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S3 Episode 93



Thanksgiving is celebrated in Springfield...


Bauer Home:


Ed is in the kitchen with Rick and Mel.

Rick smiles, "Thanksgiving is probably my second favorite holiday of the year. Of course the fourth being my favorite. I wouldn't be a Bauer otherwise."

Mel laughs, "Any holiday where you're allowed to pig out is a good holiday for Rick Bauer."

Ed laughs, "That's my son."

The three of them are getting the food together.

Michelle walks in, "We aren't letting Rick eat any of the food early this year are we? It's going to be embarrassing if we don't have enough food for the guests."

Mel shakes her head, "Not this year."

Rick looks over, "What guests are coming this year?"

Michelle sighs, "Well Ashlee is bringing Dalton. Leah invited James. And I told Daddy that Dr. Chamberlain was going to be joining us."

Rick looks at her, "J's coming?"

Mel looks, "J?"

Michelle nods, "Yes. He's a friend of the family. And he didn't have anywhere to spend the holiday so I thought it would be nice to invite him here."

The three of them look at each other.

Michelle looks over, "No, don't even."

Ed smiles, "Well I think it's great that you are being so giving on today. We all should be doing our best to give back to those who are less fortunate."

Rick looks at him, "Dr. Chamberlain is less fortunate?"

Mel nods, "He is single isn't he?"

Michelle scoffs, "Oh my God. You guys are ridiculous."

Ed laughs, "Come on honey. Nothing is going to ruin our Thanksgiving."

The family finishes setting up.


Cross Creek:


Josh looks in the mirror.

He is trying to stay strong for today.

Josh walks out to the living room.

Shayne and Ava walks over to him.

Shayne smiles, "You look great Dad."

Josh nods, "Thank you Son. Ava you look lovely."

Ava smiles, "Thanks Josh."

Josh grins, "I'm in the mood for some Lewis Thanksgiving celebration."

Ava grins, "That sounds perfect to me today."

The door opens up.


Reva and Noah walk in.

Reva smiles, "Hey everybody!"

Reva hugs Shayne and Ava.

Shayne smiles, "Happy Thanksgiving Mom."

Reva walks over and hugs Josh.

Noah shakes Shayne's hand and hugs Ava, "Happy Thanksgiving you two."

Reva smiles at Josh, "Happy Thanksgiving."

Josh nods, "I'm very excited. I think even though it's been a rough year, we are all still standing here together and we have that to be grateful for. Ava is back home and she is safe. Reva's cancer is in remission. And I'm still putting up a good fight against mine."

Reva nods, "We're all very proud of you."

Everyone smiles at each other.

There is a knock at the door.

Everyone looks over.

Marah walks in, "Hey."

Edmund walks in right behind her.

The two are holding hands.

Marah grins, "Happy Thanksgiving everyone."

Everyone stares.


Spaulding Mansion:


Alexandra walks around making sure everything is in order.

She looks at the staff, "Let's not forget that we are going to have a big turnout this year for the Spaulding Thanksgiving celebration."

Alexandra smiles to herself.


Nick walks in, "Happy Thanksgiving."

She hugs him, "Oh happy Thanksgiving to you too."

He looks at her, "Don't work yourself to hard today. Nothing has to be perfect."

Alexandra smiles, "Son, you know me better than that."


Phillip walks in with Beth.

Phillip hollers, "Beth's back."

The staff all stops and claps.

Alexandra smiles, "Beth."

Beth smiles, "Hello, Alexandra."

Alex walks over, "I'm so glad to see you up and about Darling."

Alexandra kisses her on the cheek.

Beth smiles, "Thank you."

Phillip nods, "Beth's speech has improved a lot and she is getting her muscles back in order. She's here to spend a real Thanksgiving with us."

Alexandra grins, "Perfect."

Phillip walks Beth over to the table.

Natalia and Rafe walk inside.

Alexandra walks over, "Welcome."

Natalia hugs her, "Thank you very much for inviting us Alexandra."

Alexandra grins, "Nonsense. You are both family and this is a holiday to celebrate family and gratefulness and all of that wonderful stuff."

Rafe nods, "I guess we all need to find something to be grateful for right?"

Rafe walks away.


Mallet and Dinah's House:



Mallet and Dinah have decorated the house.

They sit with Blake and Ross in the living room.

Dinah looks at them, "So she already gave Adam to Dylan and Bridget?"

Blake nods, "Yes. She didn't want us there when she actually handed him over to them. She said she needed to do it all on her own that day."

Dinah shakes her head, "You weren't there at all?"

Ross sighs, "Clarissa is an adult now. We are trying to respect her decisions."

