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S3 Episode 100



Christmas continues in Springfield...


Bauer Home:


Mel and Rick sit in the living room.

There is a knock at the door.

Mel walks over and opens the door.

Clayton and Felicia walk in.

Mel smiles, "Merry Christmas!"

Clayton hugs his daughter, "Merry Christmas Baby."

Felicia smiles, "Merry Christmas Melissande."

They take off their coats.

Rick stands, "Good to see you guys."

Mel rubs her Mom's back, "You okay?"

Felicia sighs, "I'm dealing. Christmas will never be the same without your brother. But I still have a lot. I have everyone in this room."

Mel hugs her Mom.

In the kitchen.


Michelle and J are kissing.

Michelle pulls away.

He looks at her, "That was..."

She shakes her head, "No."

He looks at her, "You okay?"

She sighs, "Yeah. The kiss was great."

He stares, "What's wrong?"

She sighs, "I have two kids. Robbie and Hope... they can't deal with another romance in my life right now. They need more stability than that."

J sighs, "Okay. So what does this mean?"

Michelle looks at him, "It means I need to think about things before I make a decision about... us."

J nods, "Fair enough."

She shakes her head, "I just can't let my kids know about this yet."

J nods, "I understand."

She steps outside, "I'll walk you to your car."

The two walk out.

Neither see that Robbie is standing in the doorway watching.



Cross Creek:



Reva and Josh are hugging Shayne and Ava.

Reva looks at them, "Oh my God! I can't believe this."

Ava smiles, "We wanted to find the perfect way to surprise you."

Shayne grins, "We waited until she was out of her first trimester."

Josh looks at her, "You're that far along already?"

Ava nods, "I'm good at hiding my little baby bump."

Reva stares, "I don't know what to say."

Josh looks at them, "Do you know the sex yet?"

Ava shakes her head, "We want it to be a surprise."

Reva nods, "Well that's good. That is your decision. That just means I'll have to wait before I start shopping for my little grandchild!"

Reva hugs Josh.

Noah walks over to Shayne and Ava, "Congratulations guys."

Bill comes over and hugs Ava, "Congratulations."

Ava smiles, "Little HB is getting a baby brother or sister."

Reva hugs Shayne, "I can't believe you're gonna be a Daddy!"

Shayne sighs, "Yeah it's scary. But I'm excited."

Josh smiles, "I'm so happy for you."

Shayne looks around, "I really thought Marah would be here for this."

Reva sighs, "Marah has a had a rough year."

Shayne nods, "So have Ava and I."

Reva rubs his back, "I know."

Shayne hugs his parents.


Mallet and Dinah's:


Ross walks over to Blake.

She sighs, "Oh man Ross."

He nods, "I know."

She shakes her head, "How did I let this happen?"

Ross looks at her, "This isn't your fault."

She looks at him, "Kevin always has had anger problems. I just imagined he would out grow them. I never thought he'd still be dealing with things the way he does."

Ross nods, "It was rough seeing him so angry. Seeing all of the anger and hate he has inside of him. It's not good for him. It's terrible."

Blake sighs, "He reminded me of..."

Ross looks at her, "I know. I know."

She leans on Ross.

He puts his arm around her, "It kills me to see how much pain he must be feeling inside."

She sighs, "Especially at this time of the year. With Clarissa's birthday and, our anniversary."

He stares, "Does it still count when we aren't actually married anymore?"

She nods, "Yeah. I think it can."

He looks at her, "Happy Anniversary Blake."

She sighs, "Happy Anniversary Ross."

Across the room.


Dinah stands with Mallet.

He looks at her, "You okay?"

Dinah nods, "Yeah. I am."

He rubs her shoulders, "I know you were hoping-"

She sighs, "That today would be perfect or special. But I know that's not possible. It's life Mallet. Nothing is ever perfect in this world. Especially in this family. No wait especially in this town."

He nods, "Maybe so."

Dinah looks at him, "Definitely so."

He stares, "Nothing is perfect. But maybe things can still be special?"

She sighs, "Maybe."

Mallet gets down on his knee.

She stares, "What are you doing?"

Mallet pulls a box out of his pocket.

The whole room looks over.

Dinah stares at him.

Pawn Shop:

The pawn shop owner sits behind his counter.

Kevin pulls up in front of the shop.

