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Episode 20: Blast from the Past!!!!



Episode 20

  • At the hospital, Lily decides that while she is getting treatment for her facial burns her twins should be in the care of Neil and Sophia with help from Nate and Olivia. Cane is outraged and rejects that notion.
  • Nikki tries to give Victoria some hope about her situation. All Victoria can do is wonder where Billy is.
  • Billy and Chloe realize what they have done is a mistake. Chloe gets out of Billy’s car and leaves the scene of the one night stand.
  • The memorial services begin to mourn Genevieve Atkinson, Kevin Fisher, Jeffery Bardwell, Angelo, and Murna as all of Genoa City has turned up to mourn and pay their respects
  • The Abbott family is stunned when Jack’s oldest son, Keemo shows up and arrives!thumbnail2.jpg
  • The Winters family get their surprise in form of a return, Malcolm Winters played by Aaron Spears!malcolm.jpg

Next Week: Genoa City reacts to Keemo and Malcolm’s arrival!


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