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Episode 9: Sharon's "Get out of Jail" Party begins!!



Episode 9:

Sharon’s “Get out of Jail” party begins at Glo Worm.

  • Katherine kicks things off by announcing her and Murphy are leaving town. Everyone gasps. Until Kay informs them it’s only a trip. Jill calls Kay an under sexed drama queen.
  • Sam then takes the spotlight by getting down on one knee and proposes marriage to Sharon. Sharon accepts with tears in her eyes. Nick, and Phyllis are surprised as is Victor.
  • Avery takes the scene by making out with Nick so Phyllis can see them.
  • Not to be outdone and wanting to send a message Phyllis grabs Ronan and makes out with him at the party, in effect going public with their romance. Avery, but especially Nick and Nina are shocked and not to thrilled with the new love birds.
  • Roxanne confronts Abby over her intentions about Devon. Roxanne warns Abby to stay away from Devon. Abby brushes Roxanne off.
  • The party comes to a complete stop when Nikki Newman arrives.

Next: Many shocking twist are in store for a super cliffhanger Friday. Adam completes his act of revenge on Genoa City that will change the foundation of the show…..


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