He goes into his car and begins pull out everything he can carry.

He walks up to the door.

He struggles to open it with his arms full.

The shop owner stares at him.

Kevin walks in and puts his stuff on the counter.

Kevin grins, "Thank God. I figured everyone would be closed today because of the holiday. I went all the way around looking for an open pawn shop and here you are open on Christmas. But I'm not judging I mean it's a benefit for me right? Because I need to get rid of this crap."

The shop owner stares in confusion, "Yeah..."

Kevin nods, "Yeah. So here."

The shop owner looks through his stuff, "I keep the shop open on holidays. I got no where to be. And on Christmas there are always people wanting last minute dough for gifts."

Kevin nods, "Yep, yep, yep, yep."

The shop owner stares at him more.

He begins to look more through Kevin's stuff, "Seems like a lot of stuff here. You in trouble with the law or something?"

Kevin stares, "No."

He sighs, "This stolen?"

Kevin scoffs, "No! I don't want any of it. I don't have room for it. I'm living in my car right now and I need to make room for stuff anyway."

The shop owner nods, "Okay."

Kevin sighs, "I need to get some money fast anyway."

He looks at him, "What for if you don't mind me asking?"

Kevin shakes his head, "It's a surprise."

Kevin smiles to himself.




Peter walks over to Stephanie.

She smiles, "Where have you been?"

He sighs, "Just talking to my Mom."

She grins, "I feel a lot better now. Now that I know that you're going to be there for me Peter."

He nods, "Of course. I love you."

She smiles, "I love you too."

The two kiss.

Peter rubs her belly.


Susan walks inside.

Dylan walks over, "Hey."

She hugs him, "Merry Christmas."

He smiles, "Merry Christmas."


Bridget walks over carrying Adam, "Hey Susan."

Susan smiles, "How's my little brother doing?"

Bridget grins, "He's great."

Susan nods, "That's good."

Bridget looks at her, "You should hold him."

Susan shakes her head, "No. I'm not good at that."

Bridget walks over, "Come on."

Bridget hands him off to Susan.

Susan stares at him.

Bridget grins, "See. I'll go get his bottle."

Bridget walks away.

Stephanie walks over, "Wow."

Susan looks at her, "What?"

Stephanie sighs, "It's just weird seeing you with a baby."

Susan laughs, "Well I guess you won't be trusting me with your kid."

Stephanie smiles, "After everything we've been through... I'd trust you with anything."

The two smile at each other.


Spaulding Mansion:


Liz walks into the living room with a camera crew.

Phillip and Beth walk over.

Liz smiles, "Merry Christmas."

Phillip pulls her aside, "What's going on?"

Liz sighs, "Oh we're taping right now. But we aren't supposed to talk about it."

Beth stares, "What?"

Liz nods, "I got my own show."

Phillip shakes his head, "What? How did you get your own show?"

Liz sighs, "I just did!"

Beth sighs, "This is not a good idea."

Liz stares, "How would you know?"

Beth sighs, "You are going through a lot. This has been a really tough year for you. The last thing you need is a bunch of cameras taping your every move."

Liz looks at her parents, "Listen. I am happy that you two are happy. You guys finally found a way to make it work and that's great. But now I need to make myself happy."

Phillip sighs, "You are going about it the wrong way."

Alexandra walks over, "Lizzie."

Liz smiles, "Yes Aunt Alex."

Alex smiles, "Why are there camera men in jeans and tennis shoes walking on my carpet and trying to get me to wear a microphone pack?"

Liz nods, "So you can be a part of my show!"

Alex looks at her, "We are not social climbers or media chasers Lizzie. We are Spauldings. The public follows us, not the other way around."

Liz looks at her, "This is the way things are now!"

Alexandra shakes her head, "Not for our family."

Liz looks around at all of the disgruntled Spauldings.





Marah and Edmund are having a meal together in Edmund's room.

Marah sits at the table.

Edmund is on the phone in the next room.

He walks back in with a smile on his face.

He grins, "Yes. Yes of course. I'm so happy you shared this with me... I know I wish we could have been there too but Marah is feeling under the weather."

Marah rolls her eyes.

Edmund nods, "I love you. Bye."

Marah stares, "Bad news?"

He laughs, "Very funny. It actually is amazing news."

Marah stares.

