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Episode 10:

Sharon’s “Get out of jail” party continues.

  • Billy Abbott arrives and stops the party by exposing what Victor did to him. Everyone is stunned especially Victoria.
  • Nikki reunites with her children but gives Victor a very colds shoulder.
  • Nina confronts Phyllis over her relations with her son Ronan. Nina is not happy at all that her son hooked up with her. Phyllis basically tells Nina to get over it and that Ronan is a grown man now and he can make his own decisions.
  • Kay and Tucker who try to reach out to Devon end up arguing with each other. Devon tells them to leave him alone.
  • Ashley and Tucker announces their wedding plans for an early summer wedding. All the guest applaud the announcement.
  • Gloria serves Jeff with divorce papers, tell shim she has proof that he has been flim flaming her.
  • Angelo then walks up with a gun pointing it at Jeffery. Angelo demands his money or people are going to die at this beloved party tonight!
  • Ronan walks up to Victor and places him under arrest brining the whole party to a complete halt as everyone is stunned The Great Victor Newman has been placed under arrest. Jack Abbott begins to clap his hands in rejoice.
  • Just then several bombs planted in Glo worm exploded one by one sending debris and flames every where….

Next: People will DIE, out of the Ashes 2.0


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