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Wednesday January 5 2011



Jillian is sitting in an office at Basic Black. She closes a folder, and gets up. Philip walks into the room.

Jillian: Hello.

Philip: Hi. Sorry, I was just looking for my mom, Kate.

Jillian: She’s in a meeting right now.

Philip: Oh. I’m Philip Kirikas, by the way.

Jillian: Jillian Clark.

They shake hands.

Philip: So, are you new here?

Jillian: Yes. I’m designing a new line for your mom.

Philip: Sounds fun. Don’t get on her bad side though.

Philip laughs.

Jillian: I’ll try not to.

Chloe is sitting in the Java Café, with Parker in a stroller. Brady walks in, and sees her. He walks up to her.

Brady: Hey.

Chloe looks up.

Chloe: Hi Brady.

Brady: How’s everything going?

Chloe: I’m ok. What about you?

Brady: I’m alright.

Brady looks at Parker.

Brady: I always imagined us like this. Us sitting in a café together, with a baby. Only we would be together, and he would be our baby.

Chloe: I always thought that too. It’s crazy how things change. Just a little while ago Daniel and I were happy, with our baby. And now, we have nothing.

Brady: Are you sure it’s over for good?

Tears start to form in Chloe’s eyes.

Chloe: There’s no way he would take me back.

Stephanie and Nathan are lying in bed together. Stephanie gets up, and goes to the living room. She dials a number on her phone.

Stephanie: Ian! Hi, it’s Stephanie.

Ian: Hey how’s it going?

Stephanie: Umm, listen. Remember everything with that girl Chloe, and her baby?

Ian: How can I forget?

Stephanie: Ok, well everything’s out now.

Ian: Are you serious!

Stephanie: Yes, listen. They might do another paternity test to be certain, so that’s where I need your help. I need you to make sure the test says it’s Daniel’s.

Nathan is in the living room, listening.

Bo is sitting in the living room in of his house. He looks upset. The doorbell rings, and Bo gets up, and opens the door. Jennifer is standing outside.

Jennifer: Hey.

Jennifer hugs him.

Bo: Hi.

Jennifer walks in, and he closes the door.

Jennifer: What’s wrong? You look upset.

Bo picks up a paper from the desk.

Bo: Hope signed the divorce papers.

Jennifer looks surprised.

Jennifer: Wow. I’m surprised she did that with everything going on. But why do you look so upset? Aren’t you the one that filed?

Bo: Yeah. I’m starting to have second thoughts about that.

Kate walks into her office, and sees Philip and Jillian talking.

Kate: Hey. Philip, I didn’t know you were coming.

Philip: Sorry. I didn’t call.

Kate: It’s alright.

Jillian: I’ll leave you guys alone. So, Kate. I’ll see you next week.

Kate: Yes. Have a safe flight.

Jillian: Bye. It was nice meeting you, Philip.

Philip: You too.

Jillian leaves.

Kate: so, what’s going on?

Philip: I was wondering about Parker.

Kate: What about?

Philip: I’m wondering if we should do another paternity test.

Kate: I think it’s a smart idea.

Brady and Chloe are sitting in the Java Café.

Nicole: So what about you and Nicole? It’s really over?

Brady: I think it’s for the best. She want’s a family, and all that, and I don’t.

Chloe: What! Of course you do! We always planned on having kids, and you just said right now that you always imagined us like this.

Brady: I know. But I’m not that person anymore. Everything has changed so much. I’ve changed.

Chloe: This isn’t the Brady I know, and fell in love with.

Brady: I think he’s gone for good.

Chloe: I don’t. You need to get back on the right track. And that includes no more drinking.

Jennifer is standing in the living room of Bo and Hope’s house. She puts the divorce papers down, as Bo comes in with mugs of coffee. He gives Jennifer one.

Jennifer: Thanks.

Bo: No problem.

Jennifer: Bo, if you were having second thoughts, then why didn’t you say something to Hope? And what are you still doing with Carly? Leading her on like this.

Bo: I don’t know, Jen. It’s confusing.

Jennifer: No, I’ll tell you what it is! It’s classic Bo Brady! When Hope isn’t around, you always need a substitute! It happened all those years ago with Carly, then with Billie, and now with Carly again.

Bo: Why are you always right?

Jennifer: Forget about that! You need to be straight with Carly. It’s not fair to her.

Bo: I will, now it’s time to talk about you.

Jennifer sips her coffee.

Jennifer: Me?

Bo: Yeah. You and Jack.

Stephanie hangs up the phone, and notices Nathan is standing in the living room.

Stephanie: Nathan, your awake! I was going to make you breakfast.

She goes to kiss Nathan, but he pushes her away. She looks confused.

Stephanie: Nathan, what’s wrong?

Nathan: I heard you on the phone, Stephanie.

Stephanie: What are you talking about?

Nathan: Don’t play dumb with me! Stop lying! You knew all along about Philip being Parker’s father, and you said nothing! And now, your trying to switch the tests again!

Stephanie: Nathan, you don’t understand. You don’t know the whole story!

Nathan: Enough of this! You’ve been lying to me, and everyone else this entire time!

Stephanie starts crying.

Stephanie: Nathan, please!

Nathan: Get away from me! It’s over, Stephanie!

Stephanie: No! Nathan, please!

Kate and Philip are sitting in Kate’s office. She throws down some papers.

Kate: Bastard!

Philip: What the hell is that about?

He picks up the paper.

Philip: What the hell is this? Why are you putting so much money into these two accounts?

Kate: Their Stefano and Vivian’s accounts.

Philip: What! Are you insane! Why the hell would you do that!

Kate: Oh, I’m doing it for fun, Philip! I decided I want to share some money with them!

Philip: What the hell is going on?

Kate: Stefano and Vivian are blackmailing me and your father. We have to give them eighty percent of everything, or they will turn in all the evidence they have against us.

Philip looks at her, in shock.

Philip: You guys have to do something!

Kate: Were trying, Philip. We can’t seem to come up with anything.

Philip: This is insane. Vivian tries to put Maggie in a coffin, and let’s not even mention what Stefano does, and you two are the ones paying!

Bo and Jennifer are sitting on the couch in their house.

Jennifer: There’s not much to talk about. It’s still the same. I’m just focusing on me and the kids.

Bo: Abby’s not much of a kid anymore.

Jennifer: She needs me just as much as JJ does, if not more. This is hurting her more than she shows.

Bo: I also know that your hurting a lot more than your letting on.

Jennifer: You always do this, Bo; trying to change the subject when it’s about something you try to avoid.

Bo laughs.

Bo: And you don’t do the same?

Jennifer: Whatever, Bo.

Jennifer gets up.

Jennifer: I have an appointment.

Bo gets up.

Bo: I’ll see you later.

Jennifer kisses him on the cheek.

Jennifer: And remember to talk to Carly!

Jennifer leaves.

Stephanie is sitting on the couch in her apartment, crying. She picks up a picture of her and Nathan, and throws it across the room.


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