He sits, "Ava is pregnant."

Marah stares, "Pregnant? With Shayne's baby? God how revolting."

He nods, "I'm not too thrilled about my second grandchild being a Lewis as well. But I could not be more happy for Ava and for myself of course."

Marah stares, "Let's see. My cousin Bill has his daughter Emma with Olivia. His son HB with Olivia's daughter Ava. Ava has another baby on the way with my brother Shayne. And her father, you, is sleeping with me."

He nods, "Delightful little recap. But we are more than that aren't we?"

Marah looks at him, "What do you want from me Edmund?"

He looks at her, "Everything and more."

Marah is confused.

Edmund pulls out a small box.

She shakes her head, "What?"

He opens it and reveals the beautiful engagement ring.

Marah stares, "Why?"

He grins, "Come on. Just put it on Marah. Consider yourself lucky going from Lewis to Winslow."

She shakes her head, "I'm never changing my last name."

He stares, "We'll see about that."

She holds her hand out.

He slips the ring on her finger.

He grins, "The Lewis family has no idea the storm I have brewing right now."

A nervous Marah looks down at the ring on her finger.

Cross Creek:

Josh sits on the couch.

Reva sits with him, "Congratulations."

He smiles, "I wasn't expecting this. Congratulations to you too."

She shakes her head, "It's different for you. This is going to be your first grandchild."

He nods, "It's amazing. I'm going to be a grandfather. I feel like... I don't know. I don't know what I'm feeling but it feels amazing."

Reva smiles, "I think Shayne is going to be a great Daddy just like you."

Josh looks at her, "I was really nervous Reva. I mean I didn't want to tell anyone but I was feeling like I didn't have any fight left in me."

Reva nods, "And now?"

He grins, "I feel like I just got a kick start of energy."

Reva puts her arm around him, "Good to hear."

Billy looks over, "Hey you two. Share it with the gang."

Josh stands up.

Everyone looks over.

Josh sighs, "This has been a tough year. But not a bad year."

Everyone looks confused.

He smiles, "You see, it's never a bad year because we don't let it be a bad year. We started this year fearing Reva was not going to make it. But she beat her disease. Ava was kidnapped but my brilliant son found her and the two were reunited. I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. And another person might be ready to throw in the towel. But I'm a Lewis, we all are. And we are fighters. I'm confident that we will be able to handle anything that the future throws us. And no matter what we will get through it together. Merry Christmas."

Everyone smiles, "Merry Christmas."

Shayne hugs his fiance Ava.

Reva kisses Noah.

All the Lewis family celebrates the holiday.

Spaulding Mansion:


Zach is getting a microphone strapped on him.

Phillip looks at him, "What are you doing?"

Zach nods, "I don't know about you guys but I think this is one of the best ideas someone in this family has had yet. This will be awesome."

Phillip looks at him, "Knock it off."

Zach looks at the producer, "I'm Zach Spaulding. Future CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. Aspiring socialite. My ex girlfriend left me for my own brother-"

Phillip pulls Liz aside, "What is all this about?"

Liz stares, "I told you!"

Phillip shakes his head, "Lizzie you are going to regret letting the world into your personal life."

Liz shakes her head, "I've always wanted to be the center of attention. I want all eyes on me. Now I'm finally making my dreams come true."

Beth stares, "That's not who you are anymore."

Liz stares, "It is now. I am Elizabeth Spaulding."

The family continues arguing.

Alexandra walks over, "Okay that is enough everyone! Enough!"

Everyone gets quiet.

All eyes are on Alexandra.

Alex sighs, "Now Lizzie. I think this is a horrible idea. And you will never convince me otherwise. And I'm sure I will never get you to see the truth. Just like I can never seem to get any of you to see the horrible decisions you make. No one can learn from my mistakes. That's fine. But for the rest of the day we are going to put everything aside and be a normal family. The normal Spaulding family. Understood?"

Everyone nods and agrees.

Alexandra clears her throat, "Now if everyone will join me in the dining room?"

Alexandra walks to the dining room.

The rest of the family follows.


Stephanie helps Susan with the baby.

Susan sighs, "Babies are scary."

Stephanie shakes her head, "No. Babies are wonderful. The represent life and new beginnings, change. All of the things I could really use right now."

