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Thursday January 6 2011



Abby is sitting in the living room of the Horton house. The doorbell rings. Abby gets up, and opens the door. Melanie is standing outside.

Melanie: Hi, I was wondering if Maggie was here.

Abby: No she isn’t. Do you want me to leave her a message?

Melanie: Can you just tell her that Melanie is looking for her.

Abby: Oh, Melanie! I’m finally meeting you.

Abby looks annoyed with her.

Melanie: That didn’t sound sarcastic.

Abby: Yeah, well, I’m not really a fan of people who mess with my family’s lives.

Melanie: What are you talking about?

Abby: Remember my cousin, Nick? You ruined his life, now your trying to ruin Stephanie and Nathan’s.

Melanie: Listen, I don’t know who you think you-

Abby: Abby Deveraux.

Stephanie is sitting in her apartment, crying. Someone knocks on the door. She opens it, and Adrienne is standing outside.

Adrienne: So, I got-

She stops as she notices Stephanie was crying.

Adrienne: Honey, what’s wrong?

Stephanie: Nathan found out everything! That I knew about Chloe’s baby!

Adrienne: Oh my God. What did he say?

Stephanie: He left me. He broke off the engagement.

Adrienne: Maybe he’s just upset, and needs some time.

Stephanie: No! Please! This is the perfect excuse for him to run to Melanie.

Adrienne: If that’s what you’ve been thinking this entire time, then why would you stay with him?

Carly is sitting in the kitchen in Bo’s house. Bo walks in.

Bo: Hey.

Carly: Hi. I know you had something to tell me, but so do I.

Bo: Ok, you go first.

Carly: It’s about us.

Bo: Ok.

Carly: Bo, during everything that went on with Hope and the prison, I think I realized that you two always loved each other. I think a part of me always knew, but it became clear after this.

Bo: I was going to talk to you about the same thing.

Carly smiles.

Carly: Bo, I had a great time with you. But I think it was just trying to resolve what happened between us all those years ago.

Bo: I think your right.

Carly smiles at him.

Carly: If you ever need anything, know that I am here.

They get up from the table.

Bo: Same goes for you.

They hug.

Abby and Melanie are standing at the door of the Horton house.

Abby: Well, you can leave now.

Jennifer comes to the front door.

Jennifer: Hey guys. Is something wrong?

Melanie: No. I was just leaving.

Melanie: Pleasure meeting you.

Melanie leaves. Jennifer walks in, and closes the door.

Jennifer: What the hell was that about?

Abby: Who does she think she is? She just uses Aunt Maggie, after everything she did to Nick!

Jennifer: Abby, she didn’t ruin Nick’s life.

Abby: Really? Then what do you call it?

They go into the living room, and sit on the couch.

Jennifer: Aunt Maggie has forgiven her, and seen the better person, and I think you should do the same.

Abby: Sorry, I’m not so forgiving.

Jennifer: Abby, is this about something more?

Abby: If your going to start talking about dad again-

Jennifer: Abby, I know your upset about your dad, but you need to talk about it.

Abby: What’s there to talk about? I’m upset. What else would you like me to say?

Abby goes into the kitchen.

Nathan is sitting in the Cheatin’ Heart. Melanie walks in, and goes to his table.

Melanie: Is this seat taken?

Nathan: Nope.

Melanie sits down.

Melanie: What’s wrong?

Nathan: Me and Stephanie; were over.

Melanie: Really. What happened?

Nathan: It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’ve been lying to myself for months. About my feelings for you.

Melanie: Are you saying-

Nathan: I never stopped loving you.

Adrienne and Stephanie are sitting on the couch in Stephanie’s apartment.

Stephanie: I loved him.

Adrienne: But honey, he didn’t have the same feelings for you. Why would you settle for anything less?

Stephanie gets up.

Adrienne: Stephanie, you are a beautiful, smart, funny girl. Why are you doing this to yourself?

Stephanie starts crying. Adrienne hugs her.

Bo is sitting at his desk at the police station. Jennifer walks in.

Bo: Hey Jen.

Jennifer: Hey. How’s it going?

Bo: Alright. What about you?

Jennifer: I’m ok. Have you heard anything from Hope?

Bo: No. She wasn’t able to call yet, I guess.

Jennifer: So, did you talk to Carly?

Bo: Yes, and we talked, and decided to stay friends.

Jennifer: Good. That’s really good.

Bo: Yep.

Jennifer: And what about Hope?

Bo: There’s not much I can do, Jen. She signed the divorce papers. She wanted to get divorced.

Jennifer: Bo, she only signed them because she thought you wanted them signed. Which you did at one point!

Abby walks out of the elevator at Basic Black. She goes to the secretary.

Abby: Hi, I was wondering if Kate DiMera was still here.

Secretary: She should be back soon. Do you want me to leave her a message?

Abby: No, that’s fine. I’ll wait.

Nathan and Melanie are outside the Cheatin’ Heart.

Melanie: Nathan, I don’t think I’m ready for this right now. And I don’t think you are either.

Nathan: I understand.

Melanie: I’m not saying I don’t love you, Nathan.

Nathan: I know.

Melanie kisses him on the cheek.

Melanie: Bye.

Melanie leaves.


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