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Coming This Summer!!!



Melrose Place 2.0

Set in a scandalous apartment complex in West Hollywood, Melrose Place first hit the air in 1992 on Fox. In 2009 it was revived on the CW but was cancelled after one season. Now the writer of FTL brings you a second season.


10 episodes ordered that will be posted over the course of the summer of 2011. The episodes will continue with the new format of being titled after streets in Los Angelas, the first upcoming being "Sunset".


Don't miss the stories that will make you want to take a dip in the pool. Old faces, new faces, scandal, sex, drugs, crime, passion, blackmail, deception, illness, tragedy, love, and drama.



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I hope we ee lot's of drama and a small cast. have you started writing epiodes yet? If so how does it feel writing for a much smaller cast compared to that beast of a monster FTL?

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Very different. The first episode is more of an intro sort of episode. And it all takes place during one day but the rest of the series will not be like that.

It's soooo different but fun. And much easier in some senses. I don't have to plan out far ahead and I don't have to worry about over using people and forgetting about others.

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