Susan nods, "So you think a baby can theoretically change the world?"

Stephanie laughs, "Maybe."

Susan looks at her, "I guess we'll find out."

Peter walks over and puts his arms around Stephanie, "You two enjoying my little brother?"

She laughs, "You mean mine?"

Stephanie nods, "Well when I have my baby you can both fight over it too."

The three all smile at each other.

Across the room.

Bridget sits with Dylan.

Dylan looks at her, "You okay?"

Bridget sighs, "Just worried about my son."

Dylan stares, "Susan is nervous but she's not going to drop him or anything."

Bridget shakes her head, "Not that son."

Dylan looks over at Peter, "He looks happy to me."

Bridget sighs, "That makes it more scary. Because it will be that much harder when he gets his heart broken. He will lose a the woman he loves and a baby he falls for."

Dylan holds her hand, "Well we'll just have to be there to catch him."

Bridget leans on Dylan.

Matt starts handing out gifts to everyone.

Mallet and Dinah's House:

Everyone stares at Mallet and Dinah.

Mallet is down on one knee.

Dinah stare, "Mallet..."

He smiles, "I love you. And I'm sorry that we wasted so much time not being together. I want to marry you again Dinah. This time for good."

Dinah stares, "I thought we said we didn't need to be married to be happy."

He nods, "I know. We don't. But if we can have it all then why not?"

Dinah wipes tears from her eyes.

He grins, "I should make it official. Dinah Marler will you marry me?"

She nods, "Yes. Of course yes."

Mallet stands up.

He puts the ring on Dinah's finger.

He picks her up.

The two kiss.

Everyone claps.

Ross walks over, "Congratulations you two."

Dinah looks at him, "I know Mallet and I have had weddings before. But I really want this one to be special. Because this is it. This is the last one."

Ross grins, "I know."

Dinah smiles, "You gonna be there to walk me down the aisle this time?"

Ross grins, "I would be honored."

Blake hugs Mallet.

The whole family circles around.

Belinda walks over to her parents.

They both stare at her.

She nods, "Congratulations."

Ross puts his arm around his granddaughter.

Bauer Home:

Felicia looks at Remy's picture.

Mel walks over, "Hey."

She looks at her, "Hello Sweetheart."

Mel shakes her head, "Mom I can't even begin to imagine what you're going through. But you are by far the strongest person I know. I love you."

Felicia holds her hand, "I love you too Baby."

Mel rest her head on her mother's shoulder.

Clayton walks over, "You two okay?"

Felicia sighs, "I've got the greatest family in the world. It's Christmas. And I'm surrounded by some of the greatest people that I know. Thank you for having us Ed."

Ed stands up, "Of course Felicia. You're family."

Michelle walks back into the living room.

She sits by Robbie, "Hey."

He sighs, "Hey."

She looks at him, "You okay?"

He looks at her, "Fine."

She stares, "You sure?"

He nods, "It's Christmas."

She hugs her son.

Ed walks over, "Okay. Time for a family photo."

Everyone walks over to the tree.

Felicia and Clayton stand on the end.

Rick stands in the center with Mel and Michelle on each side.

The kids all sit on the floor together.

Ed sighs, "I think the timer is ready."

He walks over next to Michelle.

Ed grins, "Merry Christmas everyone."

The Bauer family smiles.

The camera flashes as the picture is taken.

"There is a destiny that makes us brothers, none goes his way alone, all that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own"


New Years Eve in Springfield!

The Lewis family worries

Colin confronts Liz

Spencer continues her dangerous games

Rafe and Clarissa make up

Annie blackmails Dinah

Kevin interrupts a bash


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Cute episode. But man i must say it was a [!@#$%^&*] load of people in this ep. I really encourage you to focus on less charatcers per ep. maybe its because I dont know Gl all like that, I don't know. It feels like I have backtracked from the movie. Like we were on a great roll but here we are again to me not understainding half of whats was going on. I don't know who or what to root for

Not a lot of drama in this ep either. But I understand it's a holiday. But damn couldn't some one have gotten drunk or something and said some funny stuff?lol

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It's hard to cut people out of holiday episodes because then you have to explain why someone wasn't with their family on the holiday.

The holiday episodes are more of getting back to the family roots of the show.

But yes everything always goes back to the drama and the New Years Eve episodes are crazy.

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