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Monday January 3 2010



Maggie is sitting at the bar in Chez Rouge, going through some papers. Victor sits next to her.

Victor: Hello, Maggie.

Maggie looks over at him.

Maggie: Victor, what can I do for you?

Victor: I just wanted to talk.

Maggie points at the papers.

Maggie: I’m a little busy.

Victor: You look like you can use a break.

Maggie: Victor, what do you want?

Victor: I just wanted to remind you of our dinner at the Penthouse Grille tonight.

Maggie looks taken aback.

Maggie: Victor, I really was joking when I said I would go on a date with you.

Victor pretends to look hurt.

Abby and Bill are sitting at a table in Chez Rouge. Abby notices Maggie and Victor at the bar.

Abby: Oh, look there! Aunt Maggie flirting with Victor Kirikas!

Bill looks back.

Abby: Maybe you, Kate, Victor and her and go on a double date together!

Bill: Abby-

Abby: What’s next, is Julie going to start playing chess with Stefano DiMera?

Bill: Abby, calm down.

Abby: No, this is unbelievable now. Bo and Carly; Aunt Maggie and Victor; you and Kate; Hope mugging people; my dad is off doing hell knows what. What the hell is going on with this family?

Bill: Is that what this is about? Your dad?

Abby: Part of it.

Nicole walks down the stairs of the DiMera mansion, and goes into the living room, where Stefano is pouring a drink.

Stefano: Would you like a drink?

Nicole: Do you plan on poisoning it?

Stefano chuckles. He pours Nicole a drink.

Stefano: If I wanted to kill you, Nicole, I would think of something more creative.

He hands her a drink, and she grabs the other one in his hand. Nicole smiles.

Stefano: So, I met someone very interesting the other night.

Nicole: Really. Who?

She sips her drink.

Stefano: Your sister, Taylor.

Nicole swallows her drink, and looks shocked.

Carrie is sleeping in her bed in her hospital room. Sami and Roman walk in. Roman sits beside her, and holds her hand.

Roman: Did the doctor say how long she’s going to be?

Sami: She said not too much longer.

Roman: I hope she and the baby are alright. Did you try and get a hold of Austin?

Sami: He didn’t answer his phone.

Roman: When I see that son of a bitch-

Sami: Dad, calm down. Carrie doesn’t need any more stress.

Roman: Your right.

Carrie wakes up.

Carrie: Daddy?

Roman: I’m here, sweetie. How are you feeling?

Carrie: Tired.

Amelia walks in.

Carrie: Doctor, did you figure anything out?

Amelia: Yes, is it alright if I tell you in front of your family?

Carrie: Of course.

Amelia: Ok, based on the tests I ran, and your symptoms, I have concluded that you have a condition called preeclampsia.

Carrie: What does that mean?

Amelia: It is a complication with pregnancy, which causes high blood pressure for the mother, and a reduction of blood flow to the baby.

Carrie: Oh my God. Is the baby going to be alright?

Roman holds Carrie’s hand.

Brady is sitting on a chair in the hospital. He sees Chloe with Parker, and gets up to see them.

Brady: Chloe, hi. How’s it going?

Chloe: I’m ok. What about you? Why are you here?

Brady: I had to bring Carrie to the hospital.

Chloe: Oh my God. Is she ok?

Brady: I hope so. So how are you adjusting with everything?

Chloe: Ok. I’m actually moving into the mansion with Philip for a while.

Brady: Good! I’ll be able to see you and my err-cousin a bit more.

Chloe laughs.

Chloe: Yes. As long as I steer clear of Kate, I think I’ll be fine.

Brady: You will be.

Victor and Maggie are sitting at the bar in Chez Rouge.

Victor: What is one date going to do, Maggie?

Maggie: Fine! If you promise to leave me alone now, then I will come tonight.

Victor: Splendid!

Maggie: Txt me the time and everything.

Victor: Txt? I don’t txt.

Maggie: Then call! E-mail! Send a bird. I don’t care just let me know!

Victor smiles.

Victor: See you tonight.

Abby and Bill are sitting at their table in Chez Rouge.

Abby: I really don’t care about what my dad does anymore.

Bill: Are you sure about that?

Abby: Yup.

Bill: How do you really feel?

Abby: Can we talk about something else please?

Bill: Fine.

Stefano and Nicole are sitting in the living room of the DiMera mansion.

Nicole: How did you meet my sister?

Stefano: She forgot her cell phone the other night when she was here. What a lovely girl she is. Hard to believe she’s your sister.

