm story was one of the worst every told on this show. It was showcased just a few times a month with no emotions put into it. So I really feel I need to repair that. I am not going to retell that story I just feel there are so many lose ends that I want to do it justice with such legacy characters as Neil and Malcolm” ML said at press time. “I also debated whether or not to cast Shemare back in the role. But with him being on his other show, and the kind of major story I have planned, I felt we should recast. I also have seen Aaron Spears work on B&B and I do think he will fit the role perfectly.” ML said.malcolm.jpg

Also returning is Jack’s eldest son Keemo. And yes that Eric Steinberg playing him in the role which may come as a surprise. “I always felt Eric should have played Keemo from day one. Yes we all know he was Ji Min under LML. I do feel the casting can work.” I am trying to beef up the Abbott’s on the show. They have been neglected and sidelined for the Newman’s and that has got to change. I love the Abbott’s and we are going to see a shift away from the Newman’s and into other families on the show. Keemo will be a ladies man. It’s going to be fun to see who he mixes it up with.thumbnail2.jpg


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