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Promo Week of January 3-7



Announcer: This week, an expectant mother receives devastating news.

Clip of Roman, Carrie and Sami in Carrie’s hospital room.

Carrie: Oh my God. Is the baby going to be alright?

Roman holds Carrie’s hand.

Announcer: All while an estranged husband returns to town…

Clip of Austin and Carrie in the living room of Roman’s house.

Announcer: With a secrete.

Clip of Austin lying in bed with an unseen woman in a hotel room.

Austin: I’ve missed you.

Announcer: Then, a woman is offered everything she ever wanted…

Clip of EJ and Nicole in the living room of the DiMera mansion.

EJ: We could go back to the way it was; when we were happy.

Announcer: But will her conscience be able to handle it?

Nicole flashes back to taking Sydney away from Sami.

Announcer: All this and more this week on All the Days!


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