Mallet nods, "That's understandable. We are going through a lot with Belinda right now. She is doing a lot of rebelling and we are struggling on how to deal with it."

The doorbell rings.

Belinda hollers, "I'll get it."

She comes running down the stairs, "Hi Grandpa Ross, hi Blake."

She snubs her parents.

Belinda opens the door.

RJ walks in, "Happy Thanksgiving."

The two kiss.

RJ looks at everyone, "Happy Thanksgiving."

Everyone wishes RJ a happy Thanksgiving back.

Belinda walks RJ to the dining room.

Dinah watches them as they walk away.


Jason walks in with Vi, "Happy Thanksgiving.

Blake walks over, "Happy Thanksgiving sweetheart."

She kisses him on the cheek.

Ross walks over and hugs his son.

Vi looks at Jason, "Did you tell them yet?"

Jason nods, "Listen, Rocky and Kevin are sort of on the rocks right now. So don't mention anything about Rocky to Kevin today alright?"

Ross stares, "What's going on with Rocky and Kevin?"

Jason sighs, "Long story."

Blake nods, "Okay well no mentioning Adam to Clarissa."

The door opens again.

Everyone looks over.




Matt is setting everything up for the Reardon Thanksgiving.

All the tables are pushed into a giant table.

Maureen is setting the places.

He smiles, "Thank you for helping me out today."

She smiles, "What are daughters for?"

He hugs her, "I love you sweetheart."

She grins, "It's nice that we are actually going to have a quite a few Reardon's here this year. I feel like our family is no longer extinct from Springfield."

The door opens up.

Bridget and Dylan walk in with Baby Adam.

Matt smiles, "Hey!"

Bridget hollers, "Happy Thanksgiving."

Maureen walks over, "Oh my goodness. Look at the little guy."

Matt smiles, "I'm so happy for you two."

Dylan smiles, "Obviously we have a lot to be grateful for."

Bridget kisses Dylan.

Maureen smiles, "Oh I love babies."

Matt laughs, "Well you have plenty of time."

Matt hugs Bridget.


Peter walks downstairs with Stephanie.

Stephanie smiles at him, "It's nice to be spending the holidays here. I hope it's not weird that I'm like... spending it with you or something."

He shakes his head, "It's nice. And you live in the boarding house. That automatically gets you an invite."

Peter and Stephanie join the group.

Cross Creek:

Edmund and Marah walk into the home.

Everyone stares.

Marah smiles, "Hi."

Josh nods, "Hi. Happy Thanksgiving you two."

Ava walks over to her father, "Happy Thanksgiving."

Edmund smiles, "Oh happy Thanksgiving Ava."

Marah hugs her Dad, "Hey. How are you feeling?"

He smiles, "I'm not too bad. Much better now that I have my little girl here for the holiday. It's great to see you here again. I love you."

Marah hugs him, "I love you too Daddy."

Edmund shakes Shayne's hand, "Happy Thanksgiving.

Noah kisses Reva.

Josh looks around at everyone, "I'm so happy to have all of you here. It's not as big of a Thanksgiving as we used to have especially since Marti had to leave so soon. But we are all here and we are all happy with our lives. I'm very grateful for all of you."

Everyone heads over to the dining room.

Josh sits at the head of the table.

Everyone sits around the table.

Suddenly they hear a car outside.

Josh looks around, "Isn't everyone here?"

Everyone nods.

The door opens up.

Everyone looks over.

Billy and Vanessa walk in.

Billy shouts, "Hey! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!"

Vanessa smiles, "Happy Thanksgiving."

Everyone jumps up.

Josh smiles, "No!"

Billy rushes over to him, "Good to see you little brother!"

Josh and Billy share a big hug.


Mallet and Dinah's House:

Dinah stands in the living room.

Mallet walks up to her.

He puts his arms around her, "You okay?"

She nods, "Yeah of course."

He kisses her, "I know you want a perfect Thanksgiving. We have had a pretty good year."

She smiles at him, "That's what makes it perfect already."

The two kiss.

Across the room Clarissa sits in a chair by herself.

Jason walks over, "Hey little sister. How you feeling? You okay?"

Clarissa nods, "I'm fine."

Jason hugs her, "Good."

Clarissa rolls her eyes, "I'm fine."

On the other side of the room Ross is standing with Kevin.

He looks at him, "So is anything new with you?"

Kevin shakes his head, "Why?"

Ross stares, "I was only wondering Son."

Kevin scoffs, "Did Jason say something to you?"

Ross shakes his head, "No, no, no. I was just making sure everything was fine with you. We haven't talked in a while."

Blake walks over, "What's wrong?"

Kevin looks at her, "Dad is questioning me when I'm just trying to celebrate the holiday."

Ross shakes his head, "No I'm not."

Across the room, Dinah walks over to Clarissa.

Dinah sighs, "Hey honey. You okay?"

Clarissa scoffs, "Oh my God yes!"

Dinah looks at her, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it Claris."

Clarissa stands up, "No, nobody did! Nobody is trying to upset me. Everybody wants me to be sad. I'm not sad! I don't care if that makes me seem cold."

Everyone looks over.

Clarissa looks around, "I get it! Why don't we all just talk about it? I screwed up! I couldn't even handle having a son for a few months. I failed again! Happy Thanksgiving!"

Everyone looks at an emotional Clarissa.

Bauer Home:

The Bauers are setting everything up.


Roxie walks in, "Happy Thanksgiving Bauers."

Johnny walks over, "I'm so glad you could make it."

Roxie grins, "I spent the morning with Reva. But now I'm ready to be here with my daughter and the Bauers. Before we leave Springfield."

Johnny grins, "No second thoughts?"

Roxie shakes her head, "Surprisingly no. I really thought by now I would be snapping out of it and running for the hills but I'm actually excited."

He smiles, "I'm glad to hear that."

She nods, "I'm anxious to get over there and do some good work."

Ed walks over, "I heard you were joining Johnny. That's really great to hear Roxie. I know you aren't a doctor but there are a lot of things you can do to help out."

Roxie smiles, "I sure hope so."

Ashlee walks in with Dalton.

She smiles, "Happy Thanksgiving."

Everyone waves at them.

Roxie whispers to Johnny, "That is the only thing I'm worried about."

Johnny sighs, "Whether we are here or not, Ashlee is going to be dating Dalton."

Dalton smiles, "Thank you everyone for welcoming me into your home on Thanksgiving."

Ed smiles, "Well Ashlee is very important to us and you are very important to her. So welcome and I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving here."

Ashlee grins, "Thank you Ed."

Ashlee and Dalton walk over to her parents.

Roxie looks at him, "Hello Dalton... happy Thanksgiving."

He nods, "You too."

Everyone is trying to get a long.

Spaulding Mansion:

Alexandra stands with Natalia.

Alexandra sighs, "So how is my brother?"

Natalia nods, "Not terrible. He puts up a brave front but I know prison is hard on him. They certainly aren't going easy on him in there."

Alexandra shakes her head, "He doesn't really deserve special treatment after all of the strings he has pulled over the years. I'm sorry to say."

Natalia nods, "I know Alan has done some really bad things in the past. He is paying for them now. He is the love of my life he's still the father of my son and the grandfather of my other son."

Alex laughs, "Only in Springfield could that not sound ridiculous."

Natalia sighs, "And he is still your brother, and I know you love him. If you didn't then you wouldn't be asking me about him now would you?"

Alex sighs, "You're a better woman than I am Natalia."

Natalia shakes her head, "No. We all have made our mistakes. We just need to remember that when it comes to other people, especially the people we love."

Gus walks inside.

He looks around.

Harley approaches him, "Hey! I was hoping you'd get here before me. Unfortunately that did not happen and I got stuck being the awkward one in the room."

Gus smiles, "Well no longer. I am here."

Harley laughs.

Gus grins, "But seriously it's really good to see you here."

The two smile at each other.

Across the room Zach walks over to Phillip.

Zach sighs, "Dad."

Phillip looks at him, "Hey Son."

Zach nods, "I need your help."

Phillip stares, "With what? Everything okay at school?"

Zach sighs, "It's fine, who cares? Marti's mom is trying to make her move. She thinks I'm a bad influencer on her. I need you to help me keep her in Springfield."

Phillip stares at his son.


Stephanie and Peter hold hands.

Peter looks at her, "It's great to have my parents here, and my new baby brother. My whole family. But having you here makes it more special."

She smiles, "Thank you. I like being here with you."

The two kiss.

Susan walks in.

She walks over to Peter and Stephanie.

She smiles, "Hey guys. How is my new baby brother?"

Peter nods, "He's getting all of his attention over there. I think I'm going to go squeeze in a minute with my Mom really quick before everyone surrounds them."

Peter walks away.

Stephanie looks at Susan, "I am screwed."

Susan shakes her head, "What's wrong now?"

Stephanie sighs, "Peter is ready to be official... and I haven't officially told him that I'm pregnant, with another man's baby."

Susan and Stephanie stare at each other.

Bridget and Dylan are sitting with Baby Adam.

Peter looks at them, "It's nice to see you guys with a baby."

Bridget smiles, "You'll always be my baby."

She kisses her son.

Matt looks over, "It's amazing how a baby can really bring a family together."

Maureen nods, "I was just telling Dad how great it is to have the Reardon bunch together. We're sort of making a comeback in this town."

All of the Reardon's smile at each other.

The door opens.

Matt turns around, "We're... Oh my God!"

Everyone turns and looks.

Nola and Quint Chamberlain come walking in.

Nola smiles, "Look who's back in Springfield!"


Bauer Home:

Ashlee is talking with Johnny and Roxie.

Ashlee smiles, "I can't believe you're both about to leave."

Roxie nods, "You sure that you're okay with this?"

Ashlee nods, "Of course. I mean you two have really changed my life this year. I started out having a mother who was in prison and that I always had a complicated relationship with. But now I have two more very interesting parents. I know it's been complicated but I am really happy now."

Roxie grins, "Even with me?"

Ashlee laughs, "Yeah. You're pretty cool Roxie."

Roxie grins, "I'm glad to hear that."

Ashlee sighs, "And knowing that you two are off helping other people is great and I'm going to be very proud when I'm bragging about you guys."

Johnny hugs her, "Well don't forget, we'll be bragging about you too. And everyone is going to be keeping us informed on how you're doing."

Roxie nods, "Including you."

Ashlee smiles, "So is this leading to a new romance for you two?"

Johnny and Roxie look at each other.

There is a knock at the door.

Mel hollers, "Michelle, I think it's for you."

Michelle walks over.

She opens the door.


J is standing there with a store bought pie.

She smiles, "Hi."

He grins, "Hey. I took you up on your offer then I thought it would be rude if I didn't bring something so I picked this up on the way home."

Michelle laughs, "Well we are pretty well known for homemade pies around here."

J laughs, "I'm sorry."

She shakes her head, "No. Trust me it will get eaten around here."

He nods, "Great then I don't feel like a total failure."

Michelle smiles.

J walks inside with her.

Cross Creek:

Billy and Vanessa are greeting everyone.

Ava remains seated and quiet.

Billy is hugging Josh, "It's great to see you little brother. You're getting skinny."

Josh grins, "Well thank you. Cancer has done me well I guess."

Billy looks at him, "Seriously though, you okay?"

Josh nods, "Of course."

Billy smiles, "Good."

Josh nods, "Great to see you."

Billy grins, "Great to be back."

Reva walks over, "Come here handsome."

Billy hugs Reva, "Oh I missed you like crazy woman."

Vanessa hugs Marah and Shayne, "I cannot believe how much older you two look."

Marah laughs, "We're at the age where being told we are older isn't a compliment anymore."

Vanessa laughs, "Oh that's right. I hear that from Bill a lot."

Ava stares at her.

Shayne looks at Ava, "You okay?"

Ava sighs, "I'm fine...."

Shayne stares at her.

Billy looks over, "You guys want to help us bring our bags in. My back is killing me."

Shayne looks at Ava, "Would you mind helping out? My Dad isn't really-"

Ava nods, "Yeah, that's fine."

Shayne and Ava get up and walk towards the door.

Ava looks out the window, "Is that their...."

Shayne walks up behind her, "Happy Thanksgiving."

Ava stares, "Oh my God. Oh my God!"

Everyone looks over.

Edmund looks, "What is it?"

Ava cries, "It's little HB, it's my son!"

Ava flings the door open.


Bill is standing with little HB who is around 5 now.

Ava comes walking through the leaves towards them.

The whole Lewis family walks outside.

Bill whispers to his son, "This is the Mom you've been waiting for."

Ava cries as HB starts walking towards her.

Ava runs over and wraps her arms around him.

Everyone watches as Ava is reunited with her son.


Thanksgiving continues in Springfield

Nola and Quint catch up with family

Ava gets more good news

Johnny and Roxie prepare to leave

The Spauldings work to get along

The Marlers are grateful


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A nice episode with all the family stuff. Kevin sure is grumpy. It's going to take me awhile to get back into your series. I c a lot has happend.

I really enjoyed J's and Michelles' scene. It was just something abot it. SO real. So raw. I can't explain it. It felt very natural.

Susan and Peter. Did she have an affair. can you please recap me on this one?

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  • Members

Okay as you may remember Susan was the bad girl on the run from the law with her criminal boyfriend Guillespie a while ago.

Then when Stephanie began dating him he was abusive and Steph turned to Susan for help. Long story short the two women killed him and buried him in the woods (oops).

Stephanie began dating Susan's stepbrother Peter. But Stephanie is also carrying Guillespie's baby (not that Peter knows). The two women who used to hate each other are now dependant on keeping each other's secrets.

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