Nicole fakes a laugh.

Nicole: What happened, Steffy? We used to be so close, you and I.

Stefano: You tried to kidnap my granddaughter, that’s what happened!

Nicole: Oh, get over it. EJ’s the one who actually kidnapped her, and your all chummy with him.

Stefano: Nicole, I really don’t want to talk to you about this right now.

Nicole: Fine, then lets talk about something else. Let’s talk about making a truce, for the kids, of course.

Stefano: A truce?

The doorbell rings.

Stefano: Get that, and I’ll think of a truce.

Nicole goes to open the door, and Taylor is standing outside.

Nicole: Taylor, now’s not a good time.

Stefano is standing in the foyer.

Stefano: Of course it’s a good time! Come in, Taylor! You can have dinner with us. You can meet my son, Elvis.

Taylor smiles.

Taylor: Sounds good.

Sami, Roman, Amelia, and Carrie are in Carrie’s hospital room.

Amelia: Carrie, if you follow the directions, then I have every reason to believe that your baby will be alright.

Carrie: Ok, what do I have to do?

Amelia: So, the only way to treat this condition completely, is labour.

Carrie: It’s too early for labour!

Amelia: I know, that’s why I want you on bed rest, at home only getting up when it is completely necessary. It will help increase blood flow to the baby, and keep your blood pressure down. I also want you to come here every two days so I can monitor your condition.

Sami: And she will be able to carry the baby for the full nine months?

Amelia: If her condition does not worsen, then yes, she will carry it to nine months.

Carrie: And what if it does get worse?

Amelia: Then I’d suggest inducing labour at the earliest possible stage.

Roman: What is the earliest?

Amelia: I would go with five months.

Carrie: Five months!

Amelia: Yes. Don’t worry, Carrie. We might not even have to induce labour, and if we do, a baby can survive if born at five months.

Philip and Chloe are sitting in the living room of the Kirikas mansion.

Chloe: I hope I don’t have to run into your mother too much.

Philip: You’re the mother of her grandson, I’m sure she’ll be nicer to you.

Chloe: Oh, yeah, like she was with Sami.

Philip: You have a point. Don’t worry. I’ll have a talk with her, and make it clear to her that she is not to do anything to you.

Chloe: Thank you.

Chloe gets up.

Chloe: I’m going to go check on Parker.

Philip: I’ll come with you.

Philip and Chloe go upstairs.

Abby walks into the Cheatin’ Heart. She goes to the bar, and sees Adrienne.

Abby: Aunt Adrienne!

Adrienne: Abby! Hey.

Adrienne comes to the other side and hugs Abby.

Adrienne: How are you, sweetie?

Abby: I’m alright. How about you?

Adrienne: Good. Sorry I missed you the other day.

Abby: Don’t worry about it. Rumour has it you left with Justin.

Abby smiles at her.

Adrienne: Yes, I did.

Abby: Please tell me that you guys have worked things out.

Adrienne: Were working on it. What about you? What’s going on in your life?

Abby: Not much. Just a runaway dad, you know.

Adrienne: I still cannot believe him.

Abby: Whatever. I’ve decided not to care anymore.

Stefano walks into the living room of the DiMera mansion. He notices an envelope on the table. He opens it, and takes out a paper. It reads: “Not much longer.”

Stefano: What the hell is this? Harold! Come in here!

Harold walks into the living room.

Stefano: Harold, where did this come from?

Harold: Sir, that was in the mailbox. I noticed it had nothing written on the envelope, so I left it on your desk.

Stefano: You have no idea where this came from?

Harold: No, sir. Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance.

Stefano reads it again, and looks confused.

Sami, Carrie, and Roman walk into Roman’s house.

Roman: Ok, Carrie, stay on the couch, and I’ll get you something to eat.

Carrie: Dad, I can make something myself, don’t worry.

Sami: Carrie, you should only be on your feet if it’s necessary. Come, I’ll bring you to the couch.

Sami takes Carrie to the couch, and Carrie lays down on it.

Carrie: Thank you, Sami.

Sami: No problem. I’m going to go help dad, you stay here.

Carrie: Ok.

Sami goes with Roman into the kitchen, as Carrie’s cell phone rings. She goes into her purse, and takes out her phone. She answers it.

Carrie: Hello?

Nobody responds.

Carrie: Is anybody there?

Carrie hears static, and the line goes dead.

Carrie: Who the hell could